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  1. The list of entrants is on the Gurston Down web site (www.gurstondown.org) and it looks like the Revington/Tr Register Hill Climb and Sprint Championship has 9 entries competing. Mr weedon in his indecently quick TR5 is also there, competing in a different class. So there'll be ten of us there. It'll be interesting seeing the TR's competing against the big healy's and I'm hoping to give some of the Sprites a run for their money in the 1300 Spitfire. Gurston has a great little cafe and the spectating is excellent with good views of most of the track from the mid-point. It does however usual
  2. And.. unbelievably, a friend of mine has just wandered in and asked for some help with the computers on his Range Rover. Whilst he was here he asked if I knew anyone that like to take his 4.0 V8 fuel injected Landy Discovery off his hands for not a lot. Just wants shot of it. Argh2... must.. put.. the.. cheque.. book.. down.. and.. step.. away... Anyone else want it?
  3. Looks like there are 10 spaces reserved for TR7 V8's at the southdowns tarmac rally stages on the 12th feb at Goodwood. Anyone here joining in?? Have a look at the web site www.southdownsstages.co.uk for more info. Closing date is the 4th Feb. Spectating is free too. I'd think that anyone that wants a closer look could volunteer to marshall too.
  4. Anyone been along, or competed? It's a tarmac rally at Goodwood. Looks like fun. I marshalled on the Longmoor Loco just after christmas and the sights and sounds of these guys at 90, two feet from trees has to be seen to be believed. The organisers of the southdown stages have reserved 10 spaces for TR7's. I think they prefer the V8's, but it only says Tr7 on the web site. Have a look at http://www.southdownsstages.co.uk/ for more info or on ten-tenths at http://www.ten-tenths.com/forum/showthread.php?t=125809 Spectating is free. There are 50 cars entered and it's going on into the evening
  5. Hmm.. still tempting. Begin with an ebay V8, say a 3.9 injected for a few hundred quid, to get used to the idea. It'll push along quite well and as has been said, with the new competition rules, it could be competitive as it is now all based on how much better your time is this time compared to last. No, no... must remain focused. The Spit is ready to go, bar a quick gearbox overhaul and figuring out why no1 cylinder is 20psi down on the rest. Still tempting though isn't it, and there's space in the garage now the dinghy has gone. Hope someone else buys it before I feel too tempt
  6. Anyone noticed?? Advertised in this months TrAction, an engineless TR7 V8, modified for motorsport. Sounds like its in bits. Very tempting to sell the Spitfire and build a TR7 V8, just that there aren't enough hours in the day are there...
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