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    TRIUMPH TR6 1973 owned from new,JAGUAR V12 E TYPE ROADSTER,MG RV8,FORD ESCORT MK1 RS2000 Classic Mini Cooper all current.
  1. Is the alternator belt slipping? check and adjust maybe? Nick
  2. sixnick


    Thanks I will have a look for the magazine and may be speak to Dave at Emerald Nick
  3. sixnick


    Thanks Markus I will try that, Nick
  4. sixnick


    Hi Folks Does anyone have a good starting point ignition map for the Emerald ecu for a 150 bhp engine using converted Triumph throttle bodies? Thanks Nick
  5. sixnick

    Wet underlay.

    my tr used to leak through the joints each side of the rear quarter deck, there is a large blob of filler on the under side, water would run down behind trim over rear wheel arch and soak the under felt. Hope that helps.
  6. Hi Gary I used the parts from Emerald,I used the trigger wheel as a template to cut in to the pulley direct.I used early pi manifolds with original butterflies. The front one now has a spindle with D shape sticking out to the front of engine with with bracket and pot fitted. Ive fitted a tech edge wb Lambda sensor to rear box so it can be run in closed loop or adaptive modes.I have a coil pack and no distributor. just some work to do with maps. Good luck Nick
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