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  1. A friend of mine, next door neighbor, is restoring a Lancia Lambda and has discovered that Tr 83mm pistons with a little machining may fit. Before he buys a new set he is after an old useable set to machine first to make sure they will work. The top of the piston is at a slight angle. If anybody has a used set that the6 no longer require please le5 me know. Many thanks for any help.

  2. I had my TR2 set up on a rolling road last year and now without touching the carbs SU I am running very rich. About 20mpg. What may of happened or do I need to adjust the mixture, if so is the adjusting nut up or down to weaken the mixture.

  3. I have fitted a girling back axle to my TR2 and it was rebuilt by a well known supplier in Twickenham.

    After 2500 miles it is making a whining noise that is getting louder. Any suggestions, is it bearings or does it need to be re-shimed?

    Also remomendations for a good builder of diff's I have paid good money and do not want to pay again and still not get a good axle.

  4. Hello Andy

    You have the same problem as I have. I am just finishing a complete restoration of a TR2. I have aquired a hard top and now want to fit it. The car was not built with the fittings for a hard top and I now need to find somebody with the experiance of fitting hard tops so as to get it correct and then tweek the side screens to fit.I live inNorth Buckinghamshire if you do not live too many miles away could I come and see how the hard top should fit. The information I need is to see where it should sit on the car and the clearances between the cappings at the side.




  5. I am changing my TR from dynamo to alternator and I need resuring as to what I have to do. I seem to remember that there was an article in Traction some time ago, does any body remember what issue ?


    Plus any tips as to what to do will be much appreciated.


    Regards to all and thanks to those that answer.

  6. I am about to start a total bebuild of a TR2 engine and would appreciate help about what is best and what to do for a conversion to run on unleaded petrol or not? Which seats have to be hardend and do the valves need to be replaced?

    Also I have been told that there is no need to do the above, what is the best action to take?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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