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  1. msport


    Hi Just noticed this one is currently for sale on Ebay classified ad £19000
  2. Hi Guys I purchased a replacement soft top hood quite a while ago as the existing roof has a small tear. I never got around to having it fitted, you know what it's like....life and other interests, projects etc tend to get in the way! Anyway, having recently had a renewed interest in the 6 and wanting to smarten it up a little, I wondered whether anyone can recommend anyone to fit the replacement hood? I'm in the East Midlands area and based between Nottingham and Derby. It's got to be someone who's really good at the job as im concerned about the bodywork being damage
  3. Hi all Just to say thanks to everyone for your helpful responses. I'm not very mechanically minded so appreciate your comments and advise. Alan, my car is started regularly throughout the winter when not on the road and yes, I do expect it to start and it usually does! Thanks again
  4. Hi all Went to start the tr6 after it has been plugged into it's ctek conditioner over the winter. Upon turning the key, all I get is the solenoid click noise. Tried turning the lights on and starting again. The lights seemed bright enough and I don't think the problem is the battery. Therefore, I am asking all you tr experts what you think the problem may be? I can only think that it must be the starter motor. I'd be grateful of any ideas on what you think the problem may be. Thanks in advance.
  5. msport

    Flat battery!

    Hi Guys Just went to get the TR6 out today as the sun was shining .... and it hasn't yet been out of it's house (Garage) this year. I leave it constantly plugged into a c-tek charger/optimiser to ensure that's it's ready for use every time. I last started the car a few weeks ago and the battery was fine but this time it was just dead and didn't want to turn over at all. My question is, how long should a battery last in a car that's not used much at all - although it is constantly left connected to the c-tek.? I've dug out my receipt for the battery and it was bought from Ri
  6. Wow! That is a relief. For a minute I thought I was going to have to sell the car! Lol Thanks for the confirmation before it was too late. Alternatively, guess I could have just swapped them over from side to side. Regards
  7. Hi Topoff Not sure what you mean by the "wing repeater" If you mean the indicator lens on the front wings, then I think you'll find that all present and correct! Let me know if I'm misunderstanding you. Thanks
  8. Hi TR Tom Yes it probably was me. I drove past Chilwell retail park on the way back from the Garage at about 5pm? Cheers
  9. A rare and well deserved "Pamper day" for SKY at the local Garage today! Lots of comments from other customers whilst there and health checks completed as follows: tightening a wheel bearing, clutch slave cylinder repair kit fitted, nipples and trunnions greased plus new oil & filter. They also let me spend approx. five hours underneath the car with some wax oil and a brush which was great as feel she's being a bit neglected over the last 3 years due to house projects etc! The Garage owners comments were that the car is as solid as a rock and that there was more rust underneath
  10. Spot the Robin? Guess what happened next? + How modern cars have grown!!
  11. Hi TRTOM Yes, I have a red TR6. Were you the person who pulled up while I was parked at the side of the road in Wollaton probably about a year ago and we had a chat? You had more than one TR6?? Think you were driving an audi??
  12. Think the registration plate was LWY 404K ?
  13. msport

    My SKY

    ps. Have just checked out the ebay advert again and noticed that his windscreen wipers seem to be on the american way round Has also got the US wheeltrims! Mine is definitely a UK 150bhp CP model & I'm sure the Guy I spoke to last year about SKY 588J said that it was also a UK car. SKY prefix was issued in Bradford in 1971. My car has a story behind its registration plate. When I bought the car it was actually registered as MUM 986L. I couldn't understand why this was as it was a 1971 model and therefore should have been on either a J or K plate. The past ownership records ord
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