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  1. Hope you had a great day. C 2 C was great despite leaving my car at Revingtons. They are still trying to find out what the fault is. Cheers Gordon
  2. As I was born in Malaya and did not return to the UK when I was 11 the AA badge is dear to my roots. As one of the founders of the Wessex Group likewise Gordon Denson
  3. G Denson

    Hoge's day

    Hope you had a great day Cheers Gordon & Sheenagh
  4. I remember it well. I volunteered to drive up from Hampshire to log all the cars in at JoG. First cars expected between 11.00 & midnight but didn’t arrive until until 3.00ish with the last one as dawn broke. Not much sleep that night but great fellowship. Only problem was I had to drive back home for work the next day! As the song goes “ Those were the days” Gordon
  5. Roger As Steve has said you can get an accessory of a Multi Chuck but it is limited to 0.8 - 3.2mm Gordon
  6. When my old Dremel type machine ( can’t remember what type it was- old age ) I purchased a Dremel 3000 mains electric. I have found that it is everything I need.It happily cuts through steel sheet using the disc cutters also aluminium sheet. I have used it it cut bolts and as a drill. Only problem is that it is not battery powered Cheers Gordon
  7. So very sad to see the news about Chris. When I started the Wessex Group with Ian Evans Chris was one of the first members and always attended with Carol. My thoughts are with his family. Gordon Denson
  8. I am in the process of renewing the plates and rubbers that attach to the front bulkheads to stop rainwater and mud getting to the inside of the front wings and the side bulkhead adjacent to the foot wells. The inner right bulkhead has a large circular hole (which I understand was for a fitted radio speaker). This is excellent for spraying waxing into the void onto the inner wings etc. The left hand bulkhead does not have a matching hole and I propose to cut two 50mm holes adjacent to each other and in effect join them together to form an oval 50mm wide and 110mm long. This will help in
  9. I am about to embark on changing the top windscreen rubber as the old one looks a tad perished and the roof leaks like a sieve when it rains. Coming in between the roof and the rubber. Are there any useful tips I should know as to how to fit the new seal. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers Gordon
  10. I tried the Moss instructions and they worked a treat. Cheers Gordon
  11. Moliver The hood webbing ( no 6 )is secured to the body by a threaded screw and one of the lift and dot pegs for the hood fastener both of which should be on the inside of the bar ( no 12 ) They screw into the captive nuts in the rear panel The cockpit capping ( no 12 ) screws into the inside of the rear panel with self tapping screws and a cup washer ( Moss page 138 nos 13 & 14 8 will be required) but fix them under the rear trim panel. Hope this helps Cheers Gordon
  12. As far as the dates of the 576’s are concerned if they are originals on the rear of the lamp should have a date stamp. So if manufactured in June 1958 it would be 658 if in November 1158 Hope this helps Cheers Gordon
  13. Happy birthday Vicky from Sheenagh and myself. 21 again? Cheers Gordon
  14. Shaun I have a 1958 TR3a and have taken three pictures of the plate that the locking mechanism slides onto when you turn the boot catch. In reality it is just a piece of metal shaped under side of the boot and then bends 90 degrees to fit the inner edge of the rear of the boot and then another 90 degrees to be level so the boot catch can slide underneath it. It appears to be spot welded on but you could us rivets or self tapping screws. The first picture is from the top, second from the side and last from inside the boot. Hope this helps. Cheers Gordon
  15. She Who Must Be Obeyed made comment that she her feet could not reach the bulkhead as she was not tall enough ( never a complaint ) I noticed that on an Italia they had a footrest so went to a show where I knew the would be a few on show and took precise measurements and lots of photos. I made one up using aluminium so no need for welding and easy to cut and fabricate. SWMBO sat in the car to get the precise location of the rest. Hey presto one happy wife. Cheers Gordon
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