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  1. After reading the comments on Andy's thread I think I too have a propshaft problem. Ever since the car was fineshed ( 2 years ) when you get to 50 / 60 mph I get a vibration that feels like your sat on a hammer drill which gets progressively worse the faster you go. There is no vibration through the steering its through the seat. Thought it was a buckald wheel so changed them , no success, changed one of the driveshafts still the same, checked the uj's all OK. Bit heath robinson but put the car on stands and ran the car then wedged each wheel in turn to see if the vibration stoped , no joy. After all this am I right in thinking its the prop? Just after some advice, confirmation before I dissmantal the car to take it out Thanks Ian
  2. after a lot of debate i have decided the winner is http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/uploads/post-12542-0-77029700-1393696878.jpg big thanks to everyone who put picks up ian
  3. Thanks for the picks peeps don't know what to do now i like vertical but the boss and my daughter like horizontal. nothings ever easy ian
  4. do like them. don't know what to do now any moor picks of other designs
  5. hi, i want to have the mx5 seats recovered that are in my tr6 but cannot decide what design to go for. leaning towards horizontal flutes down the center was hoping some of you on here could put some picks up of how yours have been covered so i can decide what to do thanks ian
  6. ian l

    steering wheel

    thanks for the info looks like it will be a 14, did think it would give a bit more room in the car but never thought about it being slippy more things to think about now ian
  7. ian l

    steering wheel

    Hi, i want to change my steering wheel for a wood one. But cannot decide what diameter to go for. thought i would ask on here for opinions before i get the wrong one also will a boss off a spitfire fit? thanks ian
  8. ian l

    pin stripe

    thanks for the info ian
  9. ian l

    pin stripe

    Anyone tell me how far down the body the pin stripe goes thanks ian
  10. ian l

    bad vibration

    thanks for the info will have a look tonight ian
  11. ian l

    bad vibration

    seat of the pants diff mounts are new polly ones
  12. ian l

    bad vibration

    Got another problem with the car STUPID THING, so i need your help again there is a vibration on acceleration at about 50 mph and above but not on decelaration any ideas Ian
  13. ian l

    ignition timing

    Thanks for the info, its set at 11 at the mo Poss bit of confusion on my part but when you read the manual there is nothing about setting the timing with a timing light only static, but when you look at a usa speck car there are two different settings. Which made me think the advance weights in the dizzy would throw the timing out if i used a timing light and i would have to set it slightly out to compensate. ian
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