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  1. CP26309

    Leaking MU

    Robert! You are lucky it didn't burst into flames!!! I once had a huge engine fire from just the B drain return pipe popping off!
  2. Or even tested at all anymore!
  3. Glad we don't have to have ours emission tested here!
  4. After more than 40 years with a CP Pi I changed all mine to push in type and carry a glove box full of new Injectors, when they play up I just pull over and chuck in a new one! Same goes for spark plugs...foul one, bung it away! I carry a box of new ones all the time.
  5. To join in the political debate, what the EU don't understand about us Brits is we don't like being told what to do (or being dictated to) We do our own thing and make do. As the biggest consumers of French wine (after the French) and biggest buyers German cars and Ferraris (after the US) I doubt that will change much. The UK is hardly going to go broke for a handful of lost TR parts sales, Covid has already done that already!
  6. Why would a RHD car manufactured in the UK be an Export from the EU?
  7. You mean I can now throw away my dip-stick!
  8. I was always under the impression it was unwise to jack the car up under the diff as it put unnecessary strain on the mounts?
  9. During the Summer I made a simple removable Wooden A frame and cross bar behind the seats (Bit like a roll bar) to which I fit my rechargeable bicycle video camera. It films me at the wheel and the entire dash and the road ahead. It continues to film when I park up and it's quite fun to see who looks at the car and what they say while I'm in shop. To avoid wind noise I have an external Mic which exits the boot lid and is attached to the rear tail light just above the exhaust...cos that's all I wanna to hear!
  10. I don't like the way you fold your hood! Doesn't the back window unzip like the originals did?
  11. Modern tyre compounds are superior to what we had in the 70's. I recently fitted 165 Dunlop Classics and they give all the grip I need. To me it's about the classic feel of these old cars. I really don't see the gain in having fatter tyres, all they give is heavier steering and more strain on 50 year old components. And if they failed and caused an accident could your insurance company find your wider tyres weren't original equipment?
  12. Hmmm...and I thought the Bosch pump was the answer to the Lucas pump? Not that my Lucas pump has ever misbehaved since I fitted the Cooling Coil way back in 1973!
  13. Nice! And a Chrome Rocker Cover! Note the straight rubber hoses to the plenum, years ago a TR specialist nicked mine and replaced them with the later ones! Grrr!
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