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  1. Hello, Here's mine with 6.5" BBS. Regards,Michael.
  2. Hello all,Thanks for the input.As the rebuild progresses all the advice given will be considered.Thinking of 77mm pistons and the Kastner cam is an S4. Regards,Michael.
  3. Hello,I'm back. I have decided to rebuild (finally) the original motor.Started getting a bit suspicious when I took the tappet/rocker cover off. Alloy valve spring retainers,next out with the pushrods ,they are black "pressed together"and a lot lighter than standard ones,then off with the head,the valves didn't leave a lot of room in the nicely shaped chambers, then to the pistons ACL,a fair bit of "grinding "around the big ends and crank,then out with the cam which is mounted in bearings and it has kastner a letter and number on the end,the oil pump pickup is also different to the one in the PI motor. It also had/has two fuel pumps,a named/numbered roll bar,alloy wheels plus the exhaust I mentioned earlier. So far.....regards,Michael. (maybe when it all gets back with some new bits it might have nearly enough vacuum to make the carby's work.)
  4. Hello,I just purchased a copy of the Comp. Manual (Kastner) for the 6 cyl.TR's from somewhere over there.I thought it might be some help with my rebuild of the original motor.(Which seems to already have some Kastner parts in it!) Regards,Michael.
  5. Hello,nothing wrong with the scissor jack that comes with the car (or a good copy of it,I also have a geared one in my Toyota Coaster Bus)and they work very well.Regards,Michael.
  6. Hello all,Thanks for the replies. At the moment it is running lean,so we have changed the needles from floating to fixed .Tomorrow we will see if we can get the air/fuel ratio sorted a bit better with a heap of needles a friend who gave me the carbies and races a TR3A with 147 helpers AT the wheels and is running a pair of the same carbies. (mind you his is a whole lot more modified than I plan to have mine).I also have the fuel injection that was on this motor when I put it in the car. I was just wondering if there might have been someone else out there who had tried something similar.Regards Michael.
  7. Hello again, Sorry, there are two of the above carby's attached.Regards,Michael.
  8. Hello,I am just wondering, and this will probably cause a lot of spilt cups of tea ,if anyone has any experience with tuning 2" SU's on a TR6 (fitted with a Mk2 2.5 PI motor,extractors into a 2.5 single exhaust,123+ distributor,K&N front mounted air filter with 3"tube running back to fabricated air box) Carbys are AUD411 (Rover 2000 TC USA spec.?) with AAB Biased needle which I plan to modify to a Fixed type needle + the neck of the jet. Regards,Michael.
  9. Hello Kevin, The early TR6 also had 3 long "studs"to hold the rostyle hubcaps as per my spare wheel with it's red band Goodyear G800 185R15. Regards,Michael.
  10. Hello, The tyre in the boot of my car was a 185R15 Goodyear G800 red band which was the original fitment in the country of the cars original destination. I have been running 185/60R15 Maxxis on 5.5 Alloy rims including regularity events and they have been behaving faultlessly. Regards,Michael.
  11. Hello Panch, The number on the Bilstein is 745 0289 H104 . Regards,Michael.( I have a set of koni sport that I was going to put on the rear of my 911 but I can't bring myself to do it!)
  12. Hello, And modified I believe. regards,Michael. Will also ask the previous owner.
  13. Hello Panch,I have been away for a few days. I will go and pull one off and get the part no.(they were off a friends TR 3a race car).Regards,Michael.
  14. michaeljf

    Tyres options

    Hello, The size of the tyres on most TR6's from new (USA)? 185R15. Regards.Michael.
  15. Hello,I have had a few sets of koni's on cars/bikes over the years In my opinion they are a poor relation to almost anything else! I have just fitted a set of Bilstein to the front of my TR6 and Tokico ? gas to the rear. Regards,Michael.
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