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  1. rogerguzzi

    TR7 Advice

    Hello All Thanks for the comments and advice it gives me something to think about before I jump in with both feet as usual! Roger
  2. rogerguzzi

    Cubb box lamp

    Hello All Lamp holder looks like a bog standard Lucas one as fitted to Spitfires No 85 https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/spitfire/electrical-system/lighting/interior-lamps-spitfire.html Roger
  3. rogerguzzi

    Old Tyres

    Hello All 3 digits before 2000 Roger
  4. rogerguzzi

    TR7 Advice

    Hello All I know this is a daft question but I have to start somewhere? I am 73 years young and own Triumph 1500 Spitfire, Mk2 Vitesse , TR2 and a Morris Minor Traveller plus a few motorcycles! The Spitfire is modified and runs ITB,s and fuel injection on a modified engine The Vitesse needs a bit of work to get it road worthy not Konkers The TR2 is in pieces and I do not think I will ever get it back together. The Morris Traveller needs a bit of work as well! 2 motorcycles are road worthy and one needs work! Plus numerous spares etc So the question is I am thinking of buying a TR7 now while the prices are reasonable Having a quick look I think I could get a very good soft top for about £6000 (2 litre) We love Spitty and have done 35000 miles in the last 6 years Spain, Italy, Ireland(north and south) Classic le Mans (4) Classic Spa(3) we love touring But as we get older she is getting lower to the floor(well feels like it!) so my thoughts turned to a TR7 is Still a Triumph but modernish?(I fancy a Triumph Stag but expensive for a good one and thirsty) I have never driven one and all the reports I have read say they are not as bad as the non believers make out! (I remember the out cry when windy window TR4,s were allowed in!) We have owned TR4, Reliant Scimitar, and I have repaired and driven a few TR6,s I just thought a TR7 may suit better into my dotage Now Am I completely mad or does that seem like a good plan?(remember I have to sell it to the Memsahib!) To be honest I could sell one Motor cycle to buy one? (but its time I tried!!!!! to down size the collection) Roger ps be kind to me and break it gently that I am stark raving bonkers!
  5. rogerguzzi

    Headlight Bulbs

    Hello All If they get that hot they need a fan for cooling how does the heat get out of the headlamp shell? and would it not be worse if the shells were plastic? Roger
  6. rogerguzzi

    Is this expensive for a Spitfire?

    Hello All In this mad world seems like a snip! Roger ps do you get the brownings as well? now that would be fun!
  7. rogerguzzi

    Tip o' the day - use vaseline

    Hello All I stand corrected (not the first time and sure as hell will not be the last!) Roger
  8. rogerguzzi

    Tip o' the day - use vaseline

    Hello All I thought washing up liquids have lots of salt in them and why they are not the best stuff to wash your car with? Roger
  9. rogerguzzi

    New Brake Master - says no silicon!

    Hello Roger where can you get some of this addative???? has a good number of additives and one is for swelling. Roger
  10. rogerguzzi

    Routes and places in France and Italy

    Hello Dirk The Col du Mont Cenis is worth a trip over Roger
  11. rogerguzzi

    Indicator buzzer

    Hello Tony I fitted one of these and it works a treat and adjustable! there is one without the brake function which I also have but removed to fit this one as you can leave the winkers on at lights with your foot on the brake and it stops the noise but starts again when released https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOTORBIKE-INDICATOR-WARNING-BUZZER-ADJUSTABLE-DELAY-WITH-BRAKE-MOD/251337237605?hash=item3a84dde465:g:LFUAAOxyuUZSL5t- Roger
  12. rogerguzzi

    Naughty question.

    Hello Tony In the TSSC mag they say conkers £65000 A1+ £45500 A1 £ 26000 A2 £ 13000 Project £ 9000 LHD 10% less or 5% if converted to RHD Roger
  13. rogerguzzi

    UK High Pressure Fuel Hose Supplier?

    Hello T It is 15 feet or 4.6m This will give all information http://ww2.gates.com/europe/downloads/download_common.cfm?file=70517_E2_BARRICADE_BROCHURE.pdf&folder=brochure&location_id=237
  14. rogerguzzi

    UK High Pressure Fuel Hose Supplier?

    Hello All I have ordered some from these people it was the best price I could find and it is supposed to be the best! This 5/16" size. Its not for a TR6 but a Triumph Spitfire running ITB,s and Microsquirt the stuff I bought off Fleabay before(12 months) is cracking and smells of petrol and it was EFI rated pipe? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GATES-BARRICADE-FUEL-INJECTION-HOSE-4219-06038-27348/322527744432?hash=item4b1826d1b0:g:AVEAAOSwwzhZQqN1 Roger
  15. rogerguzzi

    New Propshaft required

    +1 Roger

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