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  1. For European cars 1970 Model year started with CP50..... and that is the time when the black windscreen surround on the TR6 was introduced whatever the bodycolour was. In fact my car was dispatched to Belgium around november 1969 to be assembled in the first 2 month of 1970. Strange enough as a 1970 car the panels of the interior still had the 1969 design..
  2. My 1970 TR6 came with a black surround and as far as I know this is correct for all CP TRs starting in the 50.... In fact it's a shade of black what is what we call egg shell , not matt or satin. but my car was assembled in Belgium so there might be some difference in shade. About the wheels here a picture of my 3 on KN wheels, look rather the same as on the white 6 .
  3. jean

    Pinky's TR6

    I have a subscription on the magazine almost since the beginning. My TR6 did feature somewhere around 2004 when Tony B. was still editor. It's Always nice to find articles from people you know,. From sunday I will spend again 2 weeks in hospital, will be a tough surgery again, but if I get out alive I will have plenty of time to read and re-read the article about Paul's car. TW is anyhow in general the best Triumph magazine available, Don't understand why so few subscriptions from the TRR side
  4. It's the one displayed low down in Mike's message and Stillp showed the shortcut to the product. My holiday place is located in a marina in S of France. I have no boat myself but I use to have a look around in shops selling marine products. You find very interesting things from shoes, jackets to electrical stuff, fishing rods to fully equipped life boats. As I mentioned recreational boat owners have the same problems as we have with our cars that are often layed up during the winter.Just wanted to give this specific product it a try. Must admit that in over 20 years visiting U.K. with the TR only their fuels are creating problems with the setup on my TR6 and it runs on EFI. This mostly occurs in warm weather and under load, but I don't want to recalibrate the ECU just for U.K.
  5. In Belgium 95 is E10 since the 1st of January2017. Since I drive TRs I never go below 98. Last year I found in a boat shop in S of France a product used by boat owners. As you know recreational boats with 4 stroke engines suffer of the same problems as our cars, not used daily and in addition located in a damp area. It's a fuel stabilizer based on enzyme technology, it avoids Phase separation of ethanol and keeps fuel stable for 2 years. I use it for about a year now without any problems, just did 800 miles in France and the engine runs like a dream .The whole trip was around 1000 miles and the TR6 did it on 30mpg, a data I never reached before and no burned piston... Everyone his choice I would say, take it or leave it. P.s. the name is Star Tron..
  6. jean


    Many years ago I bought a repro as the chrome on mine was pitted...Had to use half of the old one to make it fit... But the chrome part was ok..
  7. jean

    hand brake

    If you are rather small it's just a struggle to lock it in a LHD car, ....
  8. 30.000 pounds for a registration are you crazy over there , but now I know why the U.K. wishes to depart the E.U. In so far I got mine in Belgium for almost free... OK it's only a TR6
  9. jean

    Roll over bars

    The roll-over bar for my TR3 purchased from Revington comes from Safety Devices, but it only is attached to the body, in fact to the inner wheelarches, The round shape of the arch makes it probably the strongest part of the body. For me the purpose is to not end up upside down with the body flat on the ground, but no racing involved. Very practical to push the car around in the garage....
  10. Very correct Mike, I try to keep the strands together and cut off the part where solder as you say creeps up under the strands. In addition soldering fluid/paste is leading to corrosion.
  11. +1 for Roger's captive nuts. I even use them on my modern cars where after the 3rd inspection by my dealer half of the captive nuts are wrecked by the air tools they use, Mainly valid for the skid plates under the engine...
  12. Tim, I have the same kind of roll-over bar on my 6 now for over 30 years and use it with soft and hardtop. never had any clearance problem with it. But on the other side I don't know if it's the same size as yours. A plus is that you are able to fit a 3rd braking light, very visible in every situation. My car is fitted with Recaro seats and they limit the seat track, for me no problem as I'm a rather small person...
  13. Since many years I use Electric Contact Spray... I learned it from our airport technicians. It combats damp and cleans wires from any corrosion. These days I treat all electric connections every year with the spray. As many mentioned crimping is the way to go, If you are handy a tiny drop of solder would keep the strands together but avoid it penertrating upwards into the isolation. I use tie-raps where ever vibrations might occur, wires hanging around are a serious hazard...
  14. A 1970 dash.. total Original..
  15. My latest trip latest weekend over 1000 miles, mostly motorways returned me 29 mpg.... with careful foot on the throttle...?
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