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  1. I haven’t been there for years, probably 40, if that the village where some of the properties went into the sea. I have looked on maps and it seems you can, as I understand through the ruins have gone. East Prawle, Portelmouth, Salcoombe, Bantham. Plus Blackpool sands, Slapton, Beesands and Dartmouth of course all were regular visited.
  2. No Slapton car parks were to busy, I did note the takeaway fish and chips available to purchase, I use considerable control and continued on with out stopping. Aimed for Beesands place was virtually deserted turned to the left when we got there towards the four cottages. Then on to Kingsbridge unfortunately got stuck behind a lorry and 2 cars got rid of it when I went up through Kingsbridge town centre . Great drive to Totnes and home with no restrictions. Big all the way home
  3. 1/ 4 scare crows distancing, 2/ bottom centre is this sea defences 3/ nature reserve 4/ Devon hedge
  4. Could not resist, lovely spot great walk fab u lous
  5. +1 The BBC no longer content in reporting new, they make reference to those In Government and in power making the rules and breaking them, while they are attemptIng to manipulate the public to their way of thinking. A balanced view no longer a priority It seems.
  6. Neil not sure moron is appropriate, I am confident the journalists are not of low intelligence, although you may believe they come over like that. Davebee I do not recall the TV production you refer to, although that’s not surprising if it was pulled. To be clear I have no problem with investigative journalism, in the past or now, I have a problem with the way they it’s being conducted and if the end result makes it worse they to have a duty of care. As stated previously when you interview someone, then misrepresent what’s said, and when questioned, reply well you got publicity. That doesn’t bare well for the future of journalism and only misleads those hearings or reading it. The means does not justify ends. However I am possibly becoming as irritating as the journalists, repeating the same thing, even if it’s not word for word, and may have become boring so I’ll sign off now, well from here anyway.
  7. Mick You have just surprised me, shouting at the TV is definitely not something I would normally associate you with, having spent time with you at meeting, where others may have got heated you appeared calm. I too feel the behaviour of the pack of journalists is more likely to endanger lives with their close proximity to each other let alone those they feel they have the right to descend upon. Dominic Cummings got in his car quietly one evening and drove with his family to a place where he felt was safest. The bias reporting on the television and the manner in which they conduct themselves I find rude at best to outright offensive. The press make a big play on DC hasn’t abided by the rules/guidelines, well it’s clear from the photo above they are breaking them every day and forcing other to do the same, the hypocrisy is glaring and like Mick frustrated, I have so far refrained from shouting at the TV but on more than one occasion taken large breaths to calm myself. When I think of what we were in the 60 and 70s pioneers with a media so positive that stood for fairness with a broadcasting net work to be proud the envy of many. To have descended to this, trial by media, rude, offensive, demanding and irresponsible, I am not sure if just shouting is the answer.
