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  1. Sorry Ian if I misunderstood your previous correspondence I think I said “If’ as in the past, the aim is for the event to covers its own costs” I understood that this has been the aim certainly in all the recent years I’ve been involved. I accept though that this is not set in stone. Perhaps FBHVC, Perhaps the Standard Triumph forum? I accept Ian what you have said would be a great idea, but I recall that in recent years, it was agreed with the other Triumph Standard clubs to have their event on the same day as the register, they would join us at our venue, no charge to them regarding the organisation or venue. Just those attending pay an entry fee. I believe that’s what you are now saying above. They did have their event on the same day it’s true, just they didn’t join us at our venue they ran theirs events at a different venue basically competing. So numbers were no where near the numbers anticipated. Now we have just had a joint event with TSSC, two clubs with similar numbers and similar aims both having a financial input and two model anniversaries, both hoping for a successful outcome I suggest and were keen to promote the event to its members. While next year is the TRR 50th anniversary perhaps that does not have the same draw for other as it does for us. Also it’s not so much accountants taking over, possibly Directors wishing to be prudent on behalf of the club and its members. £40k is a substantial sum of money to pay when other venues are available at much less. Derek
  2. Ian and John Stratford was a new venue, It was the first joint event in a long time and It was a major anniversary of two significant models, these may have help boost the numbers, would those numbers be repeated? Assuming there is a joint event on the TR Registers 50th anniversary, which appears is being considered according to the post above, would the respective joint management teams want to rely on the same Stratford numbers when calculating entry ticket costs? I believe the costs were a lot less at Stratford than the suggested cost of Malvern £40k. It is not an insignificant amount of money. If? as in the past, the aim is for the event to covers its own costs which is especially likely if a joint event is on the cards. What would the ticket costs be, I collected money on the day and read members comments here. Would TRR and TSSC members want to pay more to join in on our 50th anniversary, if costs were higher, would that effect attendance? If on the other hand, we run it and allow other clubs to come FOC how would out members react when they will have to pay? Apart from joining TSSC. It’s easy to be critical but let’s be honest Stratford had issues but Malvern has had its issues too.
  3. That appears to cover most of my car content, I also take a clutch friction plate and bearing which I slip beside my tank, well wrapped plus 4 travel stands when travelling abroad. As Roger said if you have TRRI European breakdown policy at £40 take your booklet and TSO Code. Those insured with the TRRI classic car scheme are covered for parts while in the vehicle as standard. Section 3 – Spare Parts and “Accessories What is covered under this section We will pay for the replacement or repair of your vehicle’s spare parts and accessories following loss or damage provided that the loss or damage occurs whilst they are kept in or on your vehicle or stored in your locked private garage as declared to us.” “The maximum amount they will pay under Section 3 is 10% of your vehicle’s market or agreed value up to a maximum of £1000 for any claim arising out of the one incident”.
  4. My TR7 was valued at £4500 at the time, they came out realised it could not be repaired at the side of the road, it was taken to a garage, from which it was transported to my designated address and they provided me with a hire car for onward journey, the hire car was left at the port, a taxi was waiting for me when I got to the other-side and took me home. My car arrived 5 days later in a covered transporter. I was close to Angouleme in France 600km journey in France plus ferry crossing to Plymouth from Roscoe plus Taxi to home. My car is still with me and just fine. You really do read some real horror stories. Derek
  5. I would ask that you check with your Bank if there is a restriction on the age of a vehicle covered. The personal travel insurance covering baggage medical etc you should check what’s covered my bank offered it to me, yet when I attempted to obtain the cover, because of pre existing illnesses they confirmed they did not cover any existing conditions. That’s me, you need to check for yourself. The TRRI specific European breakdown cover is not age related providing you have our TRRI scheme policy.
  6. European Breakdown Insurance. Assuming you are insured through the TRRI scheme you can include breakdown insurance that covers you at home and abroad. This will cover you for the whole year provided its added on when taking it out the TRRI policy for first time or when renewing your policy. The premium is set therefore if you add it part way though the year it will be the same. However having been the beneficiary of their service abroad I believe it was a small price to pay and as Paul J has said above, he was charged £30 for AA European breakdown for 5 days, It is not available as stand alone cover so if you are not with our TRRI Scheme you would need to find an alternative perhaps like Paul J but there are others. In the event of a claim as Mick has said you need to quote the TSO number provided together with your registration number as this policy provides cover for multi classic vehicles covered under your TRRI Scheme policy. If you PM me your email address I’ll send you details of the cover provided Derek.
  7. JohnL & Waldi Thank you for your quick response, l will let you know the outcome. cheers Derek
  8. I was followed by a friend, apparently there is a terrible smell of fuel, car when starts takes a couple of minutes to fire on all cylinders from cold, but always has. Lately it has taken a little longer. But runs well when warm but still smells. I noted that 4,5,6 plugs are a little sooted up when checked. But as I said when warm fine so far, any suggestions?
  9. RobH Nay took the maid, It ‘twas Tom Pearce, that lent the orse that dies after someone borrows it, I don’t recall who borrows it but he went with: "Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney, Peter Davy, Dan'l Whiddon, Harry Hawke, Old Uncle Tom Cobley. Apparently the old grey mare still appears at night ghastly white and you can her her bones Rattle. All along down along out along Lee. Not heard it myself though and I camped around dem parts many a night as a teenager.
  10. Drive over Dartmoor Post Bridge, Widecombe ( Widecombe Fair)
  11. The above photo was taken in Dartmouth after a pleasant drive around the Southhams, Totnes Kingsbridge, Slapton sands. From Dartmouth over the river to Brixham, Paignton and home through the country lanes via a local Chinese. Lemon Chicken beef and cashew and egg fried rice an end to a lovely day. Ps would not permit me to add this to the photo.
  12. Is this out And about enough or is it a bit Chilli-man. It can be a little cold in the north that’s probably why he can keep his valuables in size threes. I hope one will forgive me if this offend anyone and think it should be privates illy me.
  13. Enjoyed a trip to Tiverton Canal Tea Rooms where I saw the horse being connected to the barge which draws members of the public on trips up the canal. Quick coffee before a scenic drive with other Devon members through Devon countryside to the Anchor Inn Exbridge which is half in Somerset and half in Devon.
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