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  1. In 1976 I did a 'Run what ya brung' Drag Race at Blackbushe with a totally standard 1969 CP Pi TR6 and got a best 1/4 mile Elapsed Time of 15.37 seconds, with a terminal speed of 84mph. Against the Stop watch I have recorded a best 0-60mph in 7.5 seconds, and a best ever top speed at max 5,750 rpm (non overdrive car) of 121 mph. Having said all that, don't do it too often...as it wreaks the Thrust Washers, tears teeth off yer Crown Wheel, and balds the spinning tyre! Expensive!
  2. CP26309

    53 today!

    I'll let you work it out Tim! And Gareth yes that's what dealers did back then, holding cars back to get a newer years license plate and sell at the 70 price not the 69 one!
  3. CP26309

    53 today!

    My car is 53 years old today, so I took out for a spin and got it up 5,000 rpm in (non O/D) top. Not something it has done for quite some time. Ran perfectly too!
  4. I remember when the latest TR6 came out with a spoiler. So I added one to my 1969 car back in the early 70's. I just held it in position and marked the holes with a sharpie pen through the spoiler holes, making sure it was central. Years later when the originality bug bit, I sold the spoiler on ebay and filled the holes in. The things we do eh!
  5. My Engine was last rebuilt in 1979 at 61,600 miles, that's less than 14,000 miles ago.
  6. My original Distributor (with points) was last overhauled by Martin the 'Dizzy Doc' back in 2013, at a cost of £237. that's was only about 2,000 miles ago. Denis in Hertfordshire.
  7. Timing aside...I once had a sluggish response to throttle after I had replaced various rubber pipes and hoses, and it turned out to be a blockage in the vacuum rubber hose that goes from the inlet manifold to the M/U! I discovered this by simply blowing down the M/U end...and I couldn't! A new rubber hose restored all the missing Oomph again! Just a thought!
  8. When I got my car in 1972 it often wet up a plug until I learned not to give it too much throttle or cold start (choke) when cranking. if it didn't clear itself on a run I'd pull the plugs until I found the culprit and swapped it for one of the hot ones and all was well again. These days just starting it up for it's once a month run I find I have to keep the starter engaged while cranking for ages until enough cylinders catch to run with out being chased by the starter motor! But it's still quite a art to get the least amount of throttle and enrichment to avoid plug fouling.
  9. Yeah, Getcha Coat! I admire your fabrication skills. I just went for new panels back in 1988, but they were only 43 quid each back then as were new doors!
  10. CP26309

    Dodgy injector?

    Failing that TR Shop in Chiswick do an exchange service, or supply new. I always keep a few spares ones in my glove box.
  11. I've owned my 69 Pi 6 for 49 years. So just a few none bodywork mechanical things to look out for...The Engines weak link is its pair of Crank Thrust Washers...Use a screw driver behind the crank pulley to check for wear. The two washers are easy to replace, use the Bronze ones in place of the soft white metal ones. Other wise the engine is a good unit. The Lucas Pi system was originally developed to run on 5 Star Leaded 101 octane. Since the introduction of Unleaded fuel I've never found the need to convert my cylinder head as it never Pinks running on top grade fuel like Shells 97 Ron 'V Pow
  12. In 49 years of TR6 ownership (more if I count previous my TR4) I only got nicked once for speeding (although stopped and told off a few times) It was in the 1970's when they were equipped with hand held mobile speed guns, in my case from a sneakily parked 'Jam sandwich' Granada!
  13. Some fancy wheels around then! So nobody recognised Clay Regazzoni's skid lid then!
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