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  1. Hello John. Are you the John Davies from Thames Ditton with the yellow 3a. If yes, this is Neil Collins who had TR4 297 HOT when the TR Register had just started up.

    Kind regards


  2. 297HOT

    608 OHP

    608 OHP Has anyone any knowledge of this one? I belonged to a friend of my brother, in the RAF. He had a bad crash in it on the way back to RAF Valley in Wales and thats the last we heard of it. That was about 1965.
  3. 297HOT


    Brilliant! Thanks so much Roger for the information, shall see if i can make contact and maybe see some photos. Irving must have owned the car for nearly 30 years - and i thought i had had it the longest. Wonder where he lives. Thanks to TR 2100 (Alan R). Yes I remember a red 3A and I have some other names for you to conjure with - Daryl Uprichard and Pete Hunt and lovely girlfriend Barb, the first people I met in the TR Register and another head case, Chris Gurney who also had a really pretty girlfriend, might have been Paula. Lovely old boy called Arthur (who in fact at the time was probably younger than i am now) and of course the infamous Cox and Buckles. I remember following P Buckles over a hump back bridge one day and the body of his TR landed down on chassis at a different angle from when he started - and i don't think it was straight before the bridge either. Happy days. Regrets... i have a few. Should have kept my TR somehow and my membership number which i think was 275 or similar, so quite early. But that's life. Anyway i shall try to contact Ian Cornish as well as Irving P. About 4 years ago after losing my job i decided to get a TR again and would like to have got 297HOT back, but i think I was day dreaming and trying to recover more than my car. Then I thought of getting a 3a instead, but it seemed to get something half decent I needed to spend around 10 15 K which was not on. No time or budget for a long rebuild so i thought about various alternatives and settled on the idea of a Caterham. A reasonable Caterham was also about 10 - 12 k for very little. Then I discovered Westfields. much cheaper, just as quick and as much fun and so much like a Caterham that they were sued in the early days. So I looked around and found a 1700 Crossflow powered SE which i have an on/off love affair with according to how its going and where it lets me down. Photo on the Westfield site (I am Fangio2) http://boardroom.wscc.co.uk/cgi-bin/ikonbo...9170;hl=fangio2 Be in touch again because I am still a TR man and maybe one day..... Neil
  4. 297HOT


    Read some interesting things on the site about TR4 reg 4VC. Goes back a bit. I used to ride in it back in the 70s when it was owned by Ian Cornish in Thames Ditton, Surrey. My own car was a Green TR4 reg 297HOT. It was stolen eventually and messed up. I had to sell it as I had no time to fix it and a friend, Irving Price had it for a while and ran it down at Goodwood on track days. Also interested in what became of Dave Stotter, last seen and heard with all the valves bouncing in his 3a along the Kingston bye pass circa 1973. Would be interested in hearing anything of the cars or the owners Neil
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