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  1. Is this out And about enough or is it a bit Chilli-man. It can be a little cold in the north that’s probably why he can keep his valuables in size threes. I hope one will forgive me if this offend anyone and think it should be privates illy me.
  2. Enjoyed a trip to Tiverton Canal Tea Rooms where I saw the horse being connected to the barge which draws members of the public on trips up the canal. Quick coffee before a scenic drive with other Devon members through Devon countryside to the Anchor Inn Exbridge which is half in Somerset and half in Devon.
  3. A enjoyable weekend in Devon, a Historic Vehicle Gathering. Thousands of historic vehicle owners and members of the public enjoyed a great W/E out in amazing weather. A great annual venue Powderham castle near Exeter.
  4. Pleasant drive in the TR6 to have lunch at the Crab Shell in Kingsbridge Devon. South Hams equals anywhere on the Med especially when the weather is like today.
  5. The spitfire especially the early ones, The Mark 1 2000 saloon and the Triumph 1600 and 2000 Vitesse were all good to look at. With the exception of the Spitfire I have had them all plus the Dolly and enjoyed them all.


    1. Drewmotty


      If this is a pm how come I can see it .......confused. 

    2. SuzanneH


      Me too and I have blocked one of these people as I realy do not want to see their posts here.

  7. Fork and spoon I never knew that, more necessary holes
  8. Tom

    i absolutely agree with Hamish and Mick however there were multiple posts saying the same thing by Graham and Ian, and I wanted to cover them all.

    Sorry for causing you extra work. 


    1. TorontoTim


      No problem, Derek. All in a mod's day's work. 

  9. Peter 

    For information purposes I would like to point out that A-plan our  Brokers do have access to Hagerty plans as well as the The TR Registers services scheme.  

    Del h

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