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  1. Hi Jim, The answer is................... There not ready! Guess his time scales can't be relied upon.
  2. Hi Jim, Don Trimming have had my side screens for eight weeks. Ready Wednesday. I'll report back. Regards, Pete
  3. Hi guys, The manual clearly means to fill up the inner chamber not including the upper section where the top nut screws in. Rogers point is interesting, I see what he means. Wonder why it's says to fill up the oil chamber then. I will try the correct oil and see how it goes. The viscosity of the oil must have quite an impact on the carb piston speed and therefore engine speed pick up so I'm thinking thinner is better? Sorry to have stirred this hornets nest............. Again. Regards, Pete
  4. Thanks guys, I've just checked the manual and it states the oil reservoir should be full. Is that wrong? I will get the SU oil and try that. Regards, Pete
  5. Hi Sage Ones, I've noticed the oil in the carb dash pots needs topping up after every trip, say 80 miles. It drops to about half way from the top. I use 3 in 1 oil, as I believe it's close to the original spec. When full there is a normal amount of resistance when trying to lift the carb pistons. I guess it's going into the engine but why? Regards, Pete
  6. Hi Dave, If you intend to use the car for anything other than the odd Sunday run, you might want to think about installing the mounting points for an electric fan. Mine came with silly little plastic things to hold the fan in place, which I didn't like. I welded small tags onto the steel rad frame so the fan could be mounted properly. No one ever sees these little things and it's a darn site easier to do now than later. Planning ahead is really important during the rebuild. I know this because I didn't. Regards, Pete
  7. Few!! Many thanks guys. My kenlowe is a suck located on the back of the rad so now all is well. Suns out today so I feel another test run coming on. Regards, Pete
  8. Hi, I just painted mine with hamerite primer and top coat. I'm under there so often I would spot any corrosion quickly but never had to touch it. Regards, Pete
  9. Nick your lights are sooooo bright. I've got arc eye just looking at them. And I thought mine were bad. Regards, Pete
  10. ..........and remember the rotor are turns anti clockwise!!!!!! How counter intuitive is that.
  11. Thanks guys and please pardon my ignorance. Good news about the heater I dreamt last night that I had attached the earth wire right up where it's not now possible to get. I woke up in a cold sweat! Regards, Pete
  12. Hi Sage Ones, Having just converted to alternator and therefore neg earth I noticed the kenlowe had switched into reverse. Not something I had not thought about but easy to correct. My question is: is it likely the heater fan motor and wiper motor have done the same? Correcting the heater could be tricky due to access. Regards, Pete
  13. Hi Bob, I might have to. I'm going to push it out tonight and see what there like in the dark. They are bright but the end of the bulb has a sort of lense on it and all I seem to get is that, not the diffused filling of the outer light lense. I just know when we set off this summer for Skye we will be stuck on the M6 in the dark and rain so I'm trying to make us as visible as I can. I've also ordered some Osram Nightbreakers bulbs to see if I can get the tripod headlights any better. I used to worry a lot about keeping it original but I've concluded that if we are going to tour safely
  14. + 1 for Bobs comments. I know they wouldn't do anything below 5000rpm (Revington) but I fitted it anyway and my engine is incredibly smooth. Regards, Pete
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