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  1. wynne

    Wanted - TR4 / 4A

    I hadn't appreciated the market was as active.. so your experiences and advice of everyone is a great help. I need to make some more contacts and be ready to respond. Cheers, Wynne
  2. wynne

    Wanted - TR4 / 4A

    Hello Brian et al, I too have been scanning the ads for a TR4/4A since last summer in readiness for serious purchasing after I retire at the end of this month. Your photos of the red one were a bit of a horror story. Wondered if you'd been to see MGX 800D http://forsale.classicandperformancecar.com/detail.aspx?ad=13372&d=1107 or EHY 647C http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/classic-car-page.php/carno/87626 Real motive is that I live in Scotland so some feedback from south of the border would be much appreciated! Good hunting, Wynne

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