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  1. Fireman, The fan alone should propel the car!
  2. SUCK so that it operates like the reverse of a hover craft... The Chaparral 2J is one of the strangest race cars ever built. It had two engines: a pretty large Chevy V-8 that powered the car and an unexpected smaller engine. Why? The smaller engine drove a fan that pulled air out from beneath the car; sucking the air out from under a car increases down force and allows the car to corner faster. The undo you seat belt, switch the fan to 'boost', and hey presto - you are ejected!
  3. PaulSB That'll teach you to ask a question on here! Too many people know far too much - Put a 'sucker' under the floor and get some down force!
  4. All I can tell you is that one esteemed company told me to fit the electric fan in front of the rad but this didn't seem as effective as I expected or hoped. I suppose the position of the fan in front provided a little protection from stones hitting the radiator. But when the fan is not running then it partly obscures the natural flow of air through the matrix so possibly promotes heating until the stat operates to switch the fan on. I will try a puller fan (not suck please!) Revotec has been mentioned but I'll look at others to see what their CFM's are.
  5. Thanks TR2100. Would you say that yours are in the original position?
  6. Hmmm, 70 MPH in first I reckon!
  7. Agreed, a bulkhead is very worthwhile if the right way up... But check your boot lid seal and latch - otherwise if upside down, fuel can pour on the ground around you. What's the likelihood of that?? Well it only happens once.
  8. Hmmmm, no 'likes' for me either but I have a PC and I think I was the only person to actually hand over money for 'Vista' since when I have received patches daily running into thousands - small wonder nothing works... it's RAM must resemble the brain of Frankenstein's monster. Sumfin else (I put that in for the benefit of Stanpartmanpartwolf who only understands hoodie slanguage - if slanguage becomes a new word in the dictionary, you heard it here first) I have only just noticed - the register now ascribes 'reputations' to the members. So why is it that all those great and good who have posted 50 times have a positive value of +3 to +5 whereas I have posted 200 plus times and I have a NIL value. To quote John Cleese "I am a pointless waste of space". Have I made the fatal error of not giving out enough 'Dahling' likes to others?! How and where do I get my pluses from? I feel this is an 'ism' of some sort but I don't know what to call it yet.... maybe favourit'ism! Should I view it as a positive - a bit like everyone is a winner - my 'warnings' have gone and from now on the worst I can be is 'NIL'. Hurrah!
  9. Duh ! Sorry I had late night/early morning. Duh ! Again. I missed 'TR6' in your link. Thanks for being gentle on me with your post. Not firing on all cylinders this morning and only up to four at best. John Wilson's number is 01330 823757 Very nice gent but his wife is poorly so 'make allowances' if you follow me. Good luck. PS. You didn't let Conrad prise a Merk out of your wallet did you?
  10. Is this the breakfast club that I am missing out on? I know you farmers get up early but really! BTW Clocks go back this weekend. You did't say what bumper was for and couldn't open your link. Plus my bumper is on south coast. Helpful aren't I ?! I don't want to commit some else before being asked and Conrad may no more, BUT doesn't John Wilson live in Inverness? The reason I suggest this is that myself and Conrad both suspect that John probably has cause to come down to us early in the New Year if you are not in a rush for it. I hope it works for you. Non boxed brackets and boxed brackets? I find out there is more that I don't know every day - that is NOT the same as I learn something every day.
  11. An idiot goes into a fast food kitchen, has sex with a girl leaning over the sink and runs off. The Sun headlines next day reads.... "Nut screws washer and bolts"
  12. Phew - that's a mighty strong whiff of MARMITE !
  13. This is next thing on my 'to-do' list.... Anyone on here with any first hand experience by which they could make me a recommendation please? PM me if you prefer. Many thanks.
  14. Hi all, Roger - yeah some funnel and in the background you can see my fuel tanks Ian - sadly not a J class, but Paul you are right it is a Dragon. I have in the past thought of SCOD, 22 Square Metres or International One Designs of which there are several down in St Mawes (the place where they put the jam on the scones before the cream!) Someone once said of the Dragon 'she is a fabulous mistress and should you ever have the chance then you should marry her'. But at the moment I am pimping her in the hope that one or two others might appear to race against. Roll on Easter. Rain or shine, I'll untie her and give her a good thrashing - Hmmm ! !
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