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  1. Hello All The Film is even better and makes it all seem more real and terrible at the same time! Roger
  2. Hello All I have used this type of relay for several things (electric fans, Headlights, electric EFI fuel pump etc) Roger
  3. Hello Jim Here is one I lifted from the Tinterweb Roger headlight_relays_revb.pdf
  4. Hello Hamish That was wonderful and life looked so much better then with less restrictions! I remember seeing the Ferrari Breadvan at Spa Classic about 3 years ago and being driven hard as it should be! I am hoping to go to the Spa 6 hours this year fingers crossed!!!!! Roger
  5. Hello It is a shaping machine Horizontal shaping machine (slideshare.net) Roger
  6. Hello John Yes it will use RPM and and Map sensor and you can alter the map to suit. Roger
  7. Hello All The Vitesse is still on the lift with front wheels off I do not think I made a drawing. (old school of measure and make!) and because I was making them I just kept taking a few Thou off until I got the fit I wanted so no shims! If not I will undo one and measure it in the next few days But may be a different size for TR's ? Roger
  8. Hello Adey I fitted them to our Spitfire 3 years ago to stop brake pad knock back(which it has done) I removed about 0.002" from one after about 5000 to 6000 miles and last check they were still ok Roger ps I have made a set and fitted them to our Vitesse(but not run yet)
  9. Hello All I only ever see the Bird now does that mean I have to drink more? or is level I am at enough? Roger
  10. Hello DRD how do you get the TRR discount? I was just about to order some things but they can wait if I can save a few pennies! Roger
  11. Hello AIl I have made up 2 from these people I just bought the cheaper ones (its not as though it is a suspension part!) http://www.mcgillmotorsport.com/rod-ends-bearings-metric-rod-ends-accessories/ Roger
  12. Hello All I could be rude and say they were only parts bin bitsa! Roger
  13. Hello All I bought some off Amazon for £18.85 free P&P Roger
  14. Hello All How do you which end is which? I do not want to round off my Nuts!!!! But then its a plumbing tool!
  15. Hello Roger It will be all the used PPE stuff they had to use!(it has to go somewhere!) Roger
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