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  1. I would say that seams like a "come and buy me" marketing tactic......... I have also spotted 2 other TR5's at Anglia Car Auctions in August....one with an estimate of £22,000 - £27000 and one no reserve! I'll try and post a link but not sure if it will work as I am a computer caveman! https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-24th-august-2019/1968-triumph-tr5-pi/ And this is the No Reserve one - looks decent but **** pictures, quite an early car though! https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-24th-august-2019/1968-triumph-tr5-pi-1/ Does anyone kno

    FND 205F

    The chassis number is CD 1762 L I rest my case your honour........ Do you think the advert might be leaning towards a TR5 because they are worth considerably more than a TR250!!! Money is the route of all evil.....

    FND 205F

    FND 205F Looks like a TR250 but advertised as a TR5! Used to ATR 5F I think.... Chassis Number CD 1762L and a CC Engine number with PI added.... Smells like a rat......very naughty behaviour IMHO https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1009168

    Winter care

    Oh Dear. I would never leave a TR outside, especially with a cover on, the cover will make the car will sweat and depending on the primer used under the paint may cause the dreaded "micro blistering" Probably the quickest way to de-value a classic car is to leave it outside under a cover......can't you find any local dry storage? Brian
  5. I think Triumph Racing Green was also know as Conifer Green around that time.....and the DVLA just call it Green And Towergate now do not discriminate between original LHD and RHD cars - they value them the same and quite rightly so. Some Californian Black Plate cars are worth more I think.
  6. My TR4A had an interesting history and now has overdrive, surrey top and wire wheels although it never came out of the factory with overdrive or wires, It was rebuilt and it is in superb condition. I have got an agreed value on the car at £29000 and it was originally shipped to the US as a LHD car. In some ways the LHD cars are better because they haven't suffered as badly from tin worm. The DVLA have been known to make absolute blinders with some logbooks / V5s so it may well be a problem with the DVLA. My car had the wrong engine number detailed as someone had taken the wrong numbers from th
  7. It seems to me that you can buy a TR5 for £20k and still need to do the same amount of work on a basket case as you can often be unpicking somebody else's bad workmanship. I have restored an E Type and several Healeys so don't mind the work
  8. its no problem ntc Conrad was just trying to help me with the car decision to travel to see the car as its a little way away from me, I dont mind a full resto jobby as long as its a genuine TR5, which I think it is, but I think its got the wrong grille (TR4A) and its been off road an awful long time... The chassis and engine numbers seem to match a genuine 5
  9. I wouldnt be interested at £15k surely it wont make that much will it..
  10. thanks nick, i would probably go to £10k but I havnt seen it yet as it hasnt arrived
  11. if anyone is thinking of selling a tr5 or tr250 please send me a message as i;m getting desperate now
  12. I have been looking for a TR5 or TR250 to restore for a while now with no luck. I recently spotted a car at anglia car auction in king's lynn with no reserve. I called them and they told me it is a genuine TR5... does anybody know anything about this car they have given me the chassis number of CP2459O and engine number CP2576E so that looks about right for a TR5 but I dont know the registration number yet. I'm not that familiar with auctions and no reserves specifically but what is the car worth realistically... I was thinking maybe
  13. Pete Cox or Bob Scott @ Classic Marks in Suffolk, I wouldn't go anywhere else...Brian
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