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  1. Hello, I have a MG numbered engine (used as a temporary replacement in my TR6 CC engine) and it has NO recessed block. My thermostat housing now has a bleed screw (the highest point of the cooling system).That motor also has no heater control valve.Regards,Michael.
  2. Hello, Glad I read this thread as I have my motor in bits for a serious rebuild so will check both areas while they are out.Regards,Michael.
  3. Hello,My car (TR6 US model) has at present a 2.5 PI sedan motor and electronic rev counter, with small spacer,123 ign. Regards,Michael.
  4. Hello, One of our leading car manufacturers (whom we will shortly have none of) raced,rallied and rally-crossed their cars,used to fill the "chassis rails" with expanding foam ! Regards,Michael.
  5. Hello Iani, Same here and added a leather cover to the rim.Regards,Michael.
  6. Hello Iani, My US purchased car had the same wheel (including silver colour and shape to spokes)25-10-1968.build date.Regards,Michael.
  7. Hello Stanpartmanpartwolf, I am still interested in your damper.I am now in the process of building a TR 6 motor. Regards,Michael.
  8. Hello Jon,I'm in the process of building a TR6 motor and am STILL interested in your damper.Regards,Michael.

  9. Hello Jochem, Get someone to put their foot on brake and mark,drill and tap hub.I have a friend who races a TR3A and you can imagine the amount of times we are taking the wheels of it and he is forever adjusting the shoes (because it has un-drilled Datsun 240Z drums) also has competition linings.Regards,Michael.
  10. Hello Jochem, Project Mu" do pads in various compounds (street to Full race) for TR's and will be doing rear shoes in matching compounds ,I think they used to but stopped the shoes. Regards,Michael.
  11. Hello Jochem. I would like to what pistons so I can buy a set to put in my TR. And the modifications if possible ? One block with damaged 2.7 bore and one with standard bore and Kastner S4 cam etc. Regards,Michael.
  12. Hello,I have just come across this discussion.I am going to add a bit.Hope it works! Just started to rebuild an old US spec.TR6 motor and am looking for some reasonably priced and available pistons.What are the Mazda pistons if you don't mind? I think I also asked Jon Wood about his crank dampers but have lost the connection to him.regards,Michael.
  13. Hello, Here's mine with 6.5" BBS. Regards,Michael.
  14. Hello all,Thanks for the input.As the rebuild progresses all the advice given will be considered.Thinking of 77mm pistons and the Kastner cam is an S4. Regards,Michael.
  15. Hello,I'm back. I have decided to rebuild (finally) the original motor.Started getting a bit suspicious when I took the tappet/rocker cover off. Alloy valve spring retainers,next out with the pushrods ,they are black "pressed together"and a lot lighter than standard ones,then off with the head,the valves didn't leave a lot of room in the nicely shaped chambers, then to the pistons ACL,a fair bit of "grinding "around the big ends and crank,then out with the cam which is mounted in bearings and it has kastner a letter and number on the end,the oil pump pickup is also different to the one in the PI motor. It also had/has two fuel pumps,a named/numbered roll bar,alloy wheels plus the exhaust I mentioned earlier. So far.....regards,Michael. (maybe when it all gets back with some new bits it might have nearly enough vacuum to make the carby's work.)
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