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  1. Many thanks for all your input and advice, will forget it and just enjoy driving as it is .its been fine for the last 10 years I've owned it so why mess....many thanks pete
  2. Nearing completion of putting my tr4a back together from a respray earlier this year..and had the pleasure of talking to a very knowledgeable man on the train the other day about triumphs who told me to put a dolomite sprint lsd diff into it as i have a solid back axle model (not irs) can any members give me some advice.? I do drive it pretty hard and have enjoyed it for many years...is there any advantage? Does it fit straight in...are all sprints lsd? Any thoughts appreciated!....pete
  3. Many thanks this is fab information, i do seem to recall that maybe the overdrive did work in third when i first had the car, all be it i think it used to jump in and out every second so i stoped trying to use it in third but now I'm testing my memory. So a dirty groove would make sense. I guess a multimeter would trace the offending switch by moving the gear stick and prove when fixed. Many thanks all and any other help greatly appreciated...pete
  4. Hi , if anyone has any advice, i have owned my tr4a for 10 years and the overdrive has always worked perfectly in 2nd and 4th byt not third. Currently doing jobs on the car and stripped the gear box tunnel out expecting to find three switches on top of the gearbox one with either a loose wire or switch needing screwing down etc. But there is only two switches. Does that mean i only have overdrive in second and fourth or can anyone help? It is a j type box btw..thanks pete
  5. Thank you to all who posted with helpful advice .i took the halfshaft to day from the garage to a specialists engineering works . And hay presto i hadn't even got home and they had lt apart. I think the garage had a good press when new but what year that was i dont know. It took 15 tons of pressure according to the specialist engineering works if that ever helps anyone else many thanks all pete
  6. thanks for the replies so far - a bit more info (as i learn myself!) according to the moss book it is a Girling axle - the garage doing it are a well reputed garage who do a huge amount of work for vosa on lorries etc - i know their press must be 30ton if not more, and they have used gas and cannot shift it at all....... according to the moss europe book, all the parts in there are listed, does that mean they are all available? Assuming the garage cannot in any way shift the hub out... does anyone have a complete axle or half shaft they want to sell...? many thanks - in anticipation i can get my beautiful car back on the road - it only failed its mot on insufficient brake on the rear and now it is stuck on the ramp with no hope of moving it !! many thanks pete
  7. Hi all... i have a tr4a american with the solid tr4 back axle, and my local garage who are brilliant cannot for love nor money push the shaft out of the hub to put the new seal in because it is leaking oil from the hub onto the shoes... they have a huge press and still cant do it ! any advice at all would be absolutely brilliant on where i can buy a complete half shaft with the hub attached or what you can do .... they have said they can cut the collar from the inside to remove the hub backwards down the shaft and put the seal in that way, but they dont know where you get new collars from and if you can fit them ... hope that makes sense !! any help advice etc? many thanks pete
  8. as far as i know it goes pretty much straight in . mine was fitted when i got it and as far as steering goes there is no problem but i do run about 33 psi in the tyres but the sound of the 6 pot is just fantastic pete
  9. Hi Ben if you fancy a ride out one evening i dont mind meeting you about half way iam in between hereford and ledbury and have a tr4a with a 6 cylinder TR5/6 engine running on su carbs. only had for just over 2 years, so ive spent quite a bit of time, trying to gather information on them and getting an idea of values before i bought mine. i would guess we are about 40 miles apart, so happy to meet half way or if you want to make the full trip to mine, we can go for a good drive out and get it up in the shed for you to have a look at. when i was looking i had some fantastic advice from tr members and it certainly meant that when i found what i wanted i didnt end buying a bag of ****! i know you are looking for restoration, and you'll prob not but dont be fooled by the amount of hours and money that you can spend by these cars. i have nothing but total admiration for people who restore them, but in my case it was far far cheaper to buy one ready done! probably no where near as much fun but i think a little knowledge can be dangerous sometimes and no truer to car restoration!! i do removals for a living and have done so most of my life, ive lost count of the number of projects ive seen going on in garages with rather fed up wives who will never get to be taken out in the summer evenings! best of luck pete
  10. hi can anyone tell me if 15" mgc wire wheels are the same as my tr4a in fitment terms, i know i have an old set of 72 spoke 15" wheels on my car, but the set i have found are new and advertised as mgc, will they fit and are they the same. many thanks pete
  11. hi - once again many thanks to all the people who passed on valuable information regarding my car, i know the link got hijacked a bit at the end, but thats the idea of a forum !! in short, i fitted the new red rotor arm and distributor cap which gave me a fantastic spark, but as most people expected, the problem was the carbs and as people said, the satisfaction is with doing it yourself, and that is no more true than today for me. i basically read a bit about what to do, fettled with the carbs as i knew they were basically brand new anyway and everything in them was brand new, and lo and behold the engine now sounds fantastically crisp and pulls superbly right through the rev range and in every gear. went for a quick 100 mile blast today (chasing our local bike club) and pretty much kept up all around the route. only thing to mention, in between crossgates and newtown (in wales for those who dont know)i passed a tr4/a in powder blue - either a works car or a works replica - what a great feeling i was fair tanking it the one way, lovely welsh roads, and to see what looked like a works car coming the other way was a fantastic feeling , unfortunately at the speed i was going i couldnt catch the reg no. many thanks once again for everyones help pete
  12. hi - many thanks for your responses so far - i myself was pretty sure that the problem was carb based - prob fuel or mixture or bit of both , but was going to get the electrical side spot on first as this is what i am capable of doing! i did buy a new distributor cap and red rotor arm at malvern as a spare so will stick that on and a brand new set of standard plugs which i am sure wont make any difference but at least then i will be assured the electrical side is spot on then. does anyone advise whether to tackle the carbs myself - i am pretty mechanically minded when it comes to engines, pistons etc, or shall i send the car to one of the specialists to get the carbs set up many thanks for all your advice so far, pete
  13. just as in the title iam going to fit new plugs . Ive got a problem that in 1st and 2nd the car seems to pull ok past 3000 rpm but only ok but in 3 and 4 when the rpm reach 3000 it fluffs and spulters . Is there any benefit to iridium plug to justify ther money ?? The car is a tr4a with a 6 cylinder fitted on twin su. at malvern this year i fitted new eloctronic ignition and tuned the car but it did not alter it at all any help or advice would be gratefully received as overtaking is a pain thanks pete
  14. tr-pete

    TR6 Spare Wheel

    hi alan, did you sell your wire wheels or are you going to keep them ? i have a set of tr6 steel wheels inc centre caps, chrome trims nuts and tyres and 1 tr4a steel wheel wouldnt want to split the set of tr6 wheels up, but would love a tidy set of wires for my wheels and some cash if it is of any use to you? i dont mind selling the set of tr6 wheels to any one else if they are interested - thanks pete
  15. hi john , it would be probabley rude to ask a fellow member how much they paid for their car, but after 26 years its intriguing to know for some of us "tongue in cheek" younger/newer members.has it kept up with inflation??? thanks pete
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