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  1. CANCELLED Birmingham Group Concours De Elegance 7/6/2014 Dear All. I can only apologise for this last minute notificaton I think you will all agree, today is not going to be the ideal day to hold a Concours De Elegance. Due to the extreme weather conditions, I have taken the executive decision to cancel today’s event I will however, once I have confirmed, forward you all another date. I am sorry about this, but hey God needs a shower some times and it will give you more time to polish your vehicles. Best Wishes Phil 07732277121
  2. For those who are having difficulty sourcing a decent sound system for the TR7, this is what I have, its small , compact , and fits in the dash. This is due to the depth of the unit, as it does not have a cd slot. Its a radio, has 3 Interfaces: 1 x USB input, 1 x SD input, 1 x AUX input Some members have contacted me regarding my article in TR Action and asked where can i get one. Please follow the link. But to be honest,I listen to the V8 more than the radio Check the sellars other items too, as he has quite a few types of radio on his list http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Car-
  3. I am running a 82c with a efi unit. mine is exactly like waynes. 1/4 on the run but does rise to 1/2 in traffic. Once again the kenlowes do kick in once in a while.
  4. If it does not feel right, then walk away. there are plenty around , you just might have to wait a while.
  5. Chris, this is my solution, slightly modified. regards Phil
  6. I agree with Alec, Thats what i am running in my 8 SD1 efi unit, runs sweet as a nut....
  7. Sd card goes behind the face off and the mic is for the bluetooth so you can use the radio as a hands free system
  8. Yes a little, i had to slightly file the sides down so it fits snug. i have put my music on a 8gb sd card . beets a cd any day
  9. I have just fitted a fantastic radio to my TR7, which fitts perfectly. Its called an Autosound, and can be purchased from a well known Auction site. and they are very reasonably priced at only £40.00 inc postage http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1439.l2649 Key Features: · Full function Bluetooth car stereo · AM/FM MP3 Car stereo with RDS control (RDS for FM only) · Detachable fascia · USB flash disk and SD/MMC card control (supports up to 8GB for SD/MMC Card) · Front Aux input · Anti shock deck mechanism · Automa
  10. Ok Guys, need your opinions, What are the best alternative seats for a TR7? I have tried buckets but i am 6'3" and i find them uncomfortable, so looking for some i can liberate from another car..... Thanks
  11. He definatly needs a pester or a prod. even with a frog!!!
  12. What a good idea. i will pass this onto the register and see if they can do anything with it
  13. I am with Wayne. that what i did! good old stilsons
  14. Thank you for the advice, I would do the job myself , but having three slipped disc's, might prove a little doddgy. I have been quoted £645 for a replacement box with fitting..... how does that sound
  15. Ok Guys, the 7’s gearbox is making weird and wonderful tunes, When I purchased the car, I could hear a noise which disappeared when the clutch was depressed. First thought, thrust bearing. This was replaced but still has the same noise. I have been told it could be the main shaft.... Not up on lt77 gearboxes, so need a bit of advice on what to look for next. Thanks
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