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  1. The standard bottle worked so well on my TR6 that I never had to top up the water for the whole season so I fitted the same one to my TR3. The same is now true for that car as well. Brilliant solution. I fill both radiators to the brim, fill the bottle to about 1/3 then then keep checking it, just in case. Much easier to see on the TR6 as the one on the TR3 is well hidden between the inner wing and the side of the radiator, secured to the inner wing. When hot both bottles are about 2/3 full and return to 1/3 when cold again. Mick
  2. Good discussion led me to getting them refurbished rather than buy new ones. Mick
  3. An excellent oil filter look-up facility: https://www.wixfilters.com/Lookup/FilterLookup.aspx Just enter the number written on the filter and this will tell you the Wix equivalent which are available from most motor factors. Mick
  4. I hope you are not suggesting that the article contents may have been influenced by Pfizer and Moderna, who might be driven by their desire to make a few $bn from their very expensive vaccines. Shock, horror, whatever next? Mick
  5. Charlie, send Peder Anderson in Denmark an email at the address you can find here: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/international-groups. He is a very helpful gentleman. Mick
  6. Reading that, there is a lot of classic NIH. Not Invented Here. Complaining that it was not "a" trial as it was conducted in two locations: UK and Brazil. In my humble opinion, multiple locations are better than one. The more locations, the wider the scope of ethnicity, environment and application. I want to see all vaccines tested across the planet on a representative sample of the global population. Mick
  7. A peer reviewed paper published in a reputable journal is needed more than a press release. Mick
  8. Attendees of the virtual AGM will have also spotted the announcement that the TR Register Czech Republic http://tr-register.cz/en/about-us/ has recently joined the family of European TR clubs that join in and occasionally host the annual European Meeting. They are a relatively small club but have 8 enthusiastic members who are looking to join the UK European Meeting next September in Coventry. They are a very welcome addition to the family and it will be great see them in the UK. Mick
  9. The issue, as I understand it from an article written by the late Robert Johnston in New Zealand, is that unlike the original stiff plastic hoses, SS/rubber hoses expand a small amount with the pressure pulse thereby absorbing energy. Therefore the pulse that arrives at the injector is weaker. He did many hours of testing and concluded Triumph had it right in the first place. There is another potential downside to SS hoses, if your earth strap connections are not up to scratch then the current will find another way back to the battery. Throttle and choke cables have been known to be damag
  10. A recent article published by Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-77093-z Mick
  11. We have received the following email from Rye Livingston. I know a few people joined in with this a few years back. If we get the opportunity to get our TRs out of the garage in February, why not take a photo and send it off to Rye. Mick Dear Fellow Triumph Owner, One thing that has remained constant in this crazy pandemic year, is the pleasure to social distance by taking a drive in your Triumph. So, with that in mind, it’s time to plan a social distance activity for Drive Your Triumph Day, February 10, 2021. My name is Rye Livingston and I'm with the Triumph Trave
  12. I have also bought a few items from them that we not available in the UK. No problem with ordering, shipping or delivery. There was no tax or service charge on my small, lightweight package. Mick
  13. I partially stripped my dizzy before sending it off, everything was quite badly worn, so had the whole thing done. Now it is like new and the strobe light image does not leap about. Mick
  14. Hi Des, Yes. I sent it to the Distributor Doctor with a detailed spec of my engine. It turned out that his 4 pot is almost identical to mine so he set my dizzy up just like his. Runs very well now but it took a few iterations to get the static timing right. I could not believe how much I could advance it without any pinking. I was very gentle with this until I had done over 500 miles on the engine rebuild. I can recommend the Doc. Mick
  15. I chose 165/80 R15 Vredestein Sprint Classic. Hold the road very well in the wet and look the part, very pleased. Again, not cheap. Mick
  16. Haha. Having read Wayne's response and seeing the top of the plaque, when I scrolled down I expected to see a row of TR5s only, that would have been something special just for you Paul. I remember when these new graphic images were first displayed at the NEC, there were a lot of our members visiting the show who spent a fair amount of time, discussing the detail that was missing or wrong, the wrong colours having being chosen (as they were not theirs) and why their specific sub-marque was not included. I had never seen so many anoraks gathered in one place before, apart from on bridges ov
  17. I sympathise but just look at the number of 5s on the whole page of gifts. They outnumber the 2,3,4,6,7,8s many times over, it is called balance. https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/trr50-106-c.asp Mick
  18. My TR3 also has exactly the same noise on cold start-up, it has had it since I bought the car in 2012. I thought it was piston slap, that and the high oil consumption led me to rebuild the engine during lockdown 1. New pistons, liners and head refurbish. The noise was still there. I initially used a standard thin sump gasket but it dripped oil. I then fitted a thick cork gasket to the sump, oil leak cured but the noise remains just the same. Mick
  19. Some news that has been taken up by most of the UK media yet: https://investor.lilly.com/news-releases/news-release-details/lillys-neutralizing-antibody-bamlanivimab-ly-cov555-receives-fda According to one source, although early days yet, trials of this therapeutic drug have demonstrated the potential to dramatically reduce the need for hospitalisation. The drug was developed and early batches produced at the Eli Lilly plant in Ireland then shipped to the parent company in the US. Mick
  20. There looks to be three hotels within easy walking distance: The Holiday Inn and The International both have their own typical hotel car parks, right next to the Centre. The Premier Inn is in a shopping centre with a large shared car park further away from the Centre. Be great if it happens, a good way to kick off the year. Mick
  21. Got enough for 2021 a few weeks back, thinking that this story might break at last. Tried to persuade members of my wider family to join suit but no success so far. Mick
  22. Before looking at the non-return valves I would test the injectors as they are notoriously bad at sealing and far easier to get at. I assume a hot-soaked engine can evaporate the fuel in the lines up through the injectors. In my experience only a small amount of air in the injector lines takes ages to clear before pressure is built up enough to get a fine spray. Mick
  23. Thanks Roger for spotting the typo: definitely a NOT missing. Mick
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