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  1. At work a couple years ago I was look in through a sept 1990 edtion car magazine. It must have been the top price bubble ! There was my tr6 72 cp car on the forecourt for 12950 pounds unrestored at tr bitz When I purchased it in 03 I paid 8000 for it restored and the guy who sold it me is my friend and he was not make in a loss so someone lost a pretty penny ! Needless to say advert now in history file .
  2. Hi guys Had the moter part of my lucas pump stick ( fail to rotate ). Have got the pump/moter apart now and will get new brushes etc. When I come to put it back together is it worth a little bit of grease on where the shaft seal goes and where the end float bush ( in casing ) is ?. many thanks Mark
  3. jmo

    1973 brochure

    Thankyou derek on cp77058 . The hood bag ive got as (dec 72) stamped on it and now i can guess why ! Your surmising was spot on i think . Car had re-trim and wheels changed after photos. THanks again Mark
  4. jmo

    1973 brochure

    Thanks Bill I shall carry on looking for why my car was called a photography car it was*nt the one in the brochure !
  5. jmo

    1973 brochure

    Hi folks Has anyone got a paper copy of this brochure? The reason I ask is that Derek (in the latest TR register magazine) has got my car (CP77058-0) down as the one used in this brochure but when I look at examples on the 'net the seats and trim are a different colour (they show them as black whereas mine are light tan). Is it possible they changed them after the photo shoot or is there another car (mine) pictured that I haven't seen? Many thanks J'mo
  6. jmo

    DVLA Records

    hi Just like to say each to there own .I used this service and found out alot from the man i wrote to who purchased it new in 73 and sold it 50000 miles later in 85 . Talking to him and he was only 22 when he bought it i realise what a babe magnet our cars were in the 70s. Are they still ?
  7. jmo

    stowage bag

    .hi I was wondering what the oringinal OE spec material was for 72 cp hood bags . The one that came with my car is back stamped with a red triangle and the date 18 DEC 72 on it and does look alot like leather ? cheers
  8. jmo

    DVLA Records

    hi Just been on the dvla website to try and find out which bit of it i should send my fiver off to ! Does anybody have the post code for this history check ? thanks
  9. and another 1 sold these will be gone by teatime !
  10. hi Steve I fitted a tapered pin (home made on a off-hand grinder)in the hole of the banjo bolt after reading comments on this forum. Restricts the hole to approx 1mm from about 3 on the standard oil feed kit. hope this helps jmo
  11. hi please use new ones a con-rod bolt failing can cause total engine failure ie a rod thruogh the side of the block .Save in cents could cost him many euros !
  12. hi I did this job last week at home and i have very little skill ! As long as your tank is half full or less you can disconnet the feed pipe to the pump and tape it as high on tank as you can .Then tape outlet pipe high on boot hinge .Get a new seal and o ring from rimmers or where ever about 15 quid with post age . Disconnect the wires and mark which feed goes to which . Get the pump off the car and undo the 6 bolt hold in the pump to the moter and put it to 1 side . Then undo the 2 screws on the moter body and pull it off gently the moter brushes wiil spring forward .you should be able to
  13. hi had this problem last week when i changed the coolant on my 72 pi , turned out to be an airlock . System had to be full topped right up with expansion bottle held above the level of the cap with the engine running to clear the airlock . even then it pulled another pint or so out of the bottle when i put it away after a run .
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