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  1. Thanks to all for your best wishes, I realise that the numbers of my birthdays keeps going up but my excuse is that I keep wakening up every morning (long may it continue) Bob
  2. Hello Mr Eccles, how are you keeping. How is the 6 going or have you not had a chance to use it yet. i am just fitting a new exhaust to the 5.


  3. Thanks for life time of inspiration. RIP Captain Sir Tom Bob
  4. A bit late but Happy Birthday young man hope you have had a good one. Bob E
  5. Well done Derek very well deserved, keep up the great work. Bob
  6. A bit late but better than never, good to see you had a great day out. Bob
  7. Just to let you know the strip down and rebuild has been completed, I must have done something right this time as the results are much better. Now to complete the rest of the engine assembly. Thanks again for your help. Bob
  8. Thanks for the very informative reply Mick, just for further information I am fitting the 87mm piston/liners set. So it looks like a strip down and restart all over again. Just one of the joys rebuilding a TR2, at least it helps to passes lock down time???? Bob
  9. Thanks Ian In reply to your questions :- Crank rotation with no pistons fitted was OK, with each piston fitted it gradually became tighter but this is what I would have expected, piston rings gaps are OK. The camshaft is not yet fitted I will try releasing the all of the present torque settings tomorrow and try again as suggested. Bob
  10. Hi Possible question for Mick Richards, I am part way into an engine rebuild, reground crank, new pistons, liners bearings etc. Has any one an idea as to the acceptable torque required to turn the crank over. At present it takes approx 44 - 46 lbs ft. At this figure it just seems a bit tight when the pistons are at the top or bottom of the cylinders. Bob E
  11. Thanks for all birthday best wishes, next year I am starting to reduce the year number by one instead of adding Hope you are all well Bob
  12. Hi Conrad you have a PM for the part above Cheers Bob
  13. See you there on Saturday Mike looks like a good weekend. Bob
  14. Hi John If you are looking at the ball type they work ok and hold about 1 gallon. Just put the pipe in the tank, pump it up to create a vacuum and out it comes. Bob
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