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  1. In theory possible, but then it probable gets air cooled again on it's journey along the chassis under the car?
  2. Good one! Colin stick to the correct 165 or 185 what the axles etc were designed for! Modern tyres are so superior in terms of grip already to what they put on them 50 years ago, so there's no need for fat tyres that only stress old components!
  3. The 'Continental Cooling Kit' (Cooling Coil) was a Triumph accessory, I added. Note the rubbish masking by my cars painter! Lazy whatsit! Grrrr!
  4. Hasn't anyone show 'Percy TR6' the original Lucas set up? I haven't changed my petrol filter for years and years and years, doesn't seem to effect it.
  5. My front indicators started flashing the side lights until I cleaned all the push in connectors, they do oxidise after time.
  6. My experience of a fierce TR6 Petrol Injection fire (Class 'B') years ago made me realise you need a big extinguisher, and CO2 leaves no mess or residue. A 2kg is only 30 odd quid!
  7. So is it the original standard filter like you see in my photo above?
  8. Nothing wrong with the Lucas Pump! As I have said many times before on this forum..."If it was good enough for 2 decades in Formula One on the Cosworth DFV, it's good enough for our Pi cars!" True unlike the Saloon Pi cars where it has the space to lay on it's side, the limited space in the Roadster means it's upright sitting on it thrust washer which can cause it to overheat if you haven't got a "Continental Cooling Kit" as Triumph named the Coil that surrounds the electric motor! Since fitting mine way back in 1972 I had no trouble with overheating. In fact I find the hum from the pump quite
  9. As a retired Sign writer (as in real paint not vinyl) of vehicles (and owner of a paint code 19 TR) I can assure you that all paint colours fade and are a black art to match!
  10. Bought my car in July 1972 it had 2 previous owners and had only clocked up 16,000 miles. Still gives me a buzz starting it up and taking out for a drive. So glad I kept it! 

  11. Here's the later type boxed in center mounts. Your early bumper hasn't got the sides boxed in, so I'm sure your local engineers could tweek the brackets a touch.
  12. In the summer I sold a later type front bumper with near perfect chrome and no rust inside to a fellow TR owner who wouldn't pay me 200, so I had to agree to less!
  13. That's a sad story, at least you got your car back! During the 1980's a friend arranged for my car to be stored in a barn...years later by chance I heard he had died and I only just managed to claim my car back in the nick of time. Phew! I once noticed that original parts on my early 1969 car had been replaced for no real reason when it was in a place that specialised in our cars, where I noticed they had other very early cars being worked on...Clearly my bits got swapped hoping I (wouldn't care) or notice and I didn't for quite some time! So I stopped using them! When the black crackle paint
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