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  1. I need to find a company that can make a one off cable from a gear box to drive the speedo, not a Tr but a 1933 London Taxi. I have tried Speedy cables but the person that does there machining is unfortunately away sick so I am looking for a new supplier. any help most appreciated.
  2. So far the help given has beeb very useful. Got the liner fitted by glueing over a 1.5 mm layer of butyl to help with insulation. Now trying to understand how to fit the rear window seal. Do I fit the seal to the hardtop first if so is it best to glue or do l put the seal around the window and then fit the window with the seal to the hard top. Also the tool that Woolies sell to fit the insert for £35 plus p&p and VAT does any one have one I could borrow , will pay postage and return with a beer token as rental payment. any help most welcome ian
  3. After a few year of prevarication I have started to assemble my restored metal hard top. Two questions, 1 what glue to use that will stick rubber to the paint and 2 what material should the lining be made from and how is it fitted. A photo of the finished article would be most appreciated. Ian
  4. I have now fitted the switch. Chiselled the welded nut off then drilled a larger hole. Works a treat. many thanks for the tip. ian
  5. Historics auction 25th September at Ascot racecourse have a genuine TR8 with 73 miles for sale. worth a look even if not buying.
  6. Thanks for the tip. I have ordered the part. Will save me a lot of time and grief.
  7. Unfortunately my switch has stuck or gone us, so as I have to take it out to find what is wrong I might as well fit a new one. As the switch is in an awkward place is there any easy way of getting it out.
  8. Just watched a tv advert for a ruby magnum ice cream. At the end short clip shows a green TR 2 or 3. Whose is it
  9. Thanks for all the input. Did not intended to start a war of words. Will go down to 26/28 and see if that stops the lightness on the steering when hitting 80mph. thanks ian
  10. What is the recommended tyre pressures for a 2 with radial tyres. Thanks for any guidance.
  11. Hello David

    the engine blocks you have for a 2 or 3 what sort of money are you asking.



    1. david ferry

      david ferry

      Hi Ian. I've sent you a personal message. David

  12. Thanks Roger. I do not know how to send. PM. Any help most appreciated. Ian
  13. Hello Iain Many thanks for your help. Regards Ian
  14. A friend of mine, next door neighbor, is restoring a Lancia Lambda and has discovered that Tr 83mm pistons with a little machining may fit. Before he buys a new set he is after an old useable set to machine first to make sure they will work. The top of the piston is at a slight angle. If anybody has a used set that the6 no longer require please le5 me know. Many thanks for any help.
  15. Thanks for all your suggestions. With the PTFE spray does it dry so that dust does not stick and where do I buy PTFE spray and MWS cleaner. I will give anything a try.
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