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  1. Thanks Chaps, Feels to me the best option is to add weld on the Phoenix manifold at the clamping points, but agree that when spending so much money (around £700), I expect it to fit! A real shame, as the build quality of the manifold itself is very high but overall the product is let down by what appears to be poor pre-production R&D. Ian
  2. Hi All, I just splashed out on a 60th Birthday Present for the old girl: A stainless steel Phoenix 4:1 manifold and system. Looks to be a lovely piece of kit. However, there is an issue. Or at least, there may be, I haven't started the job yet as I am waiting for new fittings. The original exhaust and inlet manifold flanges are 7/16" thick. The Phoenix manifold flange is 10mm. So, there is a 1.5mm difference between the flanges of the original inlet and the Phoenix exhausts, and I am assuming that this may be a problem, as the two manifolds share common studs/nuts, with spread
  3. Thanks for the thoughts Chaps, As our TR3a has just undergone 10+ year, ground up restoration, I don't fancy taking a hammer to it for the K&N to fit. Also, the cone filter offset holes will not provide the clearance I need for the 30mm trumpets, as noted above. However, I now have a new plan. Ideally, I would like at least 35mm clearance between the mouth of the trumpets and the outer filter cover. Plus, to fit the trumpets, I need a removable outer cover. So, ideally I need to stick with the 63mm x 150mm round, straight sided K&N filters. These are them (part number 50-9097
  4. Hi All, Can anyone help: What is the biggest depth K&N filter that will fit on the front H6 SU of a TR3a, with standard inlet manifold please? The reason I ask is that I have a pair of 30mm trumpets that ideally need >25mm clearance with the filter cover. I bought a set of 63mm deep traditional style K&N round / straight-sided filters but they are too deep to fit on the front carb. I have seen some wide cone-shaped filters that look like this, but not found them to fit the H6 carbs: If I can find these at 50mm deep or more, they would work well. Any help grateful
  5. Thanks Chaps, Yes, no5 in the drawing (although that shows a TR4 and we have a TR3a). It is the single, large head screw that mounts the frame to the triangular (L-shaped on the 3a) brackets each side (not the 2x 1/4"UNF coutersunk bolts). It is smaller diameter than 1/4" (but not by much) so we were wondering if it was 1BA.... Ian
  6. Thanks Richard, I don't think it is on the TR. It is a smaller than 1/4", more like a 1BA I think but not sure...
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know the size/type of thread of the large-head screw that mounts the hood frame to the brackets on each side? I am making a slightly modified bracket and will need to thread the mounting post when I am done. Is it 1BA or a UNC (size?) or something else? thanks, Ian
  8. Thanks Ian, I agree regarding shrinking vinyl, my Lotus Seven roof (about 10 years old) and old TR3a (about 30) both have shrunk slightly, colour has faded, are curling up a bit at the edges and, in the case of the TR3a become quite hard / brittle. So, whilst I always try and keep my restorations as close to original as possible I allow myself sensible upgrades (e.g. P&P steering, improved brakes, 72 spoke wheels / wider tyres, better lighting etc) so I was looking for a better material for my hood, tonneau and stick bag, a sensible upgrade that would keep its looks longer I have
  9. Hi All, I want to buy a new soft top mohair hood for the 3a. Can anyone recommend a UK supplier for high quality hoods please? As the quality of aftermarket parts for our cars us very variable I would greatly appreciate any advice. I will also be looking for a stick bag and tonneau double-duck at some point soon and ideally from the same supplier. Cheers, Ian
  10. Thanks Chaps! Stuart: Agreed re eBay! I have a Distributor Doctor restored / converted Lucas dizzy, Lucas labelled flamethrower coil and genuine NGK period leads. Only the best for my TR! I would never buy an eBay special. I had one some years back on my S2 Landy and it did not run right. When I got it on a test rig I found that the 4 magnets were not at 90 degree intervals... ! I also bought a set of 'Bosch' spark plugs from eBay that turned out to be very convincing fakes that left me stranded and scratching my head for weeks. eBay needs to be avoided for anything but original second-han
  11. Thanks John, that sounds a good plan but do you know what the marks on the Lucas distributor relate to so I can set a baseline? Ian
  12. Hi all, Since fitting a Electronic Distributor I want to reset my timing as I am getting some pinking. I have a simple strobe so was planning the following: Set the vernier to 'zero'. Using the strobe, twist the distributor body to get ignition at TDC. Use the vernier to advance the timing to 4 degrees BTDC. Please can someone confirm what the timing marks on the vernier scale represent? I have conflicting information. Is it one degree per mark or four? Thanks, Ian P.S: According to the factory manual, 4 degrees is suitable for >80RON fuel, as we (allegedly) have 97RO
  13. Interesting, thanks Peter. I have a comprehensive set of UNC/UNF taps and dies but mothing seemed to match and none of the thread gauges matched. I will check again and make sure I try a 1/2"UNF20.
  14. Ah, I had counted the thread at the start of the inch too.... Allowing for the slight inaccuracies in only being able to measure across 4 threads it sounds like I might need to get a set of BSP taps and dies... Does anyone know for sure if this is correct for the tank unions please?
  15. Hi all, I am resoring the tank on our post-TS60000 TR3a. I have POR15 flushed, degreased and metal prepped the tank inside ready for the liner/sealer unce it is all dry. I want to clean up the union threads on the outlet and breather but am struggling to identify thread type so I can get the right tap and die set so need some help please... The diameter of the male connector is 0.51" and measuring between the peaks across 4 threads is 0.16". All this seems to suggest is a 1/2" 18tpi thread but this is an odd size. The only listing i can find is for a 1/2"UNS. Does anyone know for s
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