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  1. Hi Adam, sounds like you have a good plan to make the car your own. You will get plenty of help on this forum. 27? I hope you have joined the TR Youth: https://www.facebook.com/TR.Youth.Group They are a thoroughly disreputable group who like staying up late, drinking, partying and, heaven forbit, enjoying themselves. Seriously if you have not yet, then get in touch with Charlie at tryouth@tr-register.co.uk, he will lead you astray, sorry, help you enormously. Mick
  2. Welcome to the forum Adam, a very nice looking car. Can I ask, why you want a Phoenix exhaust? Sound, performance, bling? Just interested as I find the standard exhaust on my 4-pot to have a nice burble and not too noisy when cruising (unlike my straight-through TR6 exhaust, which is very wearing after a few hours, bit like your Golf). Mick
  3. Welcome to the forum Paul. I also bought a new block drain and it leaked despite my best efforts to get it to seal. I removed it, cleaned it and filled it with silicon from the block side and replaced it. Perfect, not a drop of a leak. Easy to drain the block; just remove the valve. Mick
  4. When I rebuild my stock engine earlier this year, I measured the "deck height" from the top of the clamped liners to the top of the pistons. They were all within a range of 8-10 thou clearance (piston below liner) so left them as they were. So far, so good, done about 1700 miles, including 25 today as the sun was out. Mick
  5. I found getting the front pin out was mainly technique. 3 hours for the first one, trying different approaches and 30 min for the second one. Lots of sore knuckles, swearing, a few cuts interspersed with coffee seamed to do the trick. Worth a go before raising the body. Mick
  6. Took a short detour up to see Breedon Priory Church, on my way back from some essential shopping at Tesco, got some 99Ron whilst I was there. Mick
  7. The standard bottle worked so well on my TR6 that I never had to top up the water for the whole season so I fitted the same one to my TR3. The same is now true for that car as well. Brilliant solution. I fill both radiators to the brim, fill the bottle to about 1/3 then then keep checking it, just in case. Much easier to see on the TR6 as the one on the TR3 is well hidden between the inner wing and the side of the radiator, secured to the inner wing. When hot both bottles are about 2/3 full and return to 1/3 when cold again. Mick
  8. Good discussion led me to getting them refurbished rather than buy new ones. Mick
  9. An excellent oil filter look-up facility: https://www.wixfilters.com/Lookup/FilterLookup.aspx Just enter the number written on the filter and this will tell you the Wix equivalent which are available from most motor factors. Mick
  10. I hope you are not suggesting that the article contents may have been influenced by Pfizer and Moderna, who might be driven by their desire to make a few $bn from their very expensive vaccines. Shock, horror, whatever next? Mick
  11. Charlie, send Peder Anderson in Denmark an email at the address you can find here: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/international-groups. He is a very helpful gentleman. Mick
  12. Reading that, there is a lot of classic NIH. Not Invented Here. Complaining that it was not "a" trial as it was conducted in two locations: UK and Brazil. In my humble opinion, multiple locations are better than one. The more locations, the wider the scope of ethnicity, environment and application. I want to see all vaccines tested across the planet on a representative sample of the global population. Mick
  13. A peer reviewed paper published in a reputable journal is needed more than a press release. Mick
  14. Attendees of the virtual AGM will have also spotted the announcement that the TR Register Czech Republic http://tr-register.cz/en/about-us/ has recently joined the family of European TR clubs that join in and occasionally host the annual European Meeting. They are a relatively small club but have 8 enthusiastic members who are looking to join the UK European Meeting next September in Coventry. They are a very welcome addition to the family and it will be great see them in the UK. Mick
  15. The issue, as I understand it from an article written by the late Robert Johnston in New Zealand, is that unlike the original stiff plastic hoses, SS/rubber hoses expand a small amount with the pressure pulse thereby absorbing energy. Therefore the pulse that arrives at the injector is weaker. He did many hours of testing and concluded Triumph had it right in the first place. There is another potential downside to SS hoses, if your earth strap connections are not up to scratch then the current will find another way back to the battery. Throttle and choke cables have been known to be damag
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