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  1. Hi Guys Sorry to post this on this forum too, but I'm really struggling. The only thing stopping me getting the car on the road is the bloomin' power steering pump. The car is a TR7 V8 with a genuine TR8 power steering pump, with the inbuilt reservoir, mated to a South Yorkshire Triumph rack. It used to leak when the car was on the road seven years ago, so last year I rebuilt it with a seal kit from Rimmers. Put it on the car a week ago and it just wouldn't bleed. In fact, air and fluid came bubbling back under the lid! With the wheels of the ground, the steering is light and free, so that negates any other part of the steering being tight. Can anyone help? I'm desperate to get the car on the road. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry for the slow reply! Many thanks for the info. Hammer time! Minus low crotched trousers...
  3. Hello there! I was wondering whether anyone can help... I'm about to pop my 4.6 RV8 lump into my FHC TR7 and sourced an SD1 sump for the motor. I've been told that the counter-balance weights on a 4.6 will make contact with an SD1 3.5 and the only option is to hammer it to allow it to clear. Whilst I'm not adverse to a bit of tin bashing, I was wondering whether anyone sold a custom spacer setup to allow the clearance? Can't find anything on the internet, but would much prefer something neater if possible. Many thanks in advance
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