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  1. Very Good advice Alan ! It's a whole lot easier than trying to sort problems later! Good Luck Bob.
  2. Hi Nick, The price is normally about £200 , will sell it for £100 + pp. It is reconditioned but bought from a well known TR specialist. cheers Bob.
  3. I have a 'brand new ' single speed motor lurking in the garage I think, if your interested? Would save you lots of pennies ? The 4a I bought , had just had it fitted by the PO and cost him £190 I think , should have been 2 speed. unit for the wiring /switch etc. So took it off, and spent mega bucks on a 2 speed motor , £300 ish! Let me know if it would help you. Would ask less than the usual suspects. Bob.
  4. Would not advise anyone to use one. The 'pocket' that usually forms on the underside of the rocker has most probably gone through the outer hardness of the rocker. The Valve then bears on to a 'soft' surface and soon goes out of adjustment! Bob.
  5. JANA

    TR4 Rebuild

    Hi Roger, Been there , done that ! Keep smiling , there's light at the end of the tunnel ! Your stories make us all smile. Good luck! Bob.
  6. Graham, I well understand your concern to ensure 'all is well' with the wipers before putting the dash back having just gone through that process myself this winter. It is time consuming and tedous , but , a great opportunity to sort out all the wiring and parts that PO / Repairers didn't quite get right. I also used the situation to strip and clean Gauges etc. No regrets as it proved very worthwhile ultimately. Don't forget to set the park facility on the wiper motor when you get to the final leg. ( round cap on the motor held by 3 small hex. headed screws) Hope you feel it was all worth it in the end, I did! Good Luck. Bob.
  7. Joskin, Sorry to hear your news! However, might be worth you taking a 'considered' view of the position , and if you can negotiate the salvage , maybe it would be viable to repair locally ? Whatever, goodluck. Best wishes Bob.
  8. Graham, When you do come to refit wiper boxes, they are very awkward to assemble with the flared end of the tubes in the exact position in the wiper boxes, and holding, while you attempt tighten the fixing screw. Someone on this forum , from Belgium I think ? , gave me a brilliant tip! Use an elastic band round the wiper boxes to hold evrything in position, and this leaves your hands free to do the necessary. It really helped me , and I didn't have to get a Gynecologist to do it after all. There is very little room if you have big hands ! Great help to me . Incidentally, my wiring is the same as Peter /Peejay if that helps. The curve as Pete says is simple , but it has to be spot on to locate with the motor. A pattern would help you a great deal I think ? Goodluck Bob.
  9. Peter , Looking more like it ! Don't forget your welcome to call in to compare measurements. By the way , put me down for a 'Cheese Toastie' with Roger the Dodger , but with tomatoes, and don't forget the salt and pepper! All the best Bob.
  10. JANA

    What a car

    What a car indeed !
  11. JANA

    TR4 Rebuild

    Ho, ho,ho! Good luck with the Vac pipe Roger! Ain't it fun! Bob
  12. JANA

    TR4 Rebuild

    Have Moss invited to to the staff Christmas bash yet? They should at this rate ! Cheers Bob.
  13. Stuart, Know the puller well, it's good un! Designed by a guy called Don Welch, Design Mgr. at VLC, and signed off for production by 'yours truly'. Special casting, and built like a brick convience! When I was at Jag / Rover / Triumph in the 70's , the Service Training Schools were rationalised under BLMH , Lord Stokes, and can remember skip loads of VLC Specilal Tools being scrapped as surplus to requirements. Wished I'd put a set , or two, of Triumph Tools away! Especially the gearbox and axle tools. They are becoming priceless today. Oh well ! Cheers Bob.
  14. JANA

    Wipers & MOT ??

    Seemed to recall, a comment made on this forum, but you have clarified the point Alec.. thx's. cheers Bob.
  15. Can anyone confirm that if the wiper blades/arms are NOT fitted to the vehicle, the wipers do not require to be tested as an Historic vehicle? TR 4a 1967. Bob.
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