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  1. Update, Battery had just enough umph to start up and went for a 10 mile top down drive and she ran perfectly on all 6 pots without a single hiccup! Not bad really for a totally standard Lucas Pi set up!
  2. My car was born in Coventry 50 years ago this very day!...Wonder how many others were born on that day, and how many of those are still alive? I'm it's 3rd owner, bought it in July 72 with 16,000 miles on the clock, only 75,583 miles on the clock now, it doesn't get out much these days...a bit like me really! If it starts up today, I'll take it for a drive, it would be rude not to! Interesting to note that my car was original ordered by the British High Commission in Hong Kong! Wonder why they cancelled the order? Denis
  3. Nah!...Tool Roll is 10 & a half inches long and with all the Original Tools in it it's too long, and too fat, to fit in the area...let alone be secured by the Strap!
  4. 'Saffy' must have been a last shift 'Friday Car!' ...What a couldn't careless bit of masking up! Yes, Matt Black for an early CP car...although my painters re painted mine Satin Black back in 1988...I recall the original Matt Black on my car being like a Chalk board...trapping awful white polish marks on it! At least when I stopped by the paint shop I was in time to stop them painting my windscreen surround Black! Phew!
  5. I recently bought a Water Pump online from MEV Spares for 39 quid online. Whilst I'm sure it would do the job...I'm disappointed that it doesn't look like my original one...in that it lacks a Nut on the end of the Pulley and the Bolt which you replace with a Nipple to grease it! The MEV has a hole exposing the shaft but I can't see how one would grease it? So I won't be fitting it, preferring to contact EP-Services to see if they can replace the noisy bearings in my original one?
  6. Reminds me when I had my Diff rebuilt with a new CW&P after I stripped 3 teeth off the CW at a Sprint meeting...My mechanic asked me if I wanted..."Back-Lash' or 'Whine?' ...after a month of 'whine' I got a replacement Diff instead!
  7. Just to add controversy to this debate...when I bought my 6 in 1972 it was like new having just 16,000 miles on it...being a professional Signwriter & Commercial art Lettering artist I never noticed the TR6 decals being as close as those on Andrews original 'Saffy' indeed when in 1988 my car required a respray I traced off the decal position and reapplied them as before. Mind you having employed many people when I was in the Sign business...some had a very individual idea as to positioning letters and decals...maybe the sticker people in the factory didn't always follow the exact position as they all were hand applied.
  8. I endorse James suggestion above, Neil is the man for all Lucas Pi refurbishing jobs. I don't know the Lucas pump Thrust Washer size...but I recall from my own overhaul many years ago that it is very thin, and Yes it Screeches when it gets too hot! The pump in the 2.5 Saloon has the luxury of being positioned laying on it's side...so it takes the weight of the armature off the Thrust Washer...whereas the lack of space in the TR means it sits upright and overheats the Washer. In reality the pump should have been designed with a proper bearing! The cure that has seen my pump work these past 40 odd years with the same washer is the so called "Continental Cooling Kit"...Triumph's fancy (Excuse) name for a Metal Coil fuel line that winds around the pump casing...the cool fuel acting as cooling for the hot electric motor!
  9. Just another thought a year or so ago I was watching an American Car show at Auction, and the local police turned up after hearing that several cars were being offered for sale had VIN tags that weren't permanently fixed, and those cars had to be withdrawn from the sale!...So I went out to my garage and sure enough my paint shop back in 1988 had reattached my Commission plate with cross head screws!!! So I re riveted it to the inner wheel arch! Phew!
  10. So at what precise date did 'British Leyland' take over Standard Triumph production?
  11. Thank you Graham & Stuart, that's how mine looks...and thank you Roger for the commission number info. Good stuff...all is right with the (TR6) world again!
  12. Whilst browsing on a well known online auction site for a few bits, I spotted an advert for nicely made Reproduction Commission Plates. The one claimed to be for early TR6's includes the lettering 'A Member of the British Leyland Motor Company' ...The advert says...'up to approx. CP54500 check. No start number is given, and it has the etched lettering below... BS. AU48 1965. Well my early 1969 TR6 CP Plate makes no mention of 'Leyland'...only...The Standard Triumph Motor Company...and has that same etched ...BS.AU48 1965. The sellor goes on to say they have fully researched the Triumph plates details. They do produce a later plate for the CR cars and they also produce a plate for the TR5 ...which is the exact same wording as the original plate on my TR6 (presumable Triumph continued using up their existing stock of TR5 plates during the earliest period of TR6 manufacturing) ...Except the Repro plate doesn't have the etched BS. AU48 1965 at the bottom. So...if you are doing an Accurate Restoration of a very 'early' TR6 (up to what Number?) and are planning to add a Repro plate...I can't see that any of the three repro plates on offer are correct... pretty as they are!
  13. Stuart, I know the TR5 had it's PRV mounted on the chassis as per your picture, but my (CP26309) 69 TR6 came with it in the boot next to the tank. was there an update to the boot during the early productions of the 6 perhaps?
  14. That's very Impressive! This Thread cast my old mind back to 1972 when I drove my CP Pi from North London to Barcelona (to go to the Grand Prix) as my car had only done about 20,000 miles it never occurred to the then young me that I needed anything other than the factory tool roll! After all in 1971 my old 1962 TR4 did the same trip without any bothers. Lucas Pump overheating saw me at the side of the road several times with the pump off cleaning the commitator (can't even spell it!) and finding a cunning way to hold the points back with cotton thread! Makes my arms ache just thinking about driving all that way on Route Nationals...I struggle to contemplate driving it to the shops these days!
  15. Started up my '69 CP for the first time since October...first time I'd noticed a variety of metallic sounds...until the oil pressure quenched all the moving parts...after lots of cranking and encouraging attempts to run on all pots...which it eventually did...Clouds of steam from the exhausts slowly disappeared while I kept it at 2500 rpm until the water temp reached 60 degrees...then took it out for a 10 mile run. Oil pressure is always high until the oil warms up fully...and it never missed a beat on the whole journey...and happily ticked over at 800rpm in a road works traffic jam...Water temp never exceeded at 70 degrees...then went back to 60 as 5 degree winter air passed through the Rad. My car always runs below 70 (I run a instrument with number on instead of the original 'C' to 'H' one)...even in the height of Summer despite the lower quarter of the radiator permently blanked off with a strip of cardboard! On the drive a 4x4 pulled out in front of me and when I anchored up and gave the driver a dirty look he told me my left hand indicator was on followed by some 'Builders Language' suggesting I was a 'Tool' by another name! Nice eh! Yes, but as I was driving with the Top Down and the Sun was low and very dazzling I had failed to hear the Flasher Unit or see the little green Trafficator light on the Speedo blinking!...It happens! Truth is...No driver should ever pull out in front of another vehicle until they are sure it is actually turning off...Not just believe a flashing Indicator!!! Only issue I found when I got home was the Plenum Tube had once again slide out of it's rubber hoses despite my best efforts to tighten the Jubilee fasteners...it happens ever since a certain well know 'TR Specialist' many years ago changed my original straight intake hoses for the later moulded ones which don't allow you to move the Jubilee clips to the very end of the rubber! I've always suspected that that 'TR Specialist' nicked my originals for a much earlier car they had in their workshop at the same time as mine!
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