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  1. Hi All Sorry for the delay, things just get busy and I forget all on line things the Hinges were for the front of this completed project attached
  2. Oh Dear that's not my issue thank god
  3. Thanks John thanks Stef I did this once the body was flexing and the hinge broke Should be bringing it to the International, will you be there Pete? I can show you in person if not ill get some pictures to show you after Mark
  4. Hi John Its Just all the bodywork is shaped around the rear deck and boot of the Tr4a I can look it up that's fine, I think I should make do until I see something at the international or out and about then get it made thanks Mark
  5. Hi John thanks for your response do you think they have the same fixings as the Tr4a boot hinge? Mark
  6. Hi All Been quite a while since I used the Forum properly I would like your advice: I have a project on the go (as we all probably do), this requires two boot hinges from a Tr4a. Although due to the extra weight and use of gas struts to aid the lifting the originals are not really strong enough. I have created had a drawing created out of solid works and am looking to have some hinges made which are larger and solid stainless steel, but this is a while away. I am Looking to buy some new ones for the short term and but am worried these maybe weaker than the originals. Does anyone know if someone has already made some solid hinges which would be stronger than the originals or could recommend some good quality TR4a boot hinges to get me by Mark Winter
  7. Hi All thanks for your help another problem sorted with Members help Mark
  8. Hi All thanks for your time I will pass on your experiences and try and get the job done Will let you know Mark
  9. Hi Rob didn't know if you had a response by PM hope these pictures help the pockets are welded to the offset plate and they sit on the inside Mark
  10. Hi All just been round to help a fellow TR2 owner as he is having problems bleeding his breaks! When pumping the pedal there appears to be no flow being generated by the master cylinder Moving it rapidly seams to produce some restriction in the pedal but only a short distance at the bottom sometimes He has had the axil off to replace suspension struts and replaced pipework last bit was bleeding the breaks we have tried each wheel and erratic movement, in despair we have removed the master cylinder, although all seals look in good order Any ideas to help? Have we done the right thing ? your time would be gratefully received (it would be much easier on my TR4a Mark
  11. Hi Tom we will be at the golf club opposite we will be trying to get in to see you Thursday in the paddocks and will be in and around Silverstone from Wednesday pm we will be able to get to a bar I'm sure will send you a PM Mark
  12. Hi Tom thanks for your time It will be great to follow you in practice Thursday through to your race time Mark
  13. Hi Tom Do you think we be allowed in to see you? Where will you be based? It would be great to see you prepair for the race Mark
  14. Hi All Going to the classics on the common Wednesday with my son and then moving on for the Silverstone classic weekend we are camping at the golf club as we couldn't get a Wednesday camping at Silverstone I wondered who I need to look out for the weekend racing?? could we enter the Silverstone race track to watch practice sessions on the Thursday(we could help out)?? please give me some advice to give my son a great weekend Thanks for your time Mark
  15. Thanks Ian and Dave Town looks special and the casle as you said as i remember Disney Any ideas on the Rhine valley ? Mark
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