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    1. Drewmotty


      If this is a pm how come I can see it .......confused. 

    2. SuzanneH


      Me too and I have blocked one of these people as I realy do not want to see their posts here.

  2. Fork and spoon I never knew that, more necessary holes
  3. Tom

    i absolutely agree with Hamish and Mick however there were multiple posts saying the same thing by Graham and Ian, and I wanted to cover them all.

    Sorry for causing you extra work. 


    1. TorontoTim


      No problem, Derek. All in a mod's day's work. 

  4. Peter 

    For information purposes I would like to point out that A-plan our  Brokers do have access to Hagerty plans as well as the The TR Registers services scheme.  

    Del h

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