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  1. Don't be a fool, get new hubs and axles and if you can't afford them park the car until you can. It may not just be you who suffers but other road users. Refurbished are just old high milage ones cleaned up and could break before you get out your driveway. The L/H stub axle broke just under the edge of the outer bearing where it couldn't be seen. It felt like a flat tyre, slowed down to about 80kph and there was a loud bang,the car(TR4a)went sideways and rolled 1 and a half times, lucky I had a rollbar or I would not be writing this. Spent 7 weeks in hospital and now have two hands that are
  2. I have had the stub axle shaft shear off loosing the wheel and shattering the housing on the trailing arm to pieces. I see Rimmers advertise an uprated H/D driveshaft and hud and also an uprated CV jointed shaft however they can't give me any information on what is really uprated and particularly the stub axle which breaks. Has anyone had this problem and know of a fix or experience with the Rimmer items I would be grateful for any info.The car when it is straightened out won't be going back on the road until I fit some sort of major fix. After my accident my brother checked his TR6 and found
  3. I had good oil pressure until I fitted an oil cooler with adaptor between head and filter immediately lost 20 lb pressure so took it off ,fitted an oil temp gauge and found oil temp was a bit under normal anyway even in competition, waste of a few hundred bucks and more weight.
  4. Is the BMW diff a small case or medium case ?
  5. Michael,Can understand most Tr's in the old country not needing a cooler as your max rarely gets up to our min,try 35 to 45 for a couple of months. I wasn't overcooling the oil as they were the pressures at start up and running in the shed . I decided to fit a cooler when I saw 20 Psi in the pits after a 5 lap race in 38 Deg.also drops to a bit under 60 in the race and also on the 300km freeway trip at 110 to the circuit..The unit is a local which I purchased from Rimmers for my particular car so thought it would be ok. it has 12.5mm hoses and fittings. The hoses heat up and have a strong pu
  6. I have fitted a Mocal oil cooler to my 67 4a ,it has the sandwich fitting between filter head and filter. After fitting oil pressure has gone from 70/75 cold to 85/90 cold and 60 hot to 65 hot. I am worried that because the oil gauge is before the sandwich is there a restriction caused giving a higher reading and actually less oil getting to the motor. Looking thru filler hole the rocker gear is getting oil but doesn't seem to be as much as usual. I fitted a temporary gauge to the plug at the back of the head and the gauge shows nil pressure but there is some oil there as a slight leak came fr
  7. Button wasn't to impressed when he sat on the back on one of the hood studs. "Not real comfortable he commented" so they supplied him with a comfy rug,poor chap,probably why he was a little off the pace. Don't know what MrWebbers excuse was,probably got stuck with a 4 instead of a 5. Aussie TR's don't leak oil as they are upside down down here. Pampa.
  8. I had this horn problem also turned out to be the slipring had broken at some time and was shorting out.
  9. I had the same problem with fuel smell,looked everywhere for the breather which the parts diagram showed but wasn't there,found breather was thru the cap and wasn't sealing properly,smell particularly bad when tank filled to top for long trips.
  10. I have 205x60x15 Dunlop sports on 6x15 Performance superlites fitted to my 4a with stiffer lowered springs,telescopic shock conversion on rear and have had no clearance problems with suspension or guards. Gravel rash to lower paintwork is a penalty of lookin good though.
  11. My 4a has rebuilt motor 87mm pistons,balanced, ported head,mild street cam,free flow exhaust,123 Elect.Dizzy and cold aibox with K&N filter. Tried to run it with original TW needles ran ? but died to a spluttering crawl at any sign of a slope.No rolling roads locally so had it tuned on an electronic scope machine which imediatly showed it was very lean at anything off idle,He changed to RF which it ran very well on but he said were a little rich up top but he prefered that. Drove for some time but fuel milage wasn't the best,so recently went to a car show in Melbourne and stayed over and
  12. Kev, Performance Wheels make minilite replicas in SA. www.superlitewheels.com I have a set of 10 spoke with 6x 15 with 205-60-15 Dunlop sport don't have any clearance problems,car is lowered 30mm fitted to 4a. Like the look of both 10 spoke and 8 spoke. Australian classic wire wheels stock them in Melbourtne. www.acww.com.au
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  15. Andy, My 67 ex california 4a has the switches on the door pillers also but no evidence of any lights.
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