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  1. Hi Rich ~ Try using an aerosol 'Carb Cleaner'. It works on my carbs. Tom.
  2. Here's my set-up. Before anyone harps on about the heat shield being attached to the exhaust manifold. I have now separated it by the inclusion of a spacer bracket. The heat shield is now insulated with heat resisting material on both sides. Tom.
  3. Hi Willie ~ I used split pins to retain the end caps on my 3A rocker assembly. Much more convenient than the Mills pins. Tom.
  4. Hi Peter ~ Here's how I replaced the starter motor on my 3A. I didn't have to remove many parts. If you 'd like the photo's then please PM me your email address as I'm unable to download all my photo's. Regards ~ Tom.
  5. +1 for Water Mill Carriage Company. Stuart knows TR's inside out. Tom.
  6. I purchased a complete set of S/S bumpers direct from Harringtons at a bargain price for my Series 1 'E'-type Jaguar. Wonderful quality. Tom.
  7. Hi stuart ~ Could that be because of the TR3B production run? Tom.
  8. You're quite correct RoyM. All the sidescreen TR's I ever came across had both sides cut out so that the steering could be installed for whichever Country the car's were destined. Tom.
  9. Hi Bob ~ My 3A is a 1960 model (Post 60,000) TS 70470 O and has the blanking plate fitted. Tom.
  10. Hi RoyM ~ Here's a photo. of my blanking plate from my post TS 60,000 TR3A. I don't know if this is of any help to you? Regards ~ Tom.
  11. Hi Tom ~ Are you using a 'big bore' system? Tom.
  12. Insurance Companies ~ Rip Off merchants ~ any excuse NOT to pay out!! Tom.
  13. Hi Rod ~ I'm with you all the way there. We pay extortionate so called 'Council Tax' for absolutely NOTHING except to keep the overstaffed desk jockeys in 'work'? While our wonderful so called 'Governments' (both Champagne Socialists and Public School Tory Nancy boys) cut back on our Emergency Services. Of course closing such things as Fire Stations in their 'patch' isn't the done thing. I'm willing to bet that there are more desk jockeys in Local Authorities than members of our Emergency Services. Do any of these desk jockeys have to respond to emergency calls at 3 in the morning in all weathers ~ I think not! This of course includes week ends, Public Holidays (Christmas etc). Rant over ~ Tom.
  14. That's a very good idea David. I'd much rather have a cable operated throttle system for my 3A. No lost movement through linkages and wear and tare. Tom.
  15. IMPORTANT ~ always use High Tensile Steel rods and nuts. Tom.
  16. Excellent Russell ~ Very well done that man. Tom.
  17. That's exactly the right way to remove a pulley using a puller. Secure the puller behind the pulley and not in the groove. Nice work John ~ Tom.
  18. The more I study the photo. the more I'm convinced that this may be a thick, stepped washer as supplied with my Restorations pulley? Perhaps a bit of heat to the washer and then pour cold water on it may cause it to release? Tom.
  19. Any timing disc will be suitable for any camshaft. (In my humble opinion). Tom.
  20. Here's a photo. showing the MGB damper set-up. Tom.
  21. My 3A came with the Thin Belt conversion already fitted and what I believe to be an MGB crankshaft damper. There was no washer as you have fitted except for a flat 'locking' washer. I fitted a Racetorations crank damper and this came without any 'washer'. The damper on the right is the MGB one and the 'spacer' fits behind the damper. Is your 'washer' a locking washer which has become distorted by over tightening? See photo. of both my dampers showing all parts. Tom.
  22. The badge clearly shows a Rolls. Tom.
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