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  1. Thanks for your answer. There are more photos in the article than those of the Flickr gallery (376 photos), where they were published 10 years ago. We found a 1958 Rally TR3 survivor and we talked with the owner and there are some photos of the car as well. Anyway, I contacted the Flickr folk too with no answer but those are 1958 copies at least here in Spain they are old enough to be copyright free. Of course one of the most important source of information were the TSOA newsletters as featured in the article.
  2. The Triumph TR Register Spain just published an article about the 1958 Rally of Europe. Maybe someone is interested, the article is in spanish but the google translation is pretty good, as someone from England told us. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&u=https://www.trclub-spain.com/historicos/american-triumph-1958-rally-of-europe-el-ano-de-la-visita-a-espana-por-leonardo-fernandez/
  3. The Tr2 the day she arrived at Beaulieu.
  4. Last summer, Riofrío Royal Palace near Segovia, Spain.
  5. Yes you're right, we didn´t want Covid and we have to make the best of it, avoiding big crowds. We're TRs lovers, as you can imagine, so we appreciate the beauty of things, the beauty of Blenheim, so I guess there's zero interest in a good view of a changeover of a Triathlon an zero interest in watching that competition. You're saying that we will miss the pics of the TRs in the grand courtyard, OK, I think positive: the south facade of the castle it's quite beautiful too, are we going to be able to park the TRs in front of that facade for a picture? because this is what is the meetin
  6. So, it's true. There's not a good solution to join a 7000 people event. I don't understand anything, and I don't understand you don't see it. We are not even going to have the posibility to have a pic with the cars and the Palace, we are not going to have the posibility to walk thorugh the wonderful gardens of the Palace... golf carts... c'mon. I guess when the demand exceeds suply there is no need to have your "customers" happy. Do you think we want to see the Courtyard this way? England is full of beautiful places, castles and everything, no need to join a 7000 people event!
  7. Hi Mick, I booked for the 2020 EM and I was looking forward for the 2021 event. I was eager to the visit of the Blenheim Palace, and park in the Great Courtyard as I've seen in pics of some classic cars meetings, I and my club buddies were talking about buying some Romeo and Julieta cigars to smoke while we drive our Triumphs into de Courtyard. Yesterday I was reading about the Palace, Churchill... and I found an info about a Triathlon scheduled for the same day as our visit. Of course I thought it was a mistake, but now I'm not sure. I can't imagine a worse day than that to visit th
  8. Thank you for your answers, you've been a great help!!!
  9. Hi! I just bought a pair of original steel rear wings and I have to arrange shipping. Could anyone tell me the weight of a wing? just approximate weight. THANKS!
  10. Thanks Roger, no, no, like hear in the Collector's originality Piggot's book:
  11. Hi! I see pictures of TR4s with hood covers as the TR4As-TR6 and I don't see the point of this because TR4s do not require a seperate hood frame cover as the rear seat side and back rests cover the hood frame when folded. I even see these covers in TR4s pics of very well known books that feature very original cars. Thanks
  12. THANKS YOU VERY MUCH for your answers. Mick I'm not going with a TR, it´s a family trip, I guess in September 2020 I'll go to the area with the Triumph I´ll try to join you in the IWE.
  13. Hi all!! I'm visiting England and I'm attending the IWE so I have time to visit the area, do you recomend me visiting the British Motor Museum or the Coventry Transport museum? Of course I'm interested mainly in Triumphs (TRs) Any place worth a visit from our TRs point of view? (old factories..) I would appreciate any recomendation. THANKS.
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