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  1. Hi, you could compile the whole of this into a letter to the DVLA, and if you reach the right person they can be quite interested in history and maybe pass on your contact details to the current owner. If you are lucky!
  2. There have always been interesting & rare cars on Anglesey as many wealthy families had estates & holiday homes there. There was a Doretti in a Rhos on Sea garage some years ago & I recall looking at a new one in James Edwards dealership in Chester with my father , so quite likely there could have been a few around.
  3. Hi, regarding registration & lost commission number,  if you know a friendly motor* dealer who HPi's  to check cars

    for history  he can do it from the registration number.  (*Scrap car dismantler who is end of vehicle life registered)

    It rather depends if it has ever been on DVLA so if it has been off road before 1984 approx then it is unlikely.

    If you check where it was registered ie the original dealer then somewhere there might be a ledger or files saved when the idiots ordered our  licensing records destroyed. Usually start with a local archive.  If you say where  it was first registered  I can check some records I have regarding places  that exist,  but many have simply vanished. while others have no room so actually binned the old saved records!!!! 

    There are also places like the KITHEAD TRUST  that  have some files, the snag is they might not respond as you do not have the magic number as I found out for a prewar MG  in the same situation.

    As Stuart says  in recent times  Heritage did say they can check from engine numbers .

    Another possibility is  the Coventry archives  or the Standard Motor Club  whose records might be what  Mr Piggott used to supply. 


    John.   07786435302

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