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  1. LAS aerospace in Devon supply the correct steel tube, in imperial
  2. Done mine like this, needed a lot of stretching on edge and front under seem to get good profile for hardtop. Went way up and made whole side, then gas welded and planished up pete
  3. Hi gents, just wondering, can I use the hardtop sliding Perspex sidescreens ( I have hardtop fitted to car and soft top )with a soft top, or would it just be better to fit the original zip side screens only for the soft top. Just not sure how the hard top screens would work well enough with soft top but
  4. Hi Guys, anyone know what size the threads are on the small and larger studs on the back of the gauges are
  5. Hi, does anyone know the thread size for the retaining nut that holds the steering wheel on, i know it isn't 11/16 UNF, perhaps some cycle thread size, or imperial fine thread of some sort. it is for a TR2
  6. Definitely washer, a friend sent me these from his Aston
  7. They are windscreen washer mounts, the middle washer jets are missing. possible used on the Healey models.
  8. cheers guys, that really is helpful, i will go for the TR4 center bracket.
  9. Guys, a bit confused on what clamps and fittings to use on my TR2 exhaust set up, especially middle where it is clamped and held on near the gearbox mount, and the back end support fitting, where Rimmer and Moss they show a couple of different brackets, any advice would be great.
  10. Out of interest, on the top rubber along the top of the screen, do you remove the soft top one, and fit the channel type that is listed for the hardtop.
  11. Guys, are the leaf springs paired, as I see the smallest leaf is offset to one side of the centre pickup bolt, using standard springs on the car by the way. cheers
  12. so does the TR2 have a steel pipe painted engine colour for originately,
  13. Hi, what was the original pipe from the water pump to the Heater hose, is it the same as the repro one. Thanks
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