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  1. Hi Pete Have been reading your struggles with the Glove box.....been there! Now that you've got it back in place, will you need to replace any of the instruments only it aint half easier with the glove box OUT!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist Good luck , Nick
  2. Hi Camilo For what it's worth, I had all sorts of problems with my HS6's on my TR4a about 2 years ago and i just couldn't stop them flooding I tried everything, well almost I guess, and in desperation fitted a Fuel Pressure Regulator and since then I have had not one problem with flooding and the car runs beautifully Now it may be that I didn't get to the root cause (poss the fuel pump pushing too much fuel through rather than the carbs) but it has been a fairly inexpensive fix So I would try a substitute fuel pump and if that doesn't solve the problem go for the Regulator
  3. Hi Jeremy Have a look on the Chilterns Group web page....useful contact numbers Cheers, Nick
  4. Hi Colt Have a look on the Chilterns Group web page , they have recommended suppliers. If not, there will be contact numbers for Group members who will be able to help Cheers, Nick
  5. Thanks for the information everyone.......do these tyres still have a good value for money reputation? Brian are you referring to Michelin for the tubes or are you a Michelin tyres man too? Cheers, Nick
  6. Guys Thinking of fitting some of these to my 4a which has wire wheels Do they need inner tubes with them? Cheers, Nick
  7. OMG.......used to think TR's were simple beasts to understand ! The words "over my head" spring to mind..........Roger, got a spare cup and a rich tea biscuit ?!! Nick
  8. Hi Iain I think your mobile phone should have sound when you shoot a video I'm pretty sure if you post a clip, there will be someone on this Forum who will recognise the "tapping" ! Best wishes, Nick
  9. Iain I'm intrigued as to what could be the cause of the tapping noise............have I missed it or could you post a video so we can all see the engine and hear the noise? Cheers, Nick
  10. Guys This is sort of related.....Having fitted a replacement mechanical fuel pump to my 4A, I had a problem with "running on" and chronic float chamber flooding. I tried all the usual measures but it just seemed that the fuel pump was pumping out too much fuel! I fitted a regulator, as per Peter's suggestion above and I have to say the car runs more smoothly, the float chambers do not overflow and the "running on" issue has disappeared For me, a cost effective solution.....worth a try! Cheers, Nick
  11. Nige I had a similar problem about 2 years ago with my 4A with the front LH headbolt (manifold side) where water was bubbling up and out just under the head bolt As you will see from the pic, the head bolt had broken and i was lucky enough to remove it, take the head off, go unleaded and put it all back together with no problems I still dont know how the the water got to bubble up there unless the head gasket had a slight blow, but there were no cracks anywhere All good now Cheers and good luck Nick
  12. Hi Nick I live near Buckingham, just down the road from MK, and have taken my TR4A to West End Motors in Buckingham for the last 15 years or so This is a small family type business and the MOT tester used to work on TRs They are sympathetic to the needs of classic car owners! Not so sure about the MK area Good luck Nick
  13. Rawls I found this to be a tricky problem to tackle due to the variety of temp guages, senders and voltage regulators used in our cars What seems to happen is that over time , the wrong combination gets used and hence the reading on the gauge becomes unreliable There is also the question of "quality" when it comes to these parts Personally, I would make sure the temp is more or less correct by manually using a thermostat in the radiator when the engine is running at normal operating temperature and then find the combination of sender/voltage regulator which will give you a fairly
  14. Hey Roger Had to chuckle at your "finger in the pie" scenario!! Thought you might like the attached Cheers, Nick cartoon.doc
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