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  1. Getting plenty of air, not a murmer, never had anything like this, have had over 60 cars over 57 years.
  2. Have a TR7 with a Dolly engine. Have been working on it all day. First I started with the timing, which was very hard because the adjusting nuts on the distributor are hard to undo owing to the manifold in the way, have ordered a set of crows foot spanners. Eventually adjusted 10 degrees BTDC. Timing was firing about 4 degrees ATDC. Cleaned all plugs which were very black, reset to 25 thou. Connected all plugs to their leads, and turned it over, lovely spark on all four. Fitted plugs back with leads. Fitted new pump as the old one was original, plenty of fuel being pumped, took two plugs out,
  3. I have just bought a TR7 with MGR seats, lovely leather, do not know if they were easy to fit but look good and are very comfortable. Royzeboyze
  4. Thanks for all the replies Lads. Have written quite a lot about the trials and tribulations of the pump, but it has not been excepted three times. Fed up with wasting time. The whole thing has been changed for a Revington set up. Fine so far. Regards Roy
  5. Hi, I have just acquired a 1971 TR6, have been relayed home twice already. The pump overheats and starts sucking in air making a terrible noise. Petrol tank full. It has a new tank and all new Bosch ancilliaries. I think it could be the filter that is connected to the tank. The pump runs for about 40 miles, and gets very hot, also the pressure relief valve. It is in the garage at the moment in disgrace. Hopefully I will take the filter out soon and have a look at the innards which can be changed. The AA man seems to think it is the pump. I was talking to a mechanic who said that the pump was
  6. Hi Menno, Lovely heat shield, I bought one for an MGTD and it was lined with a heat resistance substance, years ago we would have used asbestos. This was held to the aluminium by stainless rivets, has yours got a backing about one eighth of an inch to a quarter thick, or is it just plain alloy? It looks as if I will have to make both ducting and a heat shield, if I make the ducting I will cut an appropriate hole for trunking to cool the carbs. Also the heat shield will have the appropriate heat resisting backing. I need to replace the radiator, so I will have one of the up to date cor
  7. Hi folks, I have seen at various shows, cars with tailor made ducting sets made of aluminium, also heat shields. Can someone put me in touch with the firm that makes them. I have seen the various cardboard concoctions. I can't be bothered to make one myself, and the ones I have seen are very professional. Regards Royzeboyze
  8. Thanks for your help Dave I still haven't had advice as to whether the TR6 input shaft will fit the 3A as it is shorter. Roy
  9. :rolleyes:Hi all, I now have a 2.5 gearbox and J Type overdrive rebuilt to something like TR6 spec, this is because the gearbox rebuilder had the necessary new parts. The input shaft has been changed to ten spline inch and a quarter. Will this fit into the 3A flywheel/crank as it is shorter than the original, it is level with the gearbox casing? I am told about 3 eighths of an inch shorter. I was told that the later gearboxes were all shorter so that they could be stored easier, on their bellhousings, without the shaft protruding and causing problems. The nosepiece shaft is two inches and th
  10. I have found a 2.5 saloon gearbox and J Type overdrive. The gearbox specialist says he can change the unit to make into a TR6 box and overdrive. The constant mesh gear pinion set will be changed complete with, the crosshaft, and the speedo drive gear, also the rear flange, he also has an angle drive for speedo. Will all this fit into a 3A. I realise that I will have to alter the rear mounting. I have seen the whole gearbox and overdrive stripped, and everything that needs doing will be done, bearings seals etc., only the layshaft has lost some case-hardening, overdrive the clutch and a few b
  11. Hi All, My TR3A when started runs at 70psi, when warm and hot and under power can go up to nearly 100 psi at 70 mph, or through the gears at 4500 revs, on tickover never lower than 45 or 50. You can adjust the oil pressure as you all know!. I don't worry about this. The engine sounds OK with no rattles, it has only done 2750 miles since 1992. If it blows up so be it. There seems to be plenty of oil getting to the rockers. Royzeboyze
  12. Hi Norman, Thanks for advice, I haven't got a control head, only a three way switch, which I have checked and found OK. The car has R and P steering and the control head is only on there for effect. Regards, Roy
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