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  1. I've rebuilt my diff twice once in the 1970's using toolroom equipment and just recently at home using parallel bars across the diff face and a set of slip gauges to measure the distance between the crown wheel centre and the pinion face. A bit tricky but it worked the bluing marks were spot on after adjusting the crown wheel bearing shims and the diff runs silently. you can buy imperial size bars and slips quite cheap on ebay. The key is to buy the best bearings you can get.
  2. I've rebuilt my differential twice. Once in the '70s and recently last year. It was also rebuilt by a well know TR specialist in the 90's but was very noisy (whining on the overrun) which is why I had to rebuild again. I found it easy to remove the diff from the casing without a spreader just using tyre levers. Both times I rebuilt I took great care to get the dimension form the top of the pinion to the centre line of the crown wheel exactly correct measured to 1/10th of a thou! I also blued the teeth after setting the preloads to ensure the pressure point was in the middle. The first time in
  3. Has anyone got advice on converting a TR3A spring clutch to TR4 diaphragm. I know the flywheel and extension will need machining. Is it worth it in terms of a lighter and more reliable clutch operation?
  4. has colloidal graphite for the felt steering bush been replaced by a modern equivalent? is the PTFE spray the replacement . Original manual says don't use oil.
  5. I've just fitted the litezupp LEDs to my 3A Big improvement expensive but worth it
  6. Has anyone fitted a towing eye to the chassis of a TR3A and if so how? I am going abroad with mine and wondered if this was a good idea in case I need a tow or a winch onto a breakdown truck. Also has anyone got a list of recommended spare to carry. No silly suggestions please!!
  7. Thanks for the responses. I believe the issue with the bettercarlighting bulbs is that at the moment the LED fitting points downwards and therefore the light is not thrown back. I thought the panel arrangement of the moss offering would overcome this. The problem of coursr is with the size of the lens cover on a 3A
  8. Has anybody fitted the MOSS multi LED plate rear/brake light setup and can share their views/advice?
  9. I had a similar problem and traced it to the starter ring swashing out on line on the flywheel and rubbing against the closing plate at the bottom of the bell housing. Cured it by knocking the ring back into place and securing it with grub screws around the joint between the flywheel and ring
  10. Bought a set of track rod ball joints at the international. Now notice they don't have grease nipples or even tapped holes for them. Should I fit them as is or drill and tap to add nipples?
  11. rebuilding the diff ... any advice on where to buy bearings? Understand Timken now difficult to get hold of. Moss bearings are poor quality. What about NTN? also need pinion seals and rear hub inner seals
  12. Thank you to all the guys who replied ref fitting of the oil cooler. Due to the advice I am holding off from fitting the oil cooler but I still want to fit a pusher fan in front of the radiator and behind the grill. Normally my TR3A does not overheat when moving but if caught in stationary or slow moving traffic will gradually overheat with the engine just idling ( mechanical fan still fitted). I have purchased a Kenlowe 10" auxiliary pusher fan but I am reluctant to use the supplied zip lock style attachments which rely on passing through the radiator core. Some one told me that they do come
  13. Has anyone fitted an oil cooler below the internal platform of the front apron? The reasons I want to do this are: there is not enough room to fit both a push type kenlowe fan and a thirteen row oil cooler (stack height 15 inches) both against the radiator in the 11" of height available. I don't want to remove the mechanical fan and fit a pull type fan behind the radiator as I had the crank assembly balanced with the mechanical fan and extension and i don't want to upset the engine balance I also want the backup of the mechanical fan in the event that the electric fan fails I
  14. I used Kingston Sportcars Tony Linsey Dean Good quality and service
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