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  1. I didn't replace the con rods but did have the small end bushes replaced
  2. Hi, As an update I have taken the cover plate off and run the engine and still the same noise unfortunately. I also put a lever on the front pulley to check for excessive end float and it seems ok. I haven't tried localising the noise with a screwdriver yet. The cam followers went in well and seemed quite free when fitted. Should I think about dropping the sump and removing the head to investigate? thanks , Dan
  3. Hi, I haven't managed to get under the car yet. I will try and report back this week. Thanks for the interest. Dan
  4. Thanks for the replies I will check all these tomorrow
  5. hi I have rebuilt my tr4a engine all machined or replaced. started it after getting oil pressure up and it sounds like some one is constantly hitting the sump with a screwdriver. is there an obvious must do I have missed. I have built several engines in the past although not wet liner ones, but did check liner heights before fitting pistons. any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks, Dan
  6. dan-t

    Rusty seatsFOC

    Hi Pete do you have the bakerlight style knobs on the side if so I am after one, Thanks Dan
  7. dan-t

    More Overheating

    Hi no one has suggested temp sender if you have a tr4 one fitted these make it look like you are running hot, also is your expansion tank topped up these were my problems up until this weekend. the clue is temp sender should not have the red ring. best wishes Dan
  8. Hi Im sure this must be an easy question for some but what are the differences between the two boxes meaning can you fit overdrive to a standard 4 speed box Thanks to all Dan
  9. dan-t

    spigot bush

    changing gearbox, old spigot bush worn inside but slides in and out of crankshaft easily, new one feels like it needs drifting in is this correct thanks for any help Dan
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