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    Wheel Studs

    Hi Everyone I wonder if anyone has any advice on how to 'draw in' new wheel studs. I have started the process of exchanging my steel wheels for wire wheels and after reading various advice I have purchased new shorter wheel studs. I am doing other work as well and have a drive shaft on my bench. The old studs knocked out ok, however I have rounded 2 nuts off trying to draw the new studs home using the nut and couple of washers method. The studs are still 2mm high on the back of hub flange assembly. I only have spanners and ring spanners. Is there a method of gaining sufficient purchase to tighten the studs all the way home. I want to get this right before I attempt the other 3 corners. Cheers Shaun
  2. Hi All, Got a new rotor arm from the Dizzy Doc and she fired up with the old high impedance HT lead. Looks like my rotor arm was tracking to earth. Thanks
  3. Contacted Rimmers and yes I had to buy the fixing kit £15.50 plus package and post so i will have a few spare bits as well Shaun
  4. Cheers, I will contact both Shaun
  5. Help, I recently bought a 1973 CR TR6 (KHR 999P)and can not stop smiling or driving it. On Sunday after a run out the car died on me just before I reached home. On investigation it seems that the HT lead from the coil to the distributor cap had a high impedance (18500 ohms for a less than a foot length). The coil was producing a spark however it was not beefy enough to operate the spark plugs. After refering to the forums I have ordered a set of magnercor ignition leads as a replacement. To check my diagnostics I have borrowed a replacement HT lead to make certain that the high impedance was in fact my problem. I have a lumenation electronic ignition fitted ( I belive to be a FK116 model)and after some internet research proved the system is operating correctly. In my haste to prove that the lead was indeed the problem I replaced the distributor cap incorrectly and have manged to destoy my rotor arm and snapped 3 spokes off the electronic ignition'chopper'. Can anyone tell me were I can get a replacement rotor and chopper Yours Aye Shaun
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