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  1. I bought a Morgan which was fitted with an immobiliser when I asked the dealer what additional security he recommended he said none. He said that it was very rare for a Morgan to be stolen as it would be extremely difficult to sell on likewise if broken up for spares party due to the detailed records kept of each car produced.
  2. I have often wondered if this entire forum is fake news. Why would apparently intelligent men spend so much time trying to keep a aged vehicle on the road when for a fraction of the cost they could have a pedal cycle to take them to the pub, where they could spend the time putting the world to rights.
  3. Try the Toucan in Carlisle St Soho
  4. I have a pair of 4A drive shafts including hubs which I no longer need having sold the TR and bought a Morgan. I changed them when fitting a pair of CV jointed ones and have just re discovered them in the shed, I think one of the joints may have a little wear but apart from that they are fine. Bit heavy to post but free to anybody who would collect from Chalfont St Giles. Chris Sorted no longer available
  5. My non overdrive TR4A sold for the asking price within two days of being advertised online
  6. I decided to re place both the steering and suspension with SuperPro bushes both front and back including the rack and couldnt beleive the difference it made to both the handing and ride. I only wish I had done it years ago, well worth the effort and cost.
  7. Simon, I recently sold my 1967 4a but for different reasons, I just wanted a change and bought a Morgan but still visit this site for the wealth of knowledge not just of TR's but classic vehicle in general. My car was a older (20 years) chassis up restoration which was done very well. 5 years ago I needed to have the engine rebuilt after a split liner in total it had 87,000 on the clock. I had done some improvements including suspension bushes, CV drive shafts and electronic ignition. I did receive one offer from a dealer of £17k but decided to sell on commission with a company who suggested £25k who sold it for the asking price within two days of it appearing on their web site. Total return after commission and some small cosmetic jobs £23k. Sad to see it go in some ways but happy with the result ane the Morgan
  8. I would have thought that the DVLA figures would be correct as they have a record of all TR's currently registered with a V5 the number on a SORN and how many are currently taxed, MOT'd and insured
  9. Simon, thanks for the offer unfortunately I am in Portugal at the moment
  10. I have now adjusted the pressure down successfully. My old gauge failed suddenly so when I fitted the new gauge (not reconditioned) I had assumed that the increase in indicated pressure was due to the old one under reading. I could of course be wrong, it has been known before
  11. When I replaced my broken guage with a new one (not refurbished) it shows 50psi at 750rpm and about 90 at 3500rpm on a hot engine, I have tried adjusting this using the screw on the relief valve but nothing happens should I continue trying or just leave well alone. The engine was rebuilt a few thousand miles ago and the old guage showed 70-75 at 3500 before it broke Chris
  12. Steve Send me your address and I will send
  13. I have a wind deflector which came with the car when I bought it years ago but was lacking all the fixing brackets so it has been sitting on the shelf for years, if anyone is interested its yours for collection in South Bucks or I can post at cost if not its down the tip. Chris
  14. Paul: Thanks for the info, the belt is just over 1mtr long and the links are slightly wedge shaped the smaller end being 17mm which fits the pulley just right gripping the sides as it pulls through I will do a Google search and hopefully find a supplier. Alan: I do carry an emergency belt which I bought from Moss years ago but I am hedging my bets, I do like the look of my current belt which although is in fine condition was on the car when I bought it fourteen years ago so I thought it a good idea to have another one on standby. Chris
  15. Just wondering if anyone can identify the adjustable fan belt fitted to my 4A. as I would like to obtain a spare if they are still available Chris
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