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  1. Ross, Revington can sell you a pressure tester, you get the deposit back if you return it, else you can just keep it.
  2. Thanks chaps, hopefully I am sorted now, I'm running out of jobs to do whilst the motor is out.
  3. Can anyone recommend someone to recondition a short engine for me in the Midlands? I already have a reconditioned fast road head & cam, I am just looking to have the block stripped/cleaned & new parts fitted as required. Ian
  4. No, Blasons Garage in Brixworth.
  5. I take my TR 20 miles away for it’s MOT’s, as I did with my E-type & Stag previously, the tester owns a TR3 and is younger than me, hopefully he’ll be in business throughout my classic ownership! Ian
  6. iani

    Lucas fuel pump

    I wouldn't recommend the TRGB wiring kit, it retains a lot of the original pump wiring, the kit you want is the Revington one, it completely replaces the original pump wiring, the TRGB pump kit is fine.
  7. IThanks Ian, I've been looking at images online, both fitting methods seem to be used but the gearbox side seems to be most prevalent, mine was fitted on engine side so I'll have to see how the new pushrod fits if I try the slave on the gearbox side. Ian
  8. I didn't fit the clutch etc Roger, however, it was fitted by a Stag specialist, I assume they are familiar with how things should be. The installation looked correct to me and even if the slave cyl was on the wrong side it wouldn't make that much difference. The shortest rod in my photo is 6". the other one is much longer but the clutch worked.
  9. I've read about two sizes of clutch slave pushrod, 5 3/4" & 6", I decided to replace the one on my car is it's clearly been butchered but it seems to be an odd size. The image shows a new rod from Moss, it's 6", mine is much longer, something must be awry!
  10. iani

    Trigger wheel

    Anything to push the bill up I imagine :-)
  11. iani

    Trigger wheel

    I used the same wheel Andeas, I then had my pulley balanced after it was fitted.
  12. iani

    Trigger wheel

    I had material removed from the pulley and the wheel let in, no change in width that way.
  13. You prompted me to check my car's certificate, happy belated birthday for the 29th April!
  14. iani

    Bore condition

    I have no details of the fire I'm afraid, I bought the engine from someone who had bought it to install in his Mk1 Vitesse, he decided to stick with his 1600 engine and sold the TR engine on to me.
  15. iani

    Bore condition

    The whole reason for pulling the block is down to corrosion particles Waldi, at the very least I need everything thoroughly cleaned, checked and reassembled. The PI Saloon block that I have has been sat without it's head for 6 months, I'd want it cleaning and inspecting too, I think the cost would be broadly similar whichever block I choose. I need to get the sump off the fire damaged one, I have an engine hoist but long enough bolts to mount it on an engine stand wont be here for a few days.
  16. iani

    Bore condition

    Thanks Nigel, I will be having the engineering done, I own two blocks however and I have to decide whether to have this one reconditioned or the PI saloon block that I own done.
  17. iani

    Bore condition

    No, I believe it had only recently been built when the car it was in went on fire, the engine was then sat for some time as it had been bought for another project, that didn't happen and I bought it off eBay.
  18. iani

    Bore condition

    I haven't rubbed with anything other than a cloth Sean, they are honing marks.
  19. iani

    Bore condition

    My engine came out of a fire damaged car, I know that some water had found its way into the block and it looks like their might be some water staining in some of the bores. There are also some other marks as shown in the second pic. Do these marks look serious or should I be ok with these bores? I also have a saloon block and I'm trying to decide which one to have reconditioned, this one hasn't done many miles and appears to have had the rotating parts balanced before assembly.
  20. iani

    “D” Chassis tag

    Thanks chaps
  21. I started cleaning up my engine bay and I found a stamped tag on the chassis crossmember beneath the engine, all it says is ‘D” is there any significance to this?
  22. iani

    Engine removal

    Engine removed over N/S wing this morning without any drama, thanks for all the assistance.
  23. iani

    Engine removal

    I have most of the bolts around the bell housing removed, including the starter motor top bolt, just the ones at the bottom to do. If I were to roll the car back I wouldn't have any support for the gearbox when I pushed the car back into the garage, I'm going to have to take the engine out over the wing. Given that the head is off, my balancing bar will be quite close to the top of the block, hopefully I should have enough clearance, it it becomes an issue I can always take the sump off. I have an assistant coming at 8am tomorrow, hopefully it shouldn't take long.
  24. That’s a Britax roof, not a Webasto, you can still get quite a lot of spares for the Britax.
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