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  1. https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/gasoline_prices/ Shame Venezuela is so far away....... David
  2. WWT338J

    E10 fuel

    I realise E10 fuel is best avoided like the plague but there may be circumstances when it's that or pushing the car home. Revingtons are advertising E10 proof high pressure fuel hoses. This sounds like a good idea for the high pressure pipes but there are several small sections of flexible hose in the return circuit. Are people changing everything over to E10-proof pipe or keeping their fingers crossed? David
  3. Thanks for all the helpful advice. I'll have a go at the weekend and let you know. David
  4. Thanks So.... disconnect + remove the upper sliding coupling to allow the lower inner steering column to concertina back into the outer column? Can you recall how far the outer + inner steering columns overlap? David
  5. Dear Wise Men My indicator wont self cancel because the clip on the inner steering column is out of alignment (points to 12 o’clock dead ahead rather than 3 o’clock). I’ve been trying to disconnect the steering column so I can rotate it until the indicator cancellation clip is orientated correctly. I’m struggling to separate the steering column from either the upper coupling or the universal joint at the lower end. I’ve removed the clamping bolts and I’ve also removed the Allen screw + lock nut from the plate which clamps the outer + inner columns at the top. I can’t seem to shorte
  6. I've seen self adhesive velcro tape used to hold the door panels on although not tried this myself. David
  7. Paul Have you downloaded the full set of Dan Master's original wiring schematics? They're for US cars but the colour helps and most is transferable to RHD cars. https://www.advanceautowire.com/tr2506.pdf Photos 1 & 3 I think the two brown wires to the alternator share the load - one big, one small. They should be the same two brown wires that terminate in ring terminals on the starter motor. You could check this with a continuity tester. The thick red battery lead connects the battery to the same terminal on the starter motor. The white/red wire goes to the solenoid te
  8. Sometimes driving slowly over bumpy ground with a passenger pulling the release handle works. If there is some play in the bonnet hinges then pushing and pulling the front of the bonnet with a passenger pulling the release handle may work. The thing to avoid is levering up the corner of the bonnet next to the latch as that buggers the bonnet permanently. David
  9. Tim Willis who runs Willow Triumph near Darlington is very good as long as you don't mind waiting https://www.willowtriumph.co.uk/ David
  10. WWT338J

    TR6 Wiring

    This may help also https://www.ovtc.net/uploads/9/5/1/6/9516577/wiring_colour_codes.pdf David
  11. The negative side is probably safer because the isolator device has exposed metalwork. The battery voltage is low so the risk is not elective shock but the potential risk of something else in the engine bay making inadvertent contact with the isolator and causing a short (such as the battery hold down clamp). It's also worth remembering that with time some oxidation of the isolator contacts may occur. If you try and start the engine the starter motor will be sluggish as if the battery is flat. The cure is to unscrew the isolator and then tighten it up again. David
  12. Do these help? David Hardtop fitting instructions.pdf
  13. I sent my dash to this company to refurbish a few years ago http://www.chapmanandcliff.co.uk/ I asked them to sand and lacquer as the veneer was ok. You can specify the finish in terms of matt/gloss or somewhere in between. The finished result was outstanding and the turn around time quick. David
  14. Wise men, I have an annoying persistent minor oil leak from somewhere near the back of my cylinder head gasket following a head removal some years ago when I had unleaded valve seats inserted and the head resurfaced. I used a Payen gasket and have always used Payen gaskets in the past. I'm planning to replace the gasket and wondered about a Lucas gasket. The thin bead of silicone around the perimeter looks appealing. I realise "Lucas" has nothing to do with the Lucas of old. I've never seen these gaskets advertised in the UK despite the (US) claim that they are made in the UK. Has anyone
  15. Phil These might help. You may also need to adjust the height stop for the door windows. David TR6 Hardtop factory instructions.pdf
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