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  1. Hello All I have found these people to be good and free P&P https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/ Roger
  2. Hello All I always buy lip seals and Bearings from bearing stockists as they will offer you cheap stuff(if you want it?) or quality bearings and seals I use double lip seals but I was under the impression the outer lip was to stop dirt getting to the sealing lip as it is engineered the opposite way! Roger
  3. Hello All Me and the Memsahib have been to see it twice in the old days Fake scars the lot !!!! Roger ps if you ever go to see the show and do not dress up you will feel really out of place!
  4. Hello All I think I must be strange as I think I like most of the above! So if you want send me the ones you do not like I will dispose of them in an environmentally safe way Roger
  5. oops https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-Grease-Gun-G-Coupler-Quick-Release-Lock-On-Coupling-End-1-8-NPT-Workshop-Farm/392556398396 Roger
  6. Hello I changed to a Nippon Denso when I fitted EFI to my Spitfire so it would have enough power to run the pump at tick over! Plus they are much smaller so I can get at No1 plug easier and there are loads of them out there but not Chinese poor quality! Roger
  7. 2 ply could be used 4 times like mens underpants front,back,inside out, front ,back Do not start on 3 ply thats just bragging! Roger
  8. Hello All So is that 2 doubles a Day or more? Roger
  9. Hello All What is wrong with a bread and dripping sandwich with a good sprinkle of salt ? Roger
  10. Or these people? http://www.leacyclassics.com/parts/classicmini/engine-components/2k7440.html Roger
  11. You are not getting MM and inches mixed up are you? 0.025 inch is about 0.63mm Roger
  12. Hello All Surplus could be the clue? So probably good parts? Roger
  13. Hello Roy I think I still have my old ones or if it is a TR2/3 I have some with the tristar? inside you can have them all. I will be going as it is local to me(weather looks C***P but modern will cope!) Roger ps just let me know and I can leave them on the TR stand in case we miss each other
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