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  1. Hi Pete, I don't know the exact answer because I've only seen pics of the replicas, but I suspect the difference lies in the motor/pump. The replicas probably use a later style motor/pump inside the top housing that is similar to a 10SJ that has two contacts and is "on" while the washer switch is depressed. The 2SJ Screenjet has a different type of operation. One press of the switch delivers a measured volume of fluid. It is not necessary to hold the switch down while the fluid is being delivered as it automatically cuts-out once dispensed. Without really understanding the electrics, I'm guessing that as power is required to operate the motor after the switch has been released an additional contact is required, three in all; one for the power, one to the switch for activating the motor, and one for the return/earth while the motor is running. Refer to the links. http://www.flickr.com/photos/77116374@N08/6908954707/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/77116374@N08/6908953045/ Hope this helps. If you want, I can send you a copy of the Fitting, Operating and Maintenance instructions. Regards Marke
  2. Some additional information... From the TRA Judging Guide re. fuel lines pump to carb: Up to early TR3As "A strap type retaining clip is used at the thermostat housing" - the P-clip as per Don? Later TR3A and 3B "The retaining clip at the thermostat housing changes to an eye type" - as on the left of Frank's pic? And from the same source re. vacuum advance line routing: "Only early cars...the vacuum line runs beneath the fuel line retaining clip at the thermostat. On later cars...the vacuum advance line is routed through the eye that retains the fuel line at the thermostat". The two clips 38303 are used to attach the vacuum line to the fuel line and are postioned either side of the thermostat housing. On looking through period photos in various TR books it seems that on later TR3As the vacuum line is routed in front of the by-pass hose while on earlier cars it is routed behind. The TRA Judging Guide notes this as well. My earlier reference to "instruction 7c" did not say to refer to the Service Instruction Manual. I think I need a holiday... Marke
  3. You may want to check page 20 of the TR2/3/3A Spare Parts Catalogue: Clip, petrol pipe 1 off 113503 The vacuum pipe clip is also listed on the same page: Clip, suction pipe attachment 2 off 38303 - but to what does it attach? (This is the same part no. as the metal strap securing the capillary tube to the fuel pipe). The equivalent parts up to 8996E are on page 16. Also, refer Section C page 4 instruction 7c of the Service Manual re. thermostat cover removal post-TS1201, “…The lower one accommodating the petrol pipe clip”. Unfortunately, no illustrations. Regards Marke
  4. The Lucas model number prefixes translate to something like this; HA - high performance LA - standard BA - older coding for coil used with a ballast resistor (later 16C?) SA - sports The suffix indicates the volltage 6 or 12. Regards Marke
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