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  1. of course. This was a temporary solution. Will have to replace the float. Somehow it got filled up with fuel and it didn't float anymore. Don't ask me how the fuel got in, because there doesn't seem to be a way to open the float...
  2. I drilled a small hole, let the fuel out (by shaking the float). It doesn't fill again because in order for fuel to get in, air has to go out. Which doesn't happen when there is only one small hole
  3. Finally got round to fixing the car this morning. Here is what caused the fuel spilling problem in the carb: there was fuel inside the float, so it didn't stay on top of the fuel. Fixed that (temporarily) by drilling a hole in the float. Oh, and turns out the fuel meter doesn't work, so the noise you're hearing in that clip from the fuel pump, was simply a fuel pump not getting any fuel because ... the tank was empty
  4. Tried with break cleaner fluid today, and ... started immediately for a few seconds So next up is a complete cleaning of the carburators. I guess I'd better replace the fuel filter as well?
  5. btw, took one of the air filters off to check the inside of the carb, and it does need some cleaning. Shouldn't be the reason for not starting though
  6. So, I checked the choke, and it was indeed not coming out. Corrected this. Still not starting. Having tried starting fluid yet. Made a short clip of what's happening, maybe that can help with the diagnosis?
  7. I cleaned the needle and then lowered the float lever a tiny bit to get a bit less fuel in (I did this based on watching youtube videos for like 30 min - I have no history as a mechanic)
  8. I'm in Belgium. Local help would be great because I've never actually driven the car (or any TR3), so don't wanna do anything stupid after (if...) it starts...
  9. After I bought my TR3 (finally!!! Yay!) at the end of last year, I had to store the car till now. When I stored the car, it ran ok, but spilled fuel from one of the carburetors. I adjusted the carburetor, after which the fuel spill stopped but engine didn't start. I had to get the car into a garage so might have tried to restart a bit too much, probably drowning the enige. Now we are a few months later, and I want to start driving the car. I had a serious problem with my previous classic car after not using it for a while, with the fuel going bad. So what should I do before trying to start the engine? I guess give the carburetor a bit more fuel again. I've already replaced the spark plugs (they were black...). But what about the possibly bad fuel? Just try and see? Add new fuel? Drain the fuel?
  10. since this car has been used for races (e.g. Enstall Classic), it already might have this firewall. Will check this weekend
  11. what type of aluminium insulation did you use for the firewall?
  12. VIN is TS73201L previous owner installed racing seats, but I have the original seats as well. Might have to mount these before working on the rear bench anyone has a drawing of the bench structure? I assume I can just cut a multiplex plate in the right shape as a starter
  13. it's not a 3B might actually consider making a bench myself. Can't be too complicated, can it?
  14. what would be a good source to find such a bench? legislation in Belgium is different: we don't need seat belts in a pre 1968 car. But I kinda care about the safety of my kids, so I wanna install them regardless ;-)
  15. Finally, after searching for over 10 years, I bought a TR3 yesterday. It's a 1961 former US car that has been used for rallies the past few years. Couldn't be more happy! Now, I'd like to take the kids (3 and 6y) with me, but this car doesn't have a rear bench. Can you fit a rear bench in every TR3? How about seat belts? Probably not obligatory, but I'd rather fit a set if possible
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