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  1. ""Cato" the TR5 sailed through his MOT today

  2. Hello When I had this problem it was a poor earth on the bulb holder in the boot, a bit of emery paper and a wiggle and all was well. Good hunting. Cheers. Nick.
  3. Mark Millers VSP the drink of choice for a TR along with a nice tank of Shell V Power. Cheers. Nick.
  4. Dave My wife and I would very much like to come along, if you can sort anything that would be nice. Cheers. Nick.
  5. Dave Sounds interesting, really enjoyed the Historic Festival a couple of weeks back. Have you any idea what they are charging for admission ? Thanks. Nick.
  6. Hi Andy Just noticed your reply. No idea about compressions, will have them checked at some point. The car is still running well and not using water so may be all is well. Cheers. Nick.
  7. John When mine was playing up after advice from the forum I sent it to JDO Instruments in Keighley who sorted it, within 48 Hrs it was back in the car. Cheers. Nick
  8. Dave Not sure this helps but I had problems with my speedo doing a wild dance earlier this year, checked the inner cable etc etc also ensure the square drive at the head end is in good shape. In the end after advice from the forum I sent it to JDO Instruments in Keighley who fixed it and sent it back within 48 hrs, very good service and very helpful. Also not expensive at around £65. Cheers. Nick.
  9. Mark Sleepless nights ??, you know I drink far too much to have any of those. May well pop over to see you, as you say easy to diagnose with the appropriate kit, even with my vague symptoms. Weather set fine nice run to Norfolkshire sounds good to me, will give you a call first. Our 5 was I think the fastest round Donington all weekend ( I say this as I believe it was also the only 5 on the track all weekend ). Cheers. Nick ( Stig Slow Version ).
  10. Evening All Thanks as always for your thoughts and suggestions, much appreciated and all noted. The car is running so well, I shall just monitor the situation as well as trying to find a local garage that can check for hydrocarbons in my water. Cheers. Nick.
  11. Sorry but yet another request for advice. Having fixed my cold start cable I took the 5 for a short run perhaps 5 miles just to check I had not messed anything up. That side of things was fine. I had a quick check under the bonnet when I got home and noticed what looks like steam coming from the side of the rocker cover in a couple of places removed oil cap and vapour came from their also is this normal ? I suppose it could be The expansion bottle was also rather full but the water did not feel warm. I use a little oil, but suspect this is mainly due to worn valve stems as we g
  12. David Yes looking forward to Donington, interesting mix of cars from Vintage racers to the old group B rally cars ie Metro 6R4 etc. T.R. Register are there should be an interesting weekend. I have managed to re attach the cold start cable, just enough left to fix it back in place. Managed to avoid all wedding coverage whilst fixing the TR. Cheers. Nick.
  13. Sorry Folks me again. Over the last couple of weeks the choke on the 5 has been getting more and more difficult to pull out, new something was not right. Well this evening rather than being stiff it suddenly went floppy. Having had a quick look when we arrived home in the dark it looks as though the cold start cable has snapped right where it passes through the pin on the cold start cam ( hope that makes sense). In daylight I hope to be able to re attach the cable although I guess it may now be too short, do not suppose I shall be able to get a new cable tmrw with all that is
  14. Cheers for your thoughts. Roger The starter is not a high torque job as far as I know, it looks like it has been in situ for a long time ! We always get going soon enough, just can not help thinking one day we will not be lucky. John I shall start the checks you suggest, beats going out in the Easter Traffic. Thanks. Nick.
  15. Mark Funny you should mention vaseline, I had it out for some reason the other day I do not recall why now. Whilst the vaseline was handy I gave my poles a good rub with emery paper and slapped some vaseline on too. Cheers. Nick
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