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    Auburn, Indiana USA
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    As a twenty-two year old bought a new 1965 TR4A IRS in 1965. Have been a TR crazie since. Currently own 1954 TR2LD - TS981L / 1965 TR4A IRS - CTC64139L (not the original but an exact duplicate)
  1. Now that we have conquered the early TR2 bonnet release and the double hump thermostat housing, it is time to chase the "baby Tenax" problem! Wonder if the current owners of the Tenax patent would be interested if we are able to presell say 3 or 4 thousand? Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA 54 TR2 TS981
  2. According to Bill Lynn (TR2 historian from Chicago, Illinois) the red line on early TR2s did not appear till approximately TS1100. My TS981 does not have the red line. Lou Metelko 54 TR2LD Auburn, Indiana USA
  3. Hi John: Go to www.vintagetriumphregister.org/tr2/ VTR is a US based club for all things Triumph. When you go to the above listed site the TR2 that pops up is (A-hem) my beloved TS981L. At the very bottom of that page is a very detailed guide to originality for the TR2. Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA
  4. Rather surprised that no mention has been made of the equally elusive "baby Tenax" for the very early 2s. Rumor has it that the still alive Tenax folk refuse to make a production run and will not allow anyone to reproduce. Any comments? Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA 54 TR2 TS981L
  5. The hood for TS1 as well as mine was custom sewn by a professional by the name of Larry Learn in Indiana, Pennsylvania with a zip code of 15701. In both cases the entire car with a roll of vinyl was shipped to Larry's shop in western Pennsylvania. When it comes to interiors of the side screen cars Larry is without doubt the best of the best! I asked him once why he does't have a web site and he simply answered that he did not have enough time to troll the Internet. I don't remember the exact price but Larry constructed the hood, side screens, tonneau, seats in leather, dash and stick cove
  6. Only way is to have someone custom sew a hood together. I went through to same problem about ten years ago. Added to my problem is I was trying to find a correct sized rear window kit in Geranium! Good luck on finding someone with the skill to make it. Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA 54 TR2LD TS981L
  7. Dirk: As to removing the o-ring gasket from a cannister oil filter, I went to a dentist friend and once I explained why the need, I asked him if he had an old dental pick that needed recycling. Have been useing that tool for many years now and works like a charm! Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA 54 TR2LD
  8. Edwin: Glad to see another Ice Blue TR2 on the road. Agree that the car changes colour from white to light green depending on the light. Virtually impossible to correctly duplicate on film. Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA 54 TR2 TS981L Ice Blue / Geranium
  9. We really should get our two cars together since my drum braked TR2 pulls to the right! Not a problem on gradual braking from any speed but a sudden stab of the pedal will give an almost violent pull to the right. Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA 54 TR2LD
  10. Einar: Glad your small remains of original Ice Blue matches the results of my formula. I promise you will not be disappointed with the final results. Feel free to pass that formula around to anyone who wants to duplicate the true Ice Blue! Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA
  11. Hi Einar: The BMIHT on my TR2 (TS981L) states that it was born with Ice Blue with Geranium hood and trim and that is the way it lives. At the time I bought the car in 2000 it was black, primer, yellow and of course rust coloured! During the dismantle stage we found on the inside of the passenger door a two foot square section of unfaded Ice Blue. We scanned that section to produce the colour the car now wears. All panels were taken down to bare metal and refinished useing the following formula: 801J HS White 91.9 806J HS Black 3.2 830J HS Fast Green 2.0 881J HS Yello Oxide 1.2 827J blue
  12. I agree with the leave it alone - buy a Ford My 54 TR2 is totally stock with cannister filter, dynamo, worm & peg, 155X15 tyres and 15 X 4" steel wheels etc. yet it routinely travels our Interstates at 80 MPH. The 2 even wears its, as born, colours of Ice Blue exterior with Geranium trim. It was finished in 2003 and we have traveled over 32,000 miles since. Simply put, it is the most dependable car I have ever owned. I will never understand "Mods" since they do nothing more than delute the car's value. I would not have it any other way! Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA
  13. That post by Edwin Tiben of a TR2 with the Indiana plate - 54 TR2 - is my beloved TS981L. That colour is very difficult to duplicate on film for depending on available light it will be white in bright sun, light green in shade but dappled shade will show a hint of blue. The hood and interior is Geranium as original. Don't recognize what show it was attending but the registration plate is from 2007. Here in the states an owner can custom order the registration plate for a small fee and must be renewed each year. Lou Metelko Auburn, Indiana USA
  14. I do not receive TRaction but is the grey/green or pea green mentioned the Ice Blue used on the early TR2s? My TS981L was born with and currently wears Ice Blue. I have the Dupont formula that I will share. Lou Metelko Aubrn, Indiana USA
  15. The true Ice Blue has proven to be a very difficult colour to duplicate on film. It is not really a blue but is more of a grayish green tint. In bright sun it is almost a white, in deep shade a light mint green while in a dappled shade the blue is evident. Truely a remarkable colour. Chaseing and verifying the Geranium interior was as much fun as verifying the Ice Blue exterior. Since TS1 is also with Geranium interior, the then owner of TS1 and I collaborated on the selection of rolls of vinyl and leather, even useing the same installer. My dearly loved Ice Blue / Geranium TR2 (ak
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