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  1. Tyler10

    PXE 814F

    I spotted this 5 whilst enjoying the beautiful weather in Cornwall. No pics I'm afraid,left the phone in the camper Does anyone recognize the car? Is the owner a TR member? Cheers
  2. Niall hi, Thanks for your reply.I'll leave it for the time being and wait for next year's International W/E and check out what other 5 Owners have.Like to see something in "the flesh". Thanks again. Tyler
  3. Niall, Who was the supplier of your cover. I've been looking for one that uses the same fixing,on my 5,as the Tonneau. Tyler
  4. Andy hi, I've sent you a PM Tyler
  5. John hi, Many thanks. I did'nt read the SMALL PRINT. SPECSAVERS here I come. I've established that it is the 'B'Type seal as referenced in the Moss Catalogue. Again thank you. Tyler
  6. Morning all. Noticed a small leak from the Reservoir,so removed Master Cylinder complete, as advised in ALL the Repair Manuals. No problem in replacing the seals. However, on my removal of the Master Cylinder from the Servo Unit, there is a "plastic" cup with a lip which sits in the Servo, which appears to seal the surface against the face of the Master Cylinder, when bolted back in to position. Apologies for the poor description!!!! I was going to replace it, but there is no reference to this, in any of the Suppliers Parts Catalogues. Is it an integral part of the Servo Unit and not available,separately or as part of a Repair Kit OR something I have inherited. HELP!
  7. Tyler10


    Does anybody have an old usable Black Passenger Sunvisor with mirror (RHD), that's gathering dust or a pair that they wish to offload for a good price. The one I inherited with the car is a poor reproduction and starting to come away at the seams Alternatively, which of the recognised suppliers would supply a pair, fine grain texture, as close to original? Thanks Tyler
  8. Roger, Botched, lazy or senile?? I'm chuffed that I found it as I didn't fancy removing all the obstacles behind the speedo to see what the fitting of a replacement would be, screw fixed or push fit or whether the old one had been broken off inside the speedo, which really would have been interesting. NOT!! Cheers Tyler
  9. Roger hi, Thanks for this, but on further investigation, I have found the original cable still attached at the speedo, but laying on top of the de-mister/air hose. Again thank you. Regards Tyler
  10. Fellow TR'ers, Just loitering in the Drivers Foot-well and noticed that the above is missing. Does anybody have a spare that they would consider selling? Or are these readily available through the normal supply chain? Thanks in anticipation. Tyler
  11. Gents, Just had my 5 Mot'd and the mechanic told me that there was a very strong smell of petrol, when he opened the boot, but there were no obvious signs of any fuel leakage. The tanks is currently half full and the breather pipe from the re-con Lucas pump,is fine. Any ideas please Tyler
  12. Gentlemen, Many thanks for your advice. Cheers
  13. In the event of an accident in my beloved 5 ("God forbid" blasphemy,blasphemy!!), is there a modern modification/upgrade that can be easily fitted by an amateur , which would automatically stop the fuel pump. I have for some reason, an inertia switch, fixed to the bulkhead, but not wired. I'm not sure if this actually works and will get it tested, but unsure on their reliabilty? All contributions gratefully received. Tyler
  14. Help. I've lost the details from a previous forum topic of the companies used/recommended by other TR'ers who have gone down this road!! Many thanks. T
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