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  1. Hello All This went to its new owner recently(not mine just used to maintain it for a mate) I have the Viper version but now 500cc Roger
  2. Hello Bob I think these are what you are looking for About £68 with 15% discount (just wait for a 20% or better https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/p/aftermarket-headlamp-471930021 Roger
  3. Hello All Can you still buy those caps with a peak at the back? Roger
  4. Hello Ken I will look for you there I am going with a group from the TSSC. 2 Spitfires 1 TR6 1 13/60 Herald 1 Volvo(Amazon) 1 Modern Roger
  5. rogerguzzi

    Ecu help

    Hello Robin If is 5/16" (8mm) should be ok Roger
  6. No finishers on the braided fuel hoses and rubbish worm clips! Roger
  7. Hello All A few from our trip to Spain & Portugal. Roger and The Memsahib Ps we can not wait to go back again
  8. Hello All Not a TR but Still a Triumph! Roger & The Memsahib
  9. Hello How about this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HIRE-MG-Midget-King-Pin-Bushes-Reamer-HIRE/283330492185?hash=item41f7d03719:g:18IAAOSwc9VcMwJ6:rk:3:pf:0 just noticed its for midget so probably to small Roger
  10. Hello All I have a 28% overdrive on my Spitfire 1500 it does make it a bit tall sometimes but having 3rd + OD = 4th it is nice when at border line speeds(just the flick of a switch) Then 4th OD gives me 70 mph @ 3000rpm Its not a standard engine fast road cam, block decked, crank balanced, rods polished and shot peened and ITB fuel injection plus some head work etc Roger
  11. Hello All I rebuilt one of those engines a few months ago for a mate. My Velocettes did not like a foreign engine being in there! 1938 MSS 500 1938 KSS 350 OHC 1965 Viper 350 (now 500) Plus a 1961 Venom 500 and a 1938ish MAC 350 both not mine And all sorts of spares I thought I would need? Roger
  12. Hello All Thanks for the comments and advice it gives me something to think about before I jump in with both feet as usual! Roger
  13. rogerguzzi

    Cubb box lamp

    Hello All Lamp holder looks like a bog standard Lucas one as fitted to Spitfires No 85 https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/spitfire/electrical-system/lighting/interior-lamps-spitfire.html Roger
  14. Hello All 3 digits before 2000 Roger
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