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  1. Hmmm...and I thought the Bosch pump was the answer to the Lucas pump? Not that my Lucas pump has ever misbehaved since I fitted the Cooling Coil way back in 1973!
  2. Nice! And a Chrome Rocker Cover! Note the straight rubber hoses to the plenum, years ago a TR specialist nicked mine and replaced them with the later ones! Grrr!
  3. Make sure the hoses are clean inside, and that you don't over tighten the hose clips, you have to get the pressure just right!
  4. Yes, good idea it eliminates water pump and alternator bearing noises. Could try using a rubber hose as a stethoscope. Prepare for funny sounds!
  5. My 69 Pi car came from the factory with Dunlop SP Sport Radials, ('Groundhogs') with inner tubes cos it came with wire wheels. For shows and a bit of bling I bought TR Shop chrome wires fitted with 165/80/15 Dunlop Sport Classic (87H) Tubeless (cos new wire wheels are sealed) Not cheap at £136 each, but they go good.
  6. I've never experienced any problem with the original expansion bottle, only changed it once in 48 years just for cosmetic reasons. My standard Pi car has never ever overheated.
  7. Last year I considered CV type shafts to replace my original factory shafts, (albeit with UJ's changed from time to time over the last 48 years). But in the end fitted TR Shops Heavy Duty UJ shafts. And then test drove it for several miles at 100mph in total confidence. All good, nice to loose the spline 'clonk' too.
  8. CP26309

    A TR6 Story

    Hope forum members and mods wouldn't mind me telling a TR6 story here rather than a technical Q & A ? One of my sons is a professional racing driver and a regularly competitor at the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans. When he was a teenage school boy I used to collect him from school in my TR6 if it was a nice day instead of my saloon car. But he was often hard to find because when he spotted I was in the TR he would hide behind park cars, and only appeared further away from the school ! Years later he told me he didn't want his mates to see him in an old sports car! Now 20 years on he re
  9. Keep it manual! Good workout for the Biceps!
  10. My 69 CP car still has the original Motorola radio and that awful speaker box, albeit with a much smaller speaker than the photo. It doesn't work anymore, as I haven't used it for decades, it's just there for originality!
  11. What a lovely thread to read, nicely written and well illustrated. Sean, I too have an 'H' Reg CP. Pi White car which I've owned almost from new, mine has the wire wheels option but no overdrive. So all of your trials and tribulations made me smile as I have encountered all those issues (and more) over the years. My car died half way down France in 1973 (before mobile phones) when the Lucas fuel pump overheated and burnt out stranding me! Don't worry about the chrome instrument bezels not being period for a CP car as they suit your 'Luxury' non standard interior, it makes my albeit origi
  12. I still have the original CP wheel like Ian shows above, but it's under the bed cos many years ago I fitted a 14 inch one of similar style which has a more comfortable thick grip.
  13. Up until this Spring I had been driving around on 20 year old Michelins that still had 5mm tread and no sign of perishing. I even still have the original HR Dunlop SP Sport Radial factory fitted tyre on the unused spare wire wheel in the boot!
  14. CP26309


    I have a very nice condition front one I have just removed that I don't need, as I've only just around to refitting my original 1969 CP one that I had re chromed 20 years ago (cost £230) I bought the replacement one from the TR Shop 20 years ago, I guess it's a later CR type one with the larger/deeper boxed in center mounts. I'd post a picture but being an old geezer I don't know how to do it since having to change to blooming Windows 10! Send me a PM Nige if you wanna buy it. I'm in Hertfordshire.
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