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  1. I'm fed up with all the coolant gushing out all over the starter motor and floor when I drain the block. Is the thread size 1/2" UNF? I want to fit something with a tap and drain the coolant in a more controlled manner! Brian King
  2. Thank you all for your help with this topic. I'm thinking of writing an article for the mag about this project so watch this space. Brian Dorset GL
  3. Hi Guys Thank you all for the info. I now understand what I have to do with the back light frame. I already have the header rail (from a Spitfite Mk 4 so that's my winter project sorted! Regards Brian
  4. To improve matrimonial harmony I an going to fit a 'Surrey' back light frame to my TR6. The frame has 9 studs and the 6 has 5 holes with captive nuts for the hood. I know other members have fitted this frame so how was this done? I'm already planning to use a TR6 header rail to make the hood more secure. Brian King
  5. Thanks to you both for your replies. I'm going to do a pressure test soon and I will ask around in our club if anybody has a spare working solenoid. Even recon solenoids are not cheap and I'm trying hard not to buy a recon overdrive just in case it is the solenoid. Regards Brian
  6. The overdrive will not engage despite the solenoid clicking in and out. Is it possible that even with this happening the solenoid is faulty?The oil level is correct
  7. Thanks Stuart I'll check out what you recommend. Brian
  8. Just rebuilt the gearbox on my 6 and on the test run felt the overdrive kick in without being switched on and it will not disengage. Later I checked that the solenoid is working correctly using the column switch. I replaced the 'O' rings on the operating pistons, the 3 'sump' plugs and the solenoid of the overdrive. I've checked that the relief valve is correctly fitted and I'm at a loss to know what the fault could be. Help please Brian King
  9. Thanks everybody - it looks s though my brilliant idea wasn't so good after all Brian King
  10. brianking59

    Door Glass

    I want to replace my heavily scrached door windows. Is it possible to tap the bottom channel off whilst supporting the lower edge of the glass thus saving the fiddly business of removing the regulator mechanism?
  11. Fantastic - Many thanks - Brian King
  12. brianking59

    Cam Timing

    Has anybody got timing figures for the standard 125bhp camshaft. My (old) Haynes Manual only lists the 150bhp figures. Many thanks Brian King
  13. brianking59

    EFI for the 6

    Hi Tony I have a full EFI kit fitted to my 6. Emerald ECU, coil pack, single throttle body, purpose built inlet manifold, crank mounted timing trigger etc. With a fast road cam I get 170bhp and 30-35 mpg. The kit was designed and made by our club member Chris Steele. I think the cost would be about £3500 You can contact him on 01202 885466 (Dorset) Regards Brian King
  14. Ian Just what I was looking. for Many thanks Brian King
  15. Claude Many thanks for the offer. Ian Cornish (see below) has given me the website where there are other things I can buy as well. Brian King
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