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  1. michaeljf

    Tyres once again

    Hello, The tyre in the boot of my car was a 185R15 Goodyear G800 red band which was the original fitment in the country of the cars original destination. I have been running 185/60R15 Maxxis on 5.5 Alloy rims including regularity events and they have been behaving faultlessly. Regards,Michael.
  2. Hello Panch, The number on the Bilstein is 745 0289 H104 . Regards,Michael.( I have a set of koni sport that I was going to put on the rear of my 911 but I can't bring myself to do it!)
  3. Hello, And modified I believe. regards,Michael. Will also ask the previous owner.
  4. Hello Panch,I have been away for a few days. I will go and pull one off and get the part no.(they were off a friends TR 3a race car).Regards,Michael.
  5. michaeljf

    Tyres options

    Hello, The size of the tyres on most TR6's from new (USA)? 185R15. Regards.Michael.
  6. Hello,I have had a few sets of koni's on cars/bikes over the years In my opinion they are a poor relation to almost anything else! I have just fitted a set of Bilstein to the front of my TR6 and Tokico ? gas to the rear. Regards,Michael.
  7. michaeljf

    Rear Springs

    Hello, The car should be moved forward/backwards while moving the suspension down/up to settle it.Regards,Michael.
  8. michaeljf

    Tyres options

    Hello,Another factor in fitting tubes to tubeless tyres is friction thus extra heat build up.regards,Michael.( most TR wire wheels).
  9. michaeljf

    Sports vs Standard Exhausts

    Hello,My U.S. bought TR6 has 6 into 1 extractors into a single 2.5 exhaust reduced into a standard single in twin out muffler and it sounds as loud as the "church mouse" ( I have a 2.5 in/out muffler to fit). Regards,Michael.
  10. michaeljf

    Brakes discs

    Hello, I have Brembo rotors,no backing plates and Project mu club racer pads on my TR6 but havn't used them in anger yet. Most of my bikes have cross drilled rotors,e.g. 1984 Laverda Jota with well over 115,000 km.(mostly Hard inc.track) and no sign of any cracks,but I suppose they are not hiding behind wheels and backing plates.Regards,Michael. PS cross drilled = less un-sprung weight?
  11. michaeljf

    U.S. market TR6 origens?

    Hello Andy, In Australia there is a rolling 30 year age limit for "classic"vehicles one can get (if a member of an approved club) concessional registration with a 60 day fill in your log book go anywhere registration AND this is separate from any designated club outings! At about $60 a year (which includes third party personnel insurance) + a one off cost of number plates .Approx.$35. Regards,Michael. Mine was built on 25 October 1968 and shipped from Glasgow to Los Angles on the 'Moerdyke'.
  12. michaeljf

    Looking to contact Jon Wood/Classic Racecraft ?

    hello, Sorry I havn't been here for a while.I am interested in your damper would like to know more + a cost.Regards,Michael.
  13. michaeljf

    U.S. market TR6 origens?

    Hello,So according to the written word my motor is out of the 500th TR6 carby. The trim color is different too. I will see what they say about my wife's TR3 (we already have a Standard Register certificate for it,which is a bit ordinary looking.She has owned the car since 1971.) Regards,Michael.
  14. michaeljf

    U.S. market TR6 origens?

    Hello,I received the certificate for the TR6 and everything matches except the engine no.! (the one in the car is a lower no. than the certificate ).There is quite a bit of interesting information on the certificate compared to my wife's certificate for her TR3A.Michael.
  15. michaeljf

    U.S. market TR6 origens?

    I have ordered three certificates for part of my "collection". Will be interesting to see what they say about those three cars!(I have owned these three cars for a combined total of over 98 YEARS!) Michael.

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