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  1. The issue was debated long and hard during most of 2018 as disputes with their customers dragged on. As you might expect we tried to get some advise. The problem was that we had no complaints about the individuals but lots about the company they ran. The local group supported both of the individuals as good people and Sarah was the finance secretary for the group and doing a good job. Nothing in life is black and white. The company was not a member but the two Directors were. Did it take us a long time to find a solution - probably but for good reason. Roger, you are correct the decision to not let them renew was taken some time before their membership year expired. It was a quicker, less painful solution than any other we could have employed. Mick
  2. Hi Tony, from memory it was early 2019. Their membership lapsed and we declined to allow them to renew. Mick
  3. We stopped them advertising then stopped S&M attending the International Weekend as traders. Mathew and Sarah are no longer members and they would not be allowed to join again. We have put a process in place to stop them sneaking in through the back door. Here is the article on the website: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/article/2018/11/0166/SM-Triumph-Restoration-Ltd-enters-liquidation Mick
  4. Andrew, that is exactly why the club has published articles in TR Action, the website and the forum to alert as many Triumph enthusiasts as possible. We have also brought their shady practices to the attention of all other Standard and Triumph clubs through the S-T forum. The issue I had was some people were criticising the club for not protecting its members - when he is not even a member as far as I can tell. Mick
  5. Roy, you are right in that the forum is a rapid way of spreading information but it does rely on new forum members searching the existing material or asking the question before buying a part or paying for a service. That was one reason why the new forum "Best TR parts and sources" was created. It was not clear to me that the original poster was actually a member of the club or not. Mick
  6. Ouch. Better than hitting a moose, with their long legs, their body hits the windscreen, gives you a bit of a headache. Mick
  7. Isn't that what Alex Issigonis did to the Morris Minor, cut it down the middle, then add 4" to the width? Apparently it transformed the car. Compare it to the A30/35 for example. All been done before. Mick
  8. Welcome back Richard. The Windsor Forest group are a friendly bunch. Mick
  9. Please read the note under the forum heading. The registrars are very helpful, if you ask nicely and give them any updates for their files. Mick
  10. I have sent you a pm, before we get frowned upon for thread drift. Mick
  11. It is easy to get access to the full forum and the members only section of the website including technical articles, videos plus all the back issues of the award winning TR Action magazine and lots more at: https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/membership-11-c.asp To get the most out of your car, join the club and help support this forum and your fellow members. Be great to welcome you as one of many International members. Mick
  12. We have just received the 50% discount code for all advanced tickets and free infield passes for the Donington Historic Festival on 1st, 2nd and 3rd May 2020. The event has been posted to the website, Facebook and Twitter. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2020/05/2164/Donington-Historic-Festival-2020 The Leicestershire TR group will be hosting a TR Register stand in our reserved parking area on the infield of Redgate Corner. We are only 50m away from the pedestrian tunnel that takes you through to the paddock and pits where you can chat to the drivers and teams and drool over the amazing machinery. Our stand location is also a great place to watch the action down the start/finish straight, through Redgates and down to the Craner curves. Anybody that has driven round Donington appreciates just how innocuous the Craner curves look and just how tough they can be on the uninitiated. Want to see some great racing, have a chat with fellow TR enthusiasts, get some free tea and coffee then join us at Donington. The reference to the fresh biscuits was that a few years ago I took along an unopened box of biscuits which were just slightly out of date, well you could fold them up actually. They had been in the garage for a year or so. Some people just wont let me forget it. The website page above contains a link to the TR Register members area where you can obtain the 50% discount code and detailed instructions on how to buy tickets with it. See you there! Mick
  13. The best person to contact is Phil Horsley one of the Wedge team. Send him an email: wedgeregistrar@tr-register.co.uk. They have a lot of data from previous members. Hope you find something. Mick
  14. Try a bit of timber down the side of the tyre to lever it sideways. Mick
  15. Chock the front wheels, take the hand brake off, then jack up one rear wheel, put it in 4th and turn this wheel. Should get it moving. Mick
  16. Posing at the top of Glencoe during the TR Tours to Scotland in September 2019.
  17. Hi Jerry, The man you need to contact is Derek Graham, our TR6 Registrar. He has a staggering amount of information about cars and their owners over the decades. His email address is: saffrontr6@outlook.com Hope he can help you. Mick
  18. This is Mike's email address: tr2-3registrar@tr-register.co.uk Mick
  19. I realised that my '6 was pulling hard to the left on moderate to hard braking but could see nothing wrong at the front end. Then a few weeks later I could not get the handbrake to hold on a hill. Took off the rear drums and yes, a leaking brake cylinder had soaked the shoes. New cylinders and shoes both sides and now she brakes straight and the handbrake holds on a good hill. It was clearly a very slow degradation that I had not noticed until it was really bad. Mick
  20. Good to see the theory spelt out in black and white. If only all cities across Europe were so clear. The 40 year rule is meant to be applied consistently for all ULEZ but it is hard to get such a clear statement as this. Well done Birmingham. Mick
  21. Just imagine that instead of the shot where he drove off in his 4x4 truck it was a TR, that would definitely be Out and About in a TR! Mick
  22. When I did this operation a few years back I moved the rack, not hard, and removed the cross member so I could get good access. I used a three leg puller with the centre against the previously loosened crank bolt. Tightened up the puller bolt as much as I dared, then hit the end of the puller bolt with a lump hammer, pop, the pulley came off. Hope you get it off one way or another. Mick
  23. I agree Ian. As a professional engineer, it annoyed me that people think that I can fix their washing machine. My usual response was no but I can design a better one or a factory to make them. Also end of rant. Mick
  24. Driving down and up Glencoe was stunning as was the drive up the Rest and be Thankful and on to Inveraray Castle for a tour and lunch.
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