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  1. I say Stuart If they are TR5 lenses They must be worth £500 at least don't you think ???? As against my humble 4A worth a tenner at max stirring Reg
  2. As somebody who worked in the car town where triumphs were made The Tr5 is a prototype Tr6 to see if the engine was any good to put in the next generation of sports cars As for worth more than other Trs what a load of B--ll--ks How about that then ???? Waiting for the tirade Reg
  3. Theres me thinking what have I done now because this happens to me all the time and my membership is In jan bloody computers Reg
  4. Hi Rog I think you could handcuff yourself to Sue so that you won't fall over in the stockmans That way you would only need one wristband on Reg
  5. adrian I think you will find that you have the wrong engine mounts One of the lads in the leicster group had the same problem His engine had been sitting high for ages we compered it with mine and found his mounting blocks were a lot thicker Cheers good luck Reg
  6. Does anyone know the whereabouts of WFY 76L/M This was Stan's TR many moons ago
  7. It might not be any use but one of our lads left the small o ring out on the filter body This was on a 2500 engine but it is simuler set up This gave about the same symtems as you have Just a thought Reg
  8. I have a 4a with surrey and a 6 with a rear screen (windjamer) And in my opinion you get more wind problem,s with the surrey My wife also agree,s with this The surrey I have is a fibreglass one but I don,t think that makes any difference The fact that I can stick the lid on easely is the big advantage I did have to bond the rear plastic screen in as it tried to blow out otherwise To pay over a grand for a ally one is in my opinion bloody stupid (controversy I love it) Reg
  9. Hi Alan Me if I have the soft top on I don,t lock the doors Because the tow rags just cut your soft top if they want to get in I would sugest get a decent imoblizer then at least the bu//ers don,t do as much damage Cheers Reg (had a great time down in wales last weekend 30Trs there)
  10. Thanks Alec for your answer to MY question I am clad you came back to my original request for some info Thanks again Reg
  11. Hi Mike I agree with what you say But The petronics that I bought was from The States I am not the only one to have had this failer in our group Haveing said that I have had an aldon on my 6 for about 10 years and it has never mised a beat The inside of these dizzy looks to be the same as the aldon system So that would still make it cheaper and you also have a supposedly lucas type dizzy Menno it just stoped working when I was driving along the road So it was nothing to do with leaving on the ignition Cheers all Reg
  12. Hi all Has anybody tried the electronic dizzy that is being sold on Ebay The going price is about £60 which is cheap for a new dizzy let alone electronic set up as well The reason I ask is that I had a petronics system in and it only lasted about 1000 miles So I might bethe way to go Cheers all Reg
  13. reg brg

    SU needles

    Monty I would also recommend Andrew what he doesn,t know about SU,s is,nt worth knowing. But if you like your own research try one called winsu I find it,s real fun and the charts are good to It helped me setup my triple SU.s on the six But I would have to say that Andrew pointed me in the right direction for the four Cheers see some of you at Malvern Reg
  14. I run triple su,s on my six If you go onto the liecestershire site you will see them I made it myself using ball joints from Rs If you live in this area I will show you how to do it I will be away this weekend Reg
  15. Watch this space there might be some little ones about Hope they turn out brg
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