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    Many, but also my TR6 bought 1985 sold 1993... bought back 2013. Porsche 911 bought from Nick Mason's 'Ten Tenths' collection. Looking after things.
  1. Blue cedar


    I remember back in the 80’s you could get a battery that came with a lifetime warranty. Replaced mine 2 x free of charge with a new warranty. Eventually sold the car and that meant the warranty lapsed. Samsonite I think ?
  2. Rob, thanks for clarifying that. I use the car on occasional sunny days...so not regularly. Just want to keep it topped up as it looses a bit of punch being laid up. If I suspected the battery was poor, I’d replace it. Cheers.
  3. Bob, thanks for your reply. But is it the correct charger from the CTEK range ?
  4. Just received my CTEK XS 0.8 charger. (12volt 0.8A). The box shows charging times for batteries from 2ah through to 32ah.....ranging from 2 hours to 32 hours respectively. My battery is 72ah.......does that therefore mean I’ve bought the wrong charger ? and the charging time would be circa 80 hours ? Regards.
  5. Steve, whilst you are there why not replace the big, main and thrust washers. I think back in the day changing the bearings was expected at intervals to extend the life of the engine. I replaced the originals bearings on my car, they had done 100k. It sweetened the engine sound. Peter
  6. Morning all. My car TR6 only goes out for a run every couple of months. So I sometimes find the battery is a little down on power and so sometime have to use jump leads. So thought Id by a battery charger...... - should I by a trickle charger or standard charger or ? - Can someone recommend a good make or are any that Halfords sell will be good quality, even the cheapest ? Peter
  7. Many thanks to everyone for contributing to this site. Its made great reading and an education over the last year. Happy Trrrrring. Peter.
  8. Tad more than I was looking to pay !
  9. Afternoon Does anyone have one of these they are happy to sell. I have a posh modern wood one fitted by the PO ?
  10. Just a thought, did they not differentiate depending on whether overdrive was fitted, which would have added weight ?
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