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  1. Right then, I like so many have brought a novelty tax disc for my TR6, so to display 6 months tax for 1969. Does anyone know how much the tax disc would be for 6 months in 1969? So I can write in the correct figure Cheers Steve
  2. A long awaited for, and requested video on crankshaft thrust washers enjoy: Cheers Steve
  3. Cheers Tim, The camera doesn't show well as its mounted to a sucker on the windscreen, but my left hand is on the wheel just low down as I like to have my left hand not far from changing gears, and my right hand higher up so to lean my right arm on the door, I just find it comfortable driving roadsters like that Cheers Steve
  4. Great day and great gathering of car, all filmed and uploaded for all to enjoy Cheers Steve
  5. And the video of the day is uploaded to YouTube!! Thanks Mick for doing some of the camera work for me Cheers Steve
  6. Cracking Road Trip to TRGB Enjoy: Cheers Steve
  7. Cheers chaps this is all excellent info. I've been on the blower to both Colin at CTM and Malcolm at Prestige and both say that I should keep the PRV in the boot. Although I do try to keep with originality wherever practically possible, Its mostly photos of around the floor pan to chassis on the nearside rear that I need, there just a lack of info out there. Malcolm did say ignore what Triumph did and make it work, keeping it out of the way of everything for maintenance purposes. As he knows his onions very well I'll probably follow his advise and run the pipe from the PRV in the boot along the floor pan, over the drive shalf and spring and then down. But to help others who are curious on the topic, including myself, may as well continue with the thread. Has anyone got any good factory photos of this bit of the pipe I'm talking about Cheers Steve
  8. Hi Mark, I know the bracket your on about on the chassis, and it does have it on the new chassis too. When I brought my 6 it had been converted in the 1980's to carb. When I brought it in 2009 I reverted it back to Pi, and just guessed the location was correct in the boot, as per all other TR6's. But now with this time doing it, I want it to be where it should be correct for very early '69 build car Cheers Steve
  9. After looking at John 1973 TR6 (photos above) and cheers John for this a couple of wheels ago then asking TRGB what there thought were on the routing of the pipes for a January 1969 TR6. They were compliantly different to each other. Like John's one, my fuel pipe used to come down from the boot and behind the drive shaft then under the drive shaft to where it was meant to go along the chassis. TRGB said ealry ones are ment to go over the top of the drive shalf along the boot panel and then down. They were very good with sending me photos of this too. I've just brought a new fuel pipe kit from Moss which turned out to be a two piece kit for TR5 and early TR6, and it stated on the box the PRV should be chassis mounted for an early TR6, however mine was located in the boot. So what to do for the best to make it historically correct. Should the PRV be in the boot on a January '69 built car or should it be on the chassis and where about on the chassis should it be mounted? And again with the fuel pipe routing around the boot to chassis area, who's correct after looking a club members car most seem to be the way John's one is, but is that correct for a very early build TR6? Cheers Steve
  10. May well have been posted many times before but hey ho. Having gone to the effort of spending billions of pounds on a new chassis, rebuilding the engine etc etc etc, I now want my fuel pipes routed the correct way they would have done so when it left the factory. I need information of the correct factory style routing (ideally photos for your cars) from the T Piece up to the Metering Unit Many Thanks Steve
  11. Dan's TR6 gets some new braided fuel lines Cheers Steve
  12. Great channel, do enjoy watching your videos Cheers Steve
  13. Just for fun, whats in your glovebox? Cheers Steve
  14. Sort of TR related new video. Anyone who's in Nene Valley Group and who hasn't yet been to one of our club meets come on over. This is where we have it at Sywell, so much to see, historic planes and classic cars are such a great mix. Hope everyone enjoys watching my Birthday video Cheers Steve
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