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  1. Thanks for your help chaps.. I will try the local tube man. Regards Roger
  2. Hi All, I am trying with little success to source a chrome exhaust tail end for my 1955 TR2.The outside dimension is 48mm . Does anyone have a suggestion as to a supplier. Happy New Year. Roger
  3. Charlie, Thanks a million, you saved a disaster. I think I will install a separate button as I have done on my MG Regards Roger
  4. I have a TR2 1955 and and I am having intermittent horn bursts (embarrassing!).I have checked the wiring and the problem seems to be from inside the horn push in the centre of the steering wheel.The manual shows that the centre of the horn push simply prises off but I seem unable to remove it.Any tips please?. Thanks Roger
  5. Pete, Dave and Rich, Thanks for your comments, I will try Rugby and Slough for their opinions on the safety and cost of refurbishing. Regards Roger
  6. Hi All, I have a set of 60 spoke painted wire wheels I bought from TR Shop 10 years ago. Due to my poor maintenance 2 of them are showing signs of corrosion and rust...The dilemma!... should I bite the bullet and buy a new set (or just 2 new ones) or does anyone know a local repairer in the Northampton area who would shot blast etch and re-stove? I really cannot make up my mind which is the best decision.. any thoughts? Roger
  7. Hi Rod, I took my TR2 chassis on a standard Halford roof rack on the top of mt Audi A6 from Northampton to CT in Southampton no problems. It did take two of us to load it. Regards Roger
  8. rogeraero


    Hi Louis, I live just outside Northampton and use Northampton Motorsport on the Rothersthorpe Inustrial Estate.I highly recommend them. Regards Roger B
  9. Hi 2Long, I shimmed my rocker towers with bits cut from a toffee tin.That was 5 years ago and it runs fine. Regards RogerB
  10. Hi John, I have used Chrome Restore near Coventry(J2 off M6) for my TR2 restoration 5 years ago and my more recent 1934 Singer Nine Sports restoration.They are slow but I found their quality excellent.I recommend them. Regards Roger B
  11. Hi Eddieb, I fitted a Kenlowe to my TR2 about 4 years ago.It is simple, you do not need to remove the rad.Just use the plastic straps supplied,follow the simple instructions.Never had any trouble and I am no techie. I hope this reassures you. Regards Roger B
  12. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions.The problem as you suggested was a wire disconnected under the carpet.All is working fine now.This register is a delight to belong to as everyone is so helpful. Thanks again Roger
  13. Help! My recently professionally fitted overdrive has suddenly stopped working, I guess that the solenoid wire has come adrift and if I can fix it myself it will save a long journey to the garage that fitted it( highly respectable ,no complaints)Where will this wire connection be ,can I get at it fom under the car or do I need to remove the transmission tunnel...sorry for being lazy but this could save hours!! Regards Roger
  14. Hi Rodbr, For your info I advertised a pair of HS6 carbs here a few weeks ago, no-one was interested so I sold them on Ebay...I got £185 if that helps . Regards Roger
  15. Hi All, I crept over here from the TR2 section!! If anyone is interested I have a pair of H6 SU carbs for sale...reconned as new..but no linkages. Interested call me on 01604 890925 Regards to you "modern " car owners Aeroroger
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