  8. DC explained his wife was ill displaying possible Covid symptoms, he himself had been in contact with others already diagnosed with the virus. He had a 4 year old child and concerned that they both would also be affected And neither parent would be able to look after the child. When you are worried, have concerns, fears, who do you turn to, coming from a loving family I turn to my them, because I trust them and care for them and they care for me. Do I turn to my boss not at all, I might inform him after the event providing I’m well enough. As a boss when a close employee with a track record, didn’t turn up for work I would likely make enquires when time scale permitted more from concern, assuming I wasn’t ill myself, and accept that unless the were exceptional circumstances they would be there. Perhaps I am wrong in my perception of this and the way I look at it. It’s not about my dog ate my homework excuse, unless I had proof that’s proof to the contrary I’d take the word of my employee rather than a journalist who were looking for a story and not interested in the events that might follow. ( I’ve had experience of journalists, and aware following an interview the subsequent reporting didn’t resemble anything factual, when questioned the reporting told well what do you care you got the publicity.) So what’s occurred. Did this man by taking his family late one evening, when having concerns after extablishing his wife was ill and suspected Covid 19 worried of catching it himself. Endanger life more or the media. DC was in his car drove 260 miles did not stop and isolated for 14 days. “Well he might have is not proof” just conjecture. This was not a man fleecing expenses, or sleeping with a woman who was sleeping with a spy, or some conspiracy, or fabricating of information to attack another country or even getting his married girlfriend to pop in. It was a man quietly wishing to care for his family and protecting his extended family from harassment and possibly treats. On the other hand has publishing this and extending this to extraordinary length undermined what the government was trying to do, to the point that other might feel its now OK to engage in large groups visiting family and friends for BBQ’s giving the people an excuse to do just what they have been wanting to. I know where my feeling lay. His drive out to establish whether he was fit to drive, did he endanger lives, even members on our forum have gone out just for a drive having been cooped up, let alone had a potential life threatening virus. I believe the danger is no if he distanced himself which he confined he did. So unless there is proof to the contrary it’s just journalists gossip. The article about powerful people more likely to break the rules, the photos of people on beaches and in parks show that their are always those that will BREAK rules even guidelines whether in power or not. Although DC it seems has not. Was this really as news worthy as the press and media particularly the BBC as it appears to be to them or something to fill there papers and television programs as they appear to offer very little else. Finished my break back to painting.
  9. I stayed in and got covered in paint
  10. Did I say Minister's, slap my hands, MP’s. I blame it on the statins, my age, actually both. Hopefully people got the gist, but I stand corrected Mick. Thank you Derek
  11. Come on Nigel Draconian rules, those rules to try and prevent this Chinese virus spreading. Nigel some of those journalists questioning (interrogating) him have actually been stating even demanding the government should have had more draconian rules. At his inquisition it also appears he was not only having to justify travelling to isolate where he felt was his safest option to his family, but that he had his fathers property to go to, even to point he should apologise for that. He was in his car he didn’t stop at the time he suspected he and his wife had Coronavirus, he isolated for the required 14 days where others could help if required. Having sort advise and receiving confirmation he was safe to travelled back to London to continue his work. Apparently as key worker for a newspaper and or TV reporter's in the media, you can go to work, travel anywhere in the country remain inches apart, and harass someone even crowed them, but an important advisor to the prime minister also an essential worker should no legally travel to protect his family or to get to his place of work when it was safe to do so. I am of the opinion that it’s not that he helped, that’s helped determine the covid19 guidelines and travelled, it’s they don’t like him, he pi$$es them off. What’s more nothing he said would have made a difference, it’s more about the media proving they have and to show they have the powers to control government and the people response. Thats what frightens me, and it seems they are right. Surely Nigel even if you don’t feel Kinnock, Jones and Ali as ministers have any responsibilities for actually breaking the guidelines, you must accept that the Welsh health minister should, and not to protect his family but so they could have a picnic. I don’t particularly like Mr Dominic Cummings but I feel this is a Witch hunt and like you I believe, I would have done exactly the same and I’m bu@@ered if I would resign until I no longer wished to do the job.
  12. So he got into his Land Rover and drove 264 miles. I hear questions we don’t know how many times he had to fill up with petrol or stops he had, my daughter lives near Manchester funnily 264 miles away. I can actually drive there and back on single tank of fuel. Saying that I filled up my vehicle to attend a hospital appointment, 25 miles away, I wore gloves had hand sanitiser used a card at the pumps, no contact with anyone and kept my distance. Demands for Cummings to go, including Keir Starmer, who’s labour MP Tahr Ali went to a funeral with a hundred attending, Kevin Jones attending a birthday party, Kinnock visiting his father in Wales, even the Welsh health secretary taking his family to a park for a picnic. Demands for action to be taken against him, yet when you see the media, like bees around a honey pod. No distancing even extremely close to him and his child and even caused him to squeeze into the car. Yet nobody seems to be calling for the police to interview those reporters failure to distance themselves.
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