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  1. Hello Peter The best charge controllers are these type. MPPT Charge Controllers: what is MPPT and its advantages (sinovoltaics.com) If it is for just keeping the battery topped up I think a 10watt panel may be enough (thats about 1 amp in full sun) 10W 12V Solar Panel Trickle Charger Battery Maintainer Kit Monocrystalline with 10A Solar Charge Controller for RV Marine Boat Off Grid System : Amazon.co.uk: Business, Industry & Science Roger
  2. Hello All I have just seen this Tony Brooks obituary | Formula One | The Guardian Roger
  3. Seems the cheap option no matter how good an engineer you are better than arguing with a frog copper! Plus I think if you have an acceident the insurance people will be looking for any small fault to limit the pay out but if you have a mot it meets the spec required by law so to me it is a no brainer! Roger
  4. Hello All Moto Guzzi would be my choice as they always run that way(I am biased having owned 3 !) Roger
  5. Hello Andrew This how I have done one on out Vitesse Vitesse power steering - Suspension, Handling, Tyres and Brakes - Sideways Technologies (sideways-technologies.co.uk) Roger
  6. Hello Marco They are probably ok on standard coil system at 0.030" to 0.035" but the 1.1mm (0.040" to 0.044") would probably miss fire. I run a VW Bosch type coil pack which gives higher voltage as all moderns do Roger
  7. Hello Marco This is what I mean and I had a set of each and I check the gaps and it is correct. This was from the Sideways forum Hi Roger the wr78x has en increased distance between the 4 mass electrodes and the center electrode. i think itś 1,1mm for the x and 0,9mm for the standard -but dońst nail me on the values. i use the x with megasquirt/ edis coil and the standard wr78 in my sons fast road spitfire engine with 123ign and golden lucas coil ( which is is not tuned yet…) cheers Patrick Roger
  8. Hello All I use Bosch WR78 in Spitty with ITB EFI and engine mods But be aware there are 2 types and one has bigger gaps (I forget the numbers Roger
  9. Hello All Even cheaper and accepts offers as low as £52.49 ! Roger ps I am tempted as we have gas oil for our generators
  10. To my way of thinking that is scrap just bit the bulit and bus Stainless Steel ones and I have used Big Red a few times Roger
  11. Hello Pete I must have bought the good ones as still ok after 10years! I did clamp it to the aluminium case probably with a smear of heat paste? Roger
  12. Hello All This what I fitted in Spitty ,Vitesse and TR6 some negative and some positive. They are a cheap as chips and easy to fit! 6 X Regulator Voltage L7810CV LM7810 7810 10V 1,5A - Voltage Regulator TO-220 692685035738 | eBay Roger
  13. Hello All I just bought a few of these and fitted them inside the original can (Negative for Spitty) been working for 10+ years LM7810ACT Onsemi, Linear Voltage Regulator, 7810, Fixed | Farnell Roger
  14. Hello Hamish Take your pick of one of these some proper and some fakes! Roger
  15. Hello All We live off grid and our boiler was fitted by me in end of 1992 (2 wood burners before and still have one with a small back boiler that will heat the hot tank) This is one way I try and reclaim heat that goes up the flue the boiler is behind the gas fire. The first part of the flue liner is a solid steel pipe before joining the Stainless steel liner(left ove from log burners) So I boxed the flue in and fitted 1 x 12volt fans at each side at the bottom and a grill at the top to let the hot air out(we have 24volt circuit in the cottage as well as 230v
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