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  1. There should be a cardboard cover that goes all the way to the shelf, there is then the interior light that sits on top of that, assuming '71 cars still had that?
  2. I am satisfied that he has built a lot of TR gearboxes over the years Bruce and he should know what he is doing. If I have any issues I will take it back to him, several hundred miles on it already and I'm still happy with it. I could have paid over £2k outright for a gearbox & OD from the same source but sold via a forum member, would that have made it any better? they were all worked on by the same chap (Pete's son in the main I think nowadays). I did consider ORS for mine but it was easier for me to take my box to Pete's and when I had an S type Jag box & compact A type OD rebuilt for my E-type they told me they don't actually do the gearbox rebuild themselves, it goes to some local chap, ultimately it's always a bit of a gamble.
  3. I had my gearbox & OD reconditioned recently by Pete Cox, it didn't cost anything like this much, was more like £850. Ian
  4. You can get it, I bought one for my E-type https://xks.com/i-7082930-jaguar-washer-strap-later-cars-with-plastic-reservoir-36-1078.html
  5. I have this one for sale if it helps anyone:
  6. Thanks William, as I mentioned, I have both types, I prefer the "pear" shaped one and the other one stays on the shelf.
  7. If the plunger is too far forward and is catching under the leading edge, the latch movement won't have any effect, if this is the case perhaps pushing the bonnet rearwards might help?
  8. I asked the same here
  9. There is no cable in the pics, the middle one shows the rod pushed up through the hole you need to drill, it is levered against the metal arm it is next to, that opens the catch.
  10. You can see where you need to drill a hole from the images, you then need some form of rod to push through it and push against the mechanism, note this is the other side of the catch from the emergency opener. As regards your emergency opener, it's missing a bolt to limit its travel, it has probably been pulled too far so he operating lever has ridden over the catch rendering it ineffective, you will need to modify it later, for now it is useless to you.
  11. I got mine from Conrad, he's on here as "Openroad" worth asking him.
  12. They're garbage Austin, I had one behave the same way and returned it, better off getting an original m/cyl reconditioned.
  13. Just collected a pair of trailing arms from being vapour blasted, I'm quite impressed with the finish, will probably lacquer them now.
  14. Have a look at this thread:
  15. The filter box is custom made by a TR owner Dave, it connects to the standard filter housing with a K&N in it, the thin red tube goes to a MAP sensor fitted to the bulkhead.
  16. Not entirely correct Andrew, an early CP car wheel was dished.
  17. You can have the looks but with a lot less hassle.
  18. iani

    Gearbox oil

    SAE30 for me as recommended by Laycock for the Type-A Overdrive, incidentally, they said not to use any EP oil, Triumph disagreed.
  19. iani

    TR6 bumpers

    I had them on my Stag, it was hit by a C-max on the O/S/R corner, I removed some of his paint, no scratches, no sign of impact whatsoever. The C-max had 3 points of impact, I'd have stainless again tomorrow.
  20. The 11AC was also fitted to S1/S2 E-types, it comes with a commensurate price tag nowadays.
  21. They look like TR6 hardtop, I just fitted a headlining over the weekend and these look the same, the size difference is correct.
  22. iani

    Advice on help.

    Chic rebodied a GT6 for me into a shell from a Californian scrapyard, in effect a total restoration, he did a great job and I was very pleased.
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