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  1. Miles is absolutely right regarding the rubber seal. Mine is exactly like that. Why can't they produce proper replacement parts? I bet our American members get proper fitting parts. Tom/
  2. Pray tell me Mr. Morrison what I said was "disgraceful and probably illegal remark"??? I've never used profane language or anything else. I am personally offended that you chose to name me on this Forum. You publicly embarrassed me on this Forum and to belittle Mr. Bill Piggott, who is a a well respected authority on all things TR is shameful! A certain member, who is no longer with us, was allowed to use profane language and personal insults against Members! Where were you then? A reply on the Forum would be appreciated ~ no phone calls please. I doubt that this reply
  3. Alec and Diane have crossed the finishing line together ~ With all my sincerest condolences to Tom and family. Tom.
  4. Thank you all my good friends in the TR Register. All your Birthday wishes are greatly appreciated. Best regards ~ Tom.
  5. Hi David ~ Thank you so very much for your kind words and compassion. I've taken in all you've said. Your words will not be in vain. Tom.
  6. I forgot to include the finished product photo. of my TR door pockets. Tom.
  7. For my money I'd not hesitate in using Distributor Doctor. His items are nothing short of First Class. Tom.
  8. Hi David ~ Thank you for that. I'm afraid that when I lost my wife everything went out of the window. I used to do a lot of video filming and editing but that's taken a back seat as well. My wife absolutely loved the TR. Here's wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter. Tom.
  9. Hi Padi ~ Welcome to the Club. That's one beautiful 6 you've got there. I particularly like the steel wheels ~ much easier to clean. Keep in touch ~ Best regards ~ Tom.
  10. Hi Ian ~ Here's a wiring diagram for a TR2/3 which may be of some help. Tom.
  11. When I renewed my door pockets I fabricated them from aluminium and lined the inside with Black vinyl. Tom.
  12. I remember in the late 60's the Ambulance Service had a lot of trouble with Champion L9Y plugs for some reason which I can't remember. Tom.
  13. Hi Cameron ~ I also had bad experiences with NGK plugs. They may well have been inferior Chinese reproductions? When I worked in the Triumph garage in 1959 I bought four Champion L10 plugs for my father's Vauxhall Wyvern. These were never used. I found them in my garage a few years ago, still in their boxes. They are now fitted in my 3A. Best regards ~ Tom.
  14. Hi Bugia TR ~ I'm quite well Thank You. I haven't been near my TR for quite some time now. I don't know if I'll ever get it back on the road. I've lost all interest. I hope you're keeping well under the present circumstances? Best regards ~ Tom.
  15. Hi Jesus ~ I would be inclined to make mine out of aluminium if I had to replace it. Very easy to do. My original cardboard glove box is still serviceable. Tom.
  16. Hi Bob ~ I found this stud extractor very good when I renewed my 3A engine. You would be very welcome to borrow it but I'm afraid that getting it in the Post is a big problem at the moment. I think I bought it from Frost's?? Tom.
  17. CCC plates were County of Caernarfon, FF were County of Merioneth, EY were County of Anglesey. CA were County of Denbighshire. Tom.
